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Menstrual Swimsuits

The Louloucup menstrual swimsuits are finally here! For a successful beach vacation, for sunbathing or all year round so as not to miss your swimming session, our period swimsuits. impose themselves as protections hygienic revolutionary solutions to support you in your menstrual cycle. 

The menstrual swimsuit, a perfect alternative to tampons

Period swimwear period bikini., it is the perfect and easy alternative for all women who no longer wish to use tampons or disposable pads and neither being ready to a menstrual cup.

The menstrual swimsuit is ideal for teenage girls who are having their first period. It allows you to fully enjoy swimming or water outings with complete peace of mind. 

Absorbent on the inside, waterproof on the outside

Just like our teen period panties , our swimwear is super absorbent.
They reveal themselves absorbent and very reliable. Thanks to their high-performance and technical fabrics, they manage to capture the period blood, imprison him and hold him well.
Un absorbent fabric hold it back menstrual flow and traps it while another layer of waterproof fabric prevents blood from escaping. No risk of leaks both on the beach towel and in thebottle of your pool. 

A very discreet menstrual swimsuit

Super reliable, super efficient, super absorbent AND super discreet, the Louloucup bikinis everything is good! The absorbent fabric selected by Louloucup is very efficient. It does not swell on contact with water, while retaining blood. THE Louloucup menstrual swimsuit remains very discreet, very thin while offering optimal protection. Impossible to differentiate between period bikini. of a classic bikini.

Louloucup swimsuits for light and medium flows

The Louloucup menstrual bikinis, like the Laura bikini bottom and the Noa one-piece swimsuit, let you swim all year long. Keep in mind they're best for light to medium flow days light and à way. They have a capacity toabsorption equivalent to 2 sanitary tampons. These menstrual swimsuits are not suitable, however, for managing a for heavy flows. 

Cheap menstrual swimsuits

Just like our period panties, our swimwear have a A unit price starting at €28,90. However the unit price drops if you buy a pack of several Louloucup products. The more menstrual products you add to your basket, the more you save.
Select from period swimwear, panties, , menstrual shirt, menstrual cup, put together the set adapted to your profile, your expectations, your habits and your periods.
Completely tailor-made and personalized, this pack is really practical and above all economical. The more products you add, the more you save. From 5 panties (jersey included), the unit price is €22,90. 
Want extra savings? Don't forget to subscribe to the Loulou Addict loyalty program ! 
Delivery is always free, in France, Europe and worldwide. 

Absorbent and very beautiful swimsuits!

Finally, at Louloucup, we never forget aesthetics. Bikini bottoms (swim briefs) or one-piece swimsuit, you have the choice! Choose the look you prefer.
Our period swimwear collection features classic and timeless cuts. We chose plain period bikini bottoms plain, they go with everything: a colorful pareo, a printed bikini top, a pretty beach dress. Make the most of the afternoon in the pool without thinking about your menstruation! Finally be calm, don't stress anymore and forget your periods. 

Find our different period swimwear in sizes XXS to size XXL (depending on models).

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Noa Menstrual Swimsuit

117.00 NIS
Bas maillot de bain menstruel louloucup
maillot de bain regles

Laura Menstrual Bikini Bottom

117.00 NIS
maillot de bain menstruel ado
maillot de bain regles ado

Manon Menstrual Bikini Bottom

117.00 NIS
meilleur maillot de bain menstruel

Juliette Menstrual Bikini Bottom

117.00 NIS

Large Waterproof Storage Pouch

52.00 NIS
pochette de rangement waterproof
pochette de rangement menstruation

Small Waterproof Storage Pouch

24.00 NIS

Good news, our swimsuits can be mixed with your period panties for a cheaper price :)

The collection is empty!

Menstrual Swimwear FAQ

- + When can you wear a period swimsuit?

Our menstrual swimsuit is designed just like our menstrual panties. They retain your flow so you can swim in the pool or beach during your period.

Period swimwear is a healthier alternative to disposable sanitary tampons, which usually contain pollutants and questionable materials. Having your period on vacation, at the pool, or on the beach is a no-brainer with period swimwear!  

You can also wear the Louloucup menstrual swimsuit if you have spotting, unexpected bleeding at the start of pregnancy or if you have urinary leaks. Your swimwear is also great for managing irregular periods

- + Where do we make our menstrual swimwear?

80% of our products are made in Portugal or France. Some of our more technical fabrics require expert labor. Our period swimsuits (the model Noa and Laura, are made in China. The workshop where they are designed is regularly audited. 

This workshop has ISO 9001 and BSCI certifications which limit the production of plastic. Additionally, the fabrics are approved by the FDA (US Federal and Drug Administration) and contain no harmful products or toxic residues.

- + Are period swimwear effective?

Yes, period swimsuits are effective. The material holds your period flow without feeling uncomfortable. Wear them while you swim at the beach or pool without worrying about leaks!  

The technical fabrics we use hold menstruation bloodand keep bad odor and leaksat bay. Louloucup has two styles with an absorption capacity equivalent to two tampons. Our swimwear is ideal for managing light to medium-flow days. They can also be worn at the beginning or end of your cycle for women with heavy periods

- + How does a period swimsuit work?

Louloucup swimwear absorbs menstrual blood without leaks thanks to hygienic protection specially designed to go in the water. 

The absorbent lining is thin and completely invisible, even in contact with water. Your bathing suit bottoms won't swell up when you go in the water! The absorbency pad goes from the front to the back and is made from breathable fabric that captures blood while wicking away moisture. The second protective layer holds period blood without leaks. A final waterproof layer blocks blood and water to further protect you. Now you can swim without fear! 

- + Which menstrual swimsuit should I choose?

Louloucup has developed two types of period swimsuits.. Both styles have menstruation shirts have been designed to cater to as many people as possible. 

Do you like two-pieces? Go for the gorgeous Laura menstrual bikini bottom. It has a super classic black color, high-waist, and lacing in the back to perfectly match all of your favorite bikini tops. The Laura model is available in sizes XS to XXL.

Do you like the elegance of one-piece swimsuits? Prefer the classic and timeless one-piece model Noa. Its neckline and bra flatter the figure. This model is available from XS to XL. 

Both Louloucup models have an absorption capacity equivalent to two tampons. They are ideal for handling a light to medium flow. 

- + What is the best menstrual swimwear brand?

We're so proud of our bathing suits for menstruationLouloucup's one-piece and two-piece swim are recognized as one of the best brands for menstrual swimwearon the market.

Plus, our swimwear can be purchased together with our period panties for a discounted price! Grab a money-saving bundle featuring our period pantiesand Loulou swimwear . All of the items in our collections are reliable, absorbent, waterproof, invisible, and affordable. Your period care shouldn't break the bank!  

- + What types of flows are Louloucup menstrual swimsuits best for?

Louloucup menstrual swimsuits (Noa and Laura) are best for managing a light to medium flow. If you have a naturally heavy flow, we suggest wearing your period bathing suit at the start or end of the cycle when the flow is less intense. 

Reminder: The Noa and Laura styles can absorb the equivalent of XNUMX tampons.

- + How do I take care of period swimsuits?

Just like our Louloucup period panties, you must care for your swimwear to prolong its life. Avoid washing at very hot temperatures and don't use fabric softeners or chemical laundry products. After wearing the bathing suit, rinse it with cold water until the water runs clear. You can machine wash on a short cycle at 30°. Finally, air drying is best!

- + What are some tips to follow when wearing a period swimsuit?

Depending on your flow, you can keep Louloucup swimwear on for a few hours or all day. Do not keep a wet bathing suit on for too long. This applies to both classic and menstrual swimsuits. When a wet garment comes in contact with the vagina, there's a higher risk for bacterial development or urinary tract infections.

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