What is the difference between the pink and turquoise model?

Louloucup is available in two levels of flexibility to adapt to the needs and comfort of all women.

Most women can wear both models perfectly: Louloucup turquoise is slightly more flexible than Louloucup pink.

The turquoise model will suit more sensitive women, while the pink model will be more suitable for active women and those who regularly practice a sport.

Is Louloucup comfortable?

Yes, Louloucup is extremely comfortable. It is very flexible which makes it easy to use and its shape has been specifically designed to deploy easily. It adapts perfectly to your movements, without any discomfort.

I can't insert my menstrual cup, what should I do?

If you can't insert your menstrual cup the first time, relax! It is important to relax your pelvic muscles during insertion and during removal.

There are 3 essential folding methods as explained in our video. If this is your first menstrual cup, we advise you to try the different folding techniques and see which one suits you best. Most women insert and remove their menstrual cup while sitting on the toilet or squatting in the shower.

Remember to keep your menstrual cup folded until it is fully inserted into your vagina. Once inside, you can release it.

How long can I keep my menstrual cup?

You can wear your menstrual cup up to 6 consecutive hours.


Louloucup has been designed to deploy easily and minimize the risk of leakage. In general, if you have leaks, it is because your cup is poorly positioned or your menstrual cup is not fully deployed.

It is recommended not to push your menstrual cup too far. Indeed, your cup should position itself automatically.

If you have the impression that your cup is not deployed, you can pinch it slightly and rotate it on itself.

How do I remove my menstrual cup?

  1. Pull lightly on the rod to bring your menstrual cup close to the entrance to your vagina.

  2. Pinch the base of your menstrual cup to release the pressure and gently guide your menstrual cup out, holding it straight.

Never remove your menstrual cup by pulling only on the stem.

What to do if your menstrual cup is high and you can't remove it?

Do not panic! Your menstrual cup cannot get lost inside your body.

Squat down and relax your pelvic muscles to lower your menstrual cup. You can also grow it naturally. When it is down, don't forget to press the base of the cup to remove the suction cup effect as explained above.

The stem is bothering me, can I cut it?

If the stem bothers you, you can shorten it or completely cut it off.

Never try to cut the stem while wearing your menstrual cup at the risk of injuring yourself.

Sports and activities

Louloucup was designed for active women. You can run, dance, swim, do yoga and any other sports activity freely even during periods.

Where is Louloucup made?

Louloucup is manufactured in France under strict hygienic conditions in a factory authorized to produce medical items in accordance with ISO 13485 and 9001 standards.

Many menstrual cups on the market are made with questionable materials, in countries where the legislation is less vigilant than in France. For this reason, we have had our logo engraved inside our menstrual cups with the mention Made in France.

The manufacture of Louloucup in France offers a guarantee of follow-up and quality. We don't mess with your health.

Is Louloucup healthy?

Yes ! Louloucup is a healthy alternative to tampons and pads. Louloucup is made only of medical silicone. Silicone is widely used in the medical field for its high tolerance with the human body.

There are residues of many toxic products in tampons and sanitary napkins, without any warning. This is not the case with Louloucup. Louloucup is made from the best medical silicone and does not contain BPA, phthalates, latex or heavy metals.

Are the dyes used healthy? 

All dyes used in the production of our menstrual cups comply with regulations and are safe.

Silicone certification

The silicone we use is highly regulated and meets the highest standards. The colorants and silicone used comply with FDA, 10993 - 6 - 10, USP Class VI, Rohs and REACH standards.

Should I change my menstrual cup every year?

No, it is absolutely not necessary to change your menstrual cup every year. Some women keep their menstrual cups for ten years, others prefer to change them more often. We recommend that you change your Louloucup every 5 years. 

How do I avoid staining my menstrual cup?

You can prevent discoloration of your menstrual cup by rinsing it with cold water before cleaning it with your soap.

How do I maintain my menstrual cup?

It is recommended to clean your menstrual cup with neutral soap and boil it twice a day for 5 minutes. Immerse your menstrual cup in boiling water for 5 to 7 minutes to sterilize it. Allow your cup to cool before inserting it. 

Intrauterine device (IUD) and Louloucup

There are no contraindications and many women use their menstrual cup with their IUD. As a precaution, we recommend that you consult your doctor to ensure that the IUD strings are cut short enough.

Can you get toxic shock syndrome from using a menstrual cup?

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) affects both men and women. Toxic shock can appear after recent surgery, an insect bite, but also in women who menstruate while wearing an intrauterine device, intravaginal medical contraceptives, menstrual cups and tampons.

It should be noted that the toxic shock linked to the use of a menstrual cup is serious but it is extremely rare.

To reduce your risk of exposure to TSS, we recommend:

  • Remove, carefully clean and reinsert your menstrual cup after wearing it for a maximum of 6 hours during your period
  • Do not use menstrual cups if you have been diagnosed with TSS in the past.
  • Boil your menstrual cup before using it for the first time and between each emptying
  • Clean your hands before and after handling your menstrual cup

What are the main symptoms of toxic shock syndrome?

Toxic shock syndrome usually starts like the flu, with a high fever (39 – 40 degrees C.) Other symptoms are:

  • Confusion
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Headaches and sore throats
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Skin rash

If you experience these symptoms and you think you are a victim of toxic shock, call your doctor and go to the hospital immediately.

Why Louloucup is ecological?

Louloucup can be reused every month and has an average lifespan of 10 years if you take care of it!

Over a lifetime, a woman will use between 10 to 000 menstrual products (pads, tampons, applicators, individual packaging). Globally, more than 15 billion sanitary napkins are thrown away every year. It takes an average of 000 years for these sanitary products to degrade, which makes the sanitary protection industry one of the most polluting in the world.

Imagine if all women bought menstrual cups instead of other menstrual products...

Buying your menstrual cup allows you to reduce your environmental impact. Make a gesture for you but also for the environment.

Is Louloucup tested on animals?

No, Louloucup is not tested on animals and is suitable for people practicing a vegan lifestyle.

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