User Manual




    How do I insert my Louloucup menstrual cup?

    1. STERILIZED We advise you to boil your cup each time you use it for 5 minutes
    2. WASH Use warm water and a mild soap to wash your hands and menstrual cup with clean water
    3. PLAICE your menstrual cup according to your favorite folding method
    4. INSERT your menstrual cup standing or squatting
    5. RELEASED Gently hold your menstrual cup while it's inside. It will unfold suddenly to adhere to your vaginal wall
    6. CHECKED the positioning of your menstrual cup. Run a finger around the rim of your menstrual cup to make sure it's unfolded correctly

    How do I remove my Louloucup menstrual cup?

    1. WASHget your hands
    2. INSERE your fingers inside your vagina to locate the base of the menstrual cup. If you can't, pull gently on the stem until you feel the base of the cup; when you feel the base of the cut, pinch the bottom to cancel the suction cup effect
    3. If your menstrual cup came up, use the rod to gently bring the cup back towards the entrance of your vagina so that you can pinch the base of the menstrual cup and cancel the suction cup effect.
    4. If it's really high and you're having trouble reaching it, push it with your vaginal muscles to bring it down. 
    5. Never remove your menstrual cup by pulling only on the stem
    6. HYPHEN gently your menstrual cup to one side then the other while gently removing it
    7. VIDE your menstrual cup
    8. RINSE AND STERILIZED Use warm water and a mild soap to rinse your cut
    9. RANGE Replace your cup or store it in its cotton pouch until the next use

     General instructions

    • Wash your hands before handling your menstrual cup
    • Don't wear your menstrual cup more than 6 hours in a row
    • Check that the four holes of the menstrual cup are clean
    • To avoid stains on your menstrual cup, rinse your cup with cold water
    • You don't have to remove your menstrual cup to go to the bathroom
    • You must remove your menstrual cup before having sex.
    • Louloucup is not a contraceptive and does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases
    • Do not use your Louloucup to collect post-natal blood
    • Don't let the blood spill out of your menstrual cup
    • If you have gynecological problems, consult your gynecologist before using your menstrual cup 

    Stem and cut position

    Louloucup is positioned differently according to the morphology of each woman.

    For some, it will remain in a low position, at the entrance to the vagina, or for others, it can rise higher, and that's normal. If the menstrual cup sits very high - don't panic - that's completely normal, just push it down with your vaginal muscles.

    High position of the cup

    Low cup position

    If the stem bothers you, you can also cut it. Remove your menstrual cup before cutting the stem.