FAQ - Our panties

How absorbent are our panties?

It all depends on the model. Our heavy flow models have an absorbency of 4 to 5 tampons. They are very absorbent.

Our medium flow panties have an absorbency of 2 à 3 buffers.

The protection zone on all models covers almost the entire panty for guaranteed zero leaks :)

For the first time, we recommend trying our panties on when you're home to see how many hours you can wear them and if it suits your flow.

What is my size?

We normally cut for European standards. We have made this table in cm to guide you if you are not sure of your size:










Hip circumference in cm















If you are Canadian, American, please take a size above your usual size.

Standard US and Canadian sizes are one size larger than our European sizes. If you are a M in the US, Canada - take a size L.

How to take care of your panties?

It's super simple, you just have to do the following:

  • Rinse until the water runs clear.
  • Machine wash at 30° with your other clothes (no, it won't stain them)
  • Do not put fabric softener
  • Air dry - No tumble dryer
  • Reuse and enjoy :)

I have sensitive skin, can I wear your panties?

Yes, the absorbent part - the one that is in contact with your mucous membranes - is always covered with organic cotton certified OCS (Organic cotton standard). The body of the panties depends on the model.

All our fabrics are OEKO TEX 100 certified. This certification assures you that our products are non-toxic and do not contain any harmful substances.

You have more questions?

We are here for you and we will answer you with great pleasure :)