Menstrual Cup FAQs

Menstrual cup essentials

What is a menstrual cup?

Just like tampons, sanitary napkins or menstrual panties, the cup or menstrual cup is a way to hygienic protection used during menstruation. Like the tampon, the cup is an internal solution. It slips into the vagina and retains the blood.

Who can use a menstrual cup?

The cup or menstrual cup can be worn both by teens, than by working women. The menstrual cup can be used in women still virgin. Athletes like women experiencing heavy or hemorrhagic flows especially appreciate the cup for its efficiency and discretion. 

To use the menstrual cup, you just need to be a little comfortable with your body. 

Why use a menstrual cup during your period rather than a tampon or sanitary napkin? 

  • It is better for health. The Loulou cup is made in France (history of our Made In France menstrual cup) from healthy and non-toxic medical silicone, completely safe for intimacy and body. A totally clean and respectful composition.
  • It is ecological industrial printing process. The cup is washable and reusable. It thus avoids the consumption of plastic, disposable and polluting hygienic protection. 
  • It is economic. Like menstrual panties, the cup avoids the regular purchase of disposable sanitary protection. 
  • It is handy. Once used, the cup is easily inserted. It retains menstrual blood, empties and then re-inserts quickly. 
  • It is sure. The cup adapts to the anatomy and hugs the walls of the vagina. Thus, it acts as a reservoir in which the blood flows no risk of leakage or stain. 
  • It is super comfy et discreet. This protection is super discreet. No tampon thread sticking out or thick towel marking, the menstrual cup is completely invisible.

How is the Loulou cup or menstrual cup used? 

The cup is an internal device that bends to slip into the vagina (several bends are possible). Once deployed, the cup is put in place to collect the period blood, like a reservoir. Once placed, the cup is completely discreet and invisible. We don't feel it and it forgets itself completely. 

At the end of 4 to 6 hours, remove your cup gently by pulling it using the stem, before grabbing the base and pinching it to expel the air. You can empty your cup and rinse it thoroughly with water before inserting it again.

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How long can you keep a cup in your body? 

The duration of wearing the menstrual cup depends on theflow intensity. On heavy flow days, do not hesitate to empty it regularly to feel comfortable. In any case, never wear a menstrual cup for more than 6 hours at a time. 

How to maintain your cup?

The menstrual cup, cup or cut must be sterilized before each start of menstruation. This cleans it thoroughly and eliminates any bacteria. For that, nothing very complicated. Louloucup provides sterilizers very easy to use. Another effective and well-known method is the boiling water sterilization in a saucepan for 7 minutes. 

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Which cup to choose?

At Loulou, we offer two levels of flexibility. The cup turquoise small is more flexible, ideal for the most sensitive. It is perfect for light to medium flows. The cup pink medium is firmer. It is suitable for active women who experience medium to heavy flows. 

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Toxic Shock Syndrome and cup? 

Le SCT ou toxic shock syndrome is a serious but rare infectious disease. This syndrome occurs during the prolonged use of certain hygienic protections. Stagnation of blood leads to the proliferation of bacteria. This infection only occurs in women who carry Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. To avoid this, it is recommended to remove your menstrual cup regularly and rinse it properly before reinserting it. 

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The cup for bathing? 

With our period swimsuit, the menstrual cup is a great ally for the beach or the pool. This invisible and internal protection is really ideal for bathing in complete serenity. A nice healthy alternative to tampons. A swim without the risk of leakage.

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IUD and cup?

If to date, nothing prohibits the use of the menstrual cup with an IUD, we strongly advise you to ask for the green light from your gynecologist or a medical professional before launching.

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The cup on the go, possible? 

Yes ! Remember to bring a bottle of water with you to rinse your menstrual cup. The best ? Toilets with sink, so you can make yourself at home. 

Cup and sex? 

The menstrual cup should be removed before the start of a sex

Go to the bathroom with your cup?

The menstrual cup is placed at the entrance to the vagina. It is retained by the walls of the vagina. So you can go to the toilet without removing it. 

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