Menstrual Panties FAQs

The essentials of period panties

Learn more about pair of period panties ou period panty, the underwear that retains the menstrual flow without the risk of leakage during with medium flows. Also find our Complete guide to period panties for always more info and advice.

What are the best period panties?

The best period panties on the market! Our panties are economical, ecological, reliable, locally produced, and healthy. teen period panties, menstrual thongs and Louloucup menstrual shorties !
The best period panties should make you feel good, beautiful, and protected. They should be made using clean fabric, (like Oeko-Tex, organic cotton). The price must be accessible. The panties chosen must also and above all be adapted to the menstrual flow (light, medium, heavy, hemorrhagic). Louloucup took up the challenge of offering panties with feminine cuts, not expensive, while being very reliable thanks to a super absorbent fabric.

Why switch to period panties?

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch to one of our best-sellers and say bye-bye to tampons or et pads. :
  • For convenience. You put your panties on in the morning and you don't take them off until the evening. You no longer have to change your tampon or pad at regular intervals.
  • Comfort. The Louloucup period panties, is very soft, very comfortable. A real pleasure to wear. Much more comfortable than a tampon or sanitary napkin. In addition, thanks to the absorbent fabric which has a very high absorption capacity, you stay dry for several hours.
  • Reliable. With the one of our best-sellers , no risk of leaks or stains. Thanks to its ultra-absorbent fabric, nothing to worry about!
  • For the planet. With period panties, you avoid disposable protections which represent a significant amount of polluting waste. Using menstrual panties is therefore part of a process zero-waste more responsible and more respectful of the environment.
  • For your wallet. Period panties have a lifespan of 7 years. Its price is quickly amortized. This way you avoid buying new disposable sanitary protection every month. So you save a lot of money.
  • For your health. The composition of Louloucup menstrual panties is healthy and without safe materials for your health. Thanks to its composition of clean fabrics, you fear nothing. By staying dry, you avoid odors, the development of bacteria or the risk of toxic shock syndrome.

Are period panties thick?

Menstrual panties are a little thicker than panties from the lingerie classic. However, the feeling has nothing to do with a sanitary napkin. The “diaper” effect is absolutely not present with menstrual panties. Our Louloucup panties are above all very Comfortable. You will have great pleasure in putting them on and wearing them. They remain very discreet and thin under clothing.

Why choose period panties over a tampon or sanitary napkin?

Menstrual panties revolutionize menstruation. Several reasons to prefer Louloucup underwear to a tampon or towel:

  • La made with clean materials. Louloucup menstrual panties are made of healthy and certified fabrics Eco Tex as well as OCS organic cotton. You avoid contact of your intimate flora with tampons and pads whose composition is questionable and decried for several years.
  • It is hygienic. Thanks to its composition of fabrics, the menstrual panties know how to absorb and leave the vulva dry. Thus no odor or development of any bacteria. No risk of toxic shock syndrome, no more.
  • It is ecological industrial printing process. Wearing menstrual panties is part of a process zero waste. More responsible and respectful for the planet, it avoids disposable, numerous and polluting periodic protections. Loulou panties are Washable et reusable several years.
  • It is economic. After just a few uses, the price of a menstrual panty is quickly amortized. This way, you avoid having to go to the checkout at each new cycle to buy your pack of tampons or pads. Good to know, if it is well maintained, the period panties have a life of several beautiful years (5 to 7 years)! 
  • It is super reliable. With menstrual panties, no stains, no leaks. Thanks to his super absorbent fabric, nothing to fear!
  • It's pretty, female, comfortable and sexy! :)

What size for period panties?

Louloucup offers menstrual panties from size 34 to size 46, or XS ou XXXL in order to reach a greater number of women.
A doubt, a hesitation? find our Size guide in order to know the equivalences between the Loulou sizes and the circumference of the pelvis. If you hesitate between two sizes, we advise you to choose the size above.

How do Louloucup menstrual panties perform so well?

The ultra-absorbent zone of our panties is made of a fabric that retains blood without swelling. Your comfort is guaranteed while staying dry for a long time! The absorption area is large. From the front to the back of the pants, you are fully protected. We have alloyed layers of fabrics at a time absorbency, breathable et waterproofing. Thus, the blood is retained, without smell, without humidity and without leakage!

How to choose Louloucup panties?

Our panties are classified by menstrual flow: light , average flow et heavy flows.

We recommend selecting several different panties so that you can cover the entire menstruation period without problems. If you have a medium flow, the last days of your period are less intense than the first. You will then need light flow panties in addition to medium flow panties. Also think of a heavy flow overnight panties.

Choose, also and above all, according to your personal tastes, but also your pace of life. Do you like lace? You are sporty ? Do you prefer seamless and discreet lingerie? Do you like the tanga shape? Do your shopping on our online shop !

Take the time to compare the models or otherwise find our dedicated blog articles: Our comparison of the best period panties Louloucup et How to choose your menstrual panties?

How many period panties to buy?

Ideally, we recommend a pack of five panties in order to be the most comfortable during her period. You will be able to switch models if you change during the day. You will not be "stuck" if the previous panties are not completely dry after washing. Finally, the ideal number of panties corresponds above all to your flow and the average duration of your period. At Loulou, we offer personalized bundles at favorable prices.

Are menstrual panties suitable for hemorrhagic flows?

Yes. Our heavy flow panties have the capacity to absorb four to five tampons. For example, the Clara panty. is ideal for managing very abundant flows ou hemorrhagic. The absorbent protection extends from front to back and goes up really high thanks to its The high waist.

Some women are in the habit of wearing, on the days when the flow is the most intense, a You can wear a menstrual cup in addition to panties. It is also an excellent solution to avoid any leaks. Find, in addition to menstrual panties, our Loulou menstrual cup offer.

What is the most absorbent period panty?

Le Clara panty. is undoubtedly one of best absorbent panties of the market. She handles the heavy flows, very abundant flows or hemorrhagic flows no problem. Women who know period particularly intense and sustained, in particular because of the copper IUD or even just after giving birth during the postpartum will be delighted to put on these beautiful high-waisted panties. This model is also ideal for getting a good night's sleep without worrying about staining the sheets. The Clara period panties wins all the votes. With its absorption capacity equivalent to 5 tampons, it particularly manages the so-called central flow with its extended protection from front to back.
Find our other abundant flow models for optimal protection: the Fanny model, like the Lou model and Simone panty.

How long can I wear my Loulou menstrual panties?

It depends on the flow, but also on the absorption capacity of the panties. A light flow panty possesses the capacity of a tampon to a tampon and a half while a medium flow panties absorbs the equivalent of three tampons. The heavy flow panties, it absorbs up to five tampons. Depending on your flow, you can keep your panties on all day, 12 hours, while staying dry.

The best thing is to know how to recognize your menstrual flow to more accurately assess their needs. Find our blog article to help you, How to know your menstrual flow?

Use & Care

When should you throw away your period panties?

If the maintenance recommendations are well applied, the menstrual panties have a 5 to 7 years (similar to classic panties). Menstrual panties show signs of fatigue when they no longer absorb the menstrual flow. The tissues then lost their absorption efficiency.

Who can wear period panties?

All women, without exception! teens who experience their first period, working women, pregnant women, young postpartum mothers or premenopausal women. At every moment of life, menstrual panties, absorbent and comfortable, are a real support, a real ally. Period panties are just as practical and welcome during spotting or other miscellaneous discharge and secretions. This avoids the disposable panty liners. Menstrual panties can also be used in case of urinary leaks.

Find out more: Menstrual panties to manage light flows and spotting, a good idea?

Can menstrual panties be worn at night?

Yes of course. We recommend heavy flow panties in this precise case. You are thus fully protected. You will be able to sleep peacefully without being afraid of staining your sheets or pajamas. The period panties for heavy flows have very high protection on the front as well as on the back. You can then sleep on your stomach without any problem.

How to wash period panties?

Menstrual panties are easy to care for. Here are some tips from cleaning andmaintenance to follow and adopt in order to prolong the life and effectiveness of menstrual panties:

  • After wearing it, it is advisable to rinse the panties well withcold water until they run clear.
  • The briefs can then be machine washed, together with the rest of the garments, in mode short cycle at 30° or 40° maximum. Fabric softeners are not recommended. In order not to alter the effectiveness of the absorbent fabrics of the pants, no chemical products that are too aggressive are recommended. Long and too hot cycles are also to be avoided. To avoid damaging your menstrual underwear in the machine, the laundry net is a good option.
  • Don't dryyour panties in the dyer.

As you will have understood, menstrual panties do not like heat or industrial products that are too chemical and harsh. Find our article dedicated to the question on our blog: How to wash your period panties, tips and advice.

Which soap should I use to wash menstrual panties?

We suggest using a non greasy soap to clean your period panties. the Marseille's soap or Aleppo soap are not the most appropriate. Indeed, a thin oily layer would be deposited on the fabric and prevent proper absorption. Fabric softeners or chemical stain removers are also not recommended. Period panties are made of technical fabrics that need to be taken care of.

Environment/ Ecology / Traceability/ Transparency

How are Louloucup menstrual panties ecological?

At Loulou, we have the ambition to offer a quality product without compromising on the environment. Thus, we are proud to use a organic cotton for the inside of our panties. We favor the truck transport to air transport for logistics in order to reduce our carbon emissions. Finally, we send our panties in packaging that is recyclable.

How are Louloucup menstrual panties a sustainable and more responsible product?

Louloucup menstrual panties are reusable and washable. It thus prevents us from consuming and multiplying disposable and polluting sanitary protection. Period panties fit perfectly into a zero-waste approach, more responsible and more ecological. Finally, period panties can be used for up to 7 years.

Are Louloucup period panties vegan?

We are committed to offering you fully vegan panties, without animal-related raw materials. All our products are made by obviously avoiding any cruelty towards any animal.

What is the composition of Louloucup menstrual panties?

The lining that touches your body is made using organic cotton. We sometimes use bamboofor the elastane or polyamide mostly on the outside of the panties. Depending on the models, you will find satin, cotton or even nylon. Find in detail the compositions of the panties on each product sheet.

All our fabrics are tested regularly by independent laboratories to ensure their non-harmfulness. We thus guarantee a period panties is made from fabrics without toxic residues.

Where are Louloucup period panties made?

The manufacture of our panties is 80% European. The main manufacturing center is located at Portugal. More exceptionally, we entrust the manufacture of certain specific models (such as the Clara high-waisted double absorption briefs) to China. The manufacturing workshop is audited and has ISO 9001 or BSCI certifications.


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