Adopting period panties, or menstrual panties, is a step that can sometimes be dreaded. Many people have a lot of questions about this protection and worry about possible inconvenience. Find everything you need to know about our period panties in this guide specially concocted for you!

Period panties, what are they?

The composition of our period panties


At Louloucup, we offer period panties that are beautiful, of impeccable quality and very comfortable.

Our manufacturing workshops are audited  on the protection of workers' rights by trusted third-party organizations such as BSCI or AMFORI.

All the fabrics used are not harmful to health and the environment. The fabrics are certified and approved by different government authorities

Our panties are made up of several layers of fabric to provide you with optimal protection.


The first fabric in contact with the mucous membrane is always organic cotton. The type of cotton chosen allows you to stay dry by draining and guiding the blood towards the absorbent layer, which makes wearing your menstrual panties very comfortable.


The second fabric may have a different composition depending on the absorbency of the panties. This layer absorbs blood and odors with absorbent and antibacterial properties. For medium flow panties, the panties consist of a layer of absorbent fabric. 


On our abundant flow collection,  the crotch is wider, the absorbent part is the whole panty and we have doubled the protection of the absorbent fabric. In this way, Louloucup briefs protect you perfectly.

The last fabric is a waterproof and breathable membrane that avoids the risk of leaks. 

The protection of our panties is quite wide and goes up high on the front and on the back in order to avoid the risk of leaks as much as possible. You can find details about the absorbent size of each panty in its description.

🩸 How do you take care of your period panties?

Caring for your period panties is a very important point that will determine the lifespan of your panties. The better you take care of them, the longer they last. 

How to maintain menstrual panties: The steps

Step 1 - Rinse with clear water: 

After using your period panties and if you have an abundant flow, rinse it with cold water to evacuate the blood present in the different tissue thicknesses. Keep rinsing until the water runs clear. 

Step 2 - Washing your period panties: 

You can wash your period panties two ways:

Machine wash

In the machine, menstrual panties can be washed at 40°. They can be washed at the same time as the rest of your laundry. We advise you to wash them in a laundry net, to avoid damaging them and preserve them as long as possible!

Hand wash

You can also wash your menstrual panties by hand by rubbing them with detergent (not greasy) before soaking them in cold water for about thirty minutes.


To take care of your period panties, please avoid:

  • softener
  • fabric softener
  • stain remover
Indeed, these products can attack your panties and make them lose their effectiveness. Soaps and detergents based on fatty substances, such as Marseille soap or Aleppo soap, can clog the pores of the tissues and prevent blood from draining into the lower tissues.

    Step 3 - Air drying: 

    Heat sources make your period panties lose efficiency, so we ban the dryer here! Instead, choose to air dry. 

    A period away from home? No problem

    Having your period on a business trip, at the office or while traveling can often be complicated. We sometimes worry about having to change our protection away from home. 

    Our panties are designed to offer you optimal protection all day long. If you have a very abundant flow, even hemorrhagic, we recommend our Clara panties, they should be able to absorb your flow all day without having to change. Alternatively, you can wear your period panties in addition to our menstrual cup or other traditional protection.

    🩸 How to choose your period panties 

    Choose your period panties according to your flow

    When choosing your period panties, it's important to understand your menstrual flow.

    Every woman is different and the flow can vary over the years and depending on the contraception used. Therefore, the ideal is to have different models that allow you to always remain well protected depending on your cycle.

    Our menstrual panties have different levels of absorption: 

    • Light flow: absorption of 1 to 1,5 tampons, generally for the beginning and end of menstruation, spotting and white discharge,
    • Medium flow: absorption of 2 to 3 tampons,
    • Abundant flow: absorption of 4 to 5 tampons for very heavy or even hemorrhagic periods and postpartum.

    Each of our Louloucup models has its own level of absorption.  It is best to carry out a test at home for the first use of period panties. In this way, you will be able to use your period panties in the best conditions! We have also inserted a diagram on all our panties with the details of the absorbent protection.

    If in doubt, another periodic protection can be used, such as the menstrual cup 


    QWhich Louloucup model to choose? Panties, tanga, period shorty...

    At Oh my Loulou, we offer a wide choice of models that look like traditional lingerie. We  we do everything to offer beautiful panties of irreproachable quality. We offer a variety of fits, fabrics and sizes so there's something for everyone. Our panties keep their promises and adapt according to your cycle and your menstrual flow. 

    The models Clara et Fanny are perfect for women with very heavy periods, or going through postpartum 

    You can then opt for our entire medium flow collection. As the protection goes up quite high in the front and back, our medium flow panties are also perfectly suited if you sleep on your stomach and if your flow tends to go backwards.

    Those who have a low menstrual flow can opt for our light flow models like our menstrual tanga (thongs Chloé). Our light flow models are also perfect for white discharge and spotting.


    🩸 How many panties for a menstrual cycle?

    Since it is necessary to rinse and then wash your used panties, you need several menstrual panties. For this reason, we offer packs with advantageous prices depending on the quantities. 

    To get off to a good start, a minimum of 3 menstrual panties is recommended if you only want to use this means of protection.

    Period panties can protect for up to 12 hours. It is necessary to change menstrual panties at least twice a day. However, depending on your flow, you may need to change your period panties more often (up to three times, especially for heavy and/or bleeding flow). 

    To approach your period calmly and to be able to change model from one day to another, the ideal is to have a first pack of 5 period panties 

    Why choose period panties?

    Protect your health


    Many people decide to turn to menstrual panties after discovering the rather vague composition of tampons and disposable pads.

    Indeed, various studies have revealed the presence of chemical compounds in disposable sanitary protection: carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, pesticides, hydrocarbons, etc.


    Periodic protections being in direct contact with the mucous membranes, it is therefore important to ensure that you use products that are healthy and respectful of your body. Toxic shock syndrome, for example, is a syndrome that occurs when there is stagnation of blood in the vagina. Tampons have been questioned for several years. 

    To protect your health, menstrual panties are therefore a great ally. Although the strain responsible for toxic shock syndrome is present in only 1% of women, prolonged use of internal sanitary protection is a risk for the development of bacteria.

    Prioritize comfort

    At Louloucup, your comfort is our #XNUMX priority. The cuts of our menstrual panties are particularly neat. Before the validation of the model and the production, all our panties are tried on different morphologies and in several sizes. The cut of the panties is not the same in XS or XL. Beyond size XL, the models are modified and the size increased to offer optimal comfort.

    In addition, the inside of all our panties is entirely made of certified organic cotton. Some models of menstrual panties are made entirely of cotton. Cotton is a natural and soft material to wear. It offers a comfort of use that does not give this “plastic layer” effect often felt when wearing a disposable protection. 

    Save money

    Another reason many choose to switch to period panties is that they are a much more cost-effective form of protection.

    A woman lives about 35 years with her menstrual cycles. A menstrual cycle usually occurs every 28 days, or 13 times a year. Expenses related to disposable periodic protection over a year are therefore significant! It is estimated that a woman uses approximately 10 disposable sanitary pads in her lifetime.

    Menstrual panties, although they are a significant budget to purchase, have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. They generally pay for themselves in 5 to 10 cycles. Much less expensive, therefore, than the purchase of disposable protections throughout the year!

    Are you ready to adopt period panties? In any case, if you have any questions, our customer service is always at your disposal :)