our charitable contributions

Every month and thanks to you, we choose to make a donation to those who need it most. We donate period panties, menstrual cups, our time or money to charities close to our hearts. �

We helped...✨

The Coeur de Forêt Association has been working since 2005 to protect forests and people

This year, we decided to plant a tree for each order placed on the site during the week of Black Friday!


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Our previous participations...✨

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Recognized as a public utility, the ARC Foundation is 100% dedicated to cancer research.

Who is Gigi? It's our wonderful
associate who had a relapse of breast cancer 5 years after her remission. Thanks to research, Gigi has an almost normal life.

For Pink October, we are proud to donate all profits from our Gigi model to the ARC foundation.

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The Ocean Cleanup is a non-governmental organization that develops technologies to extract plastic pollution from oceans and
rivers. 🌊

For the month of September, 1% of our turnover was donated to The Ocean Cleanup.

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APF France handicap is an important French organization, recognized as being of public utility, defense and representation of people with disabilities and their relatives.

For the month of August, 1% of our turnover was donated to APF France disability.