Looking for an alternative solution to tampons and other disposable period protection? You've come to the right place: we give you all the information you need to use and make up your cup.

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🩸 Menstrual cup overview

What is a menstrual cup?

The cup, or the menstrual cup, is an internal hygienic protection, washable, reusable, economical and hypoallergenic. 

When a tampon's role is to absorb blood, the menstrual cup will hold it in its receptacle so that it can be emptied, rinsed and repositioned. 

Since it is made of medical silicone, it does not absorb and avoids problems related to the drying of the vaginal flora, while retaining up to 3 times more blood than tampons. 

But above all, it is suitable for all women by adapting to the shape and size of the vagina, the menstrual flow, the movements and the positioning of the cervix. 

How does the cup work?

The cup is a receptacle made of medical silicone, which poses no health risk thanks to a controlled composition: 

  • A high medical grade platinum silicone material, 
  • It limits the risk of allergies to the vaginal mucous membranes and fungal infections,
  • It is guaranteed phthalate-free, bisphenol-free and latex-free. 

It adapts to the body thanks to its flexibility which gives the possibility of following the movements and the anatomy. Once positioned in the vagina (lower than a tampon, by the way), it can be kept for between 6 and 8 hours without the risk of toxic shock syndrome

But above all, the cup is a great ally to help you get to know yourself as a woman. She gives sometimes inaccessible information concerning the menstrual flow, but also the functioning of her body. 

The menstrual cup: period protection in medical silicone

Composed of a flexible and malleable material, it bends to be positioned in the vagina, in order to cover the cervix and prevent leakage.

Its stem allows it to be lowered more easily when removing it. By slightly pulling on it, we manage to reach the base of the cup in order to tilt it to remove it. 

And what about the holes at the top of your cup?

They are present to promote air pressure. Indeed, when positioning the empty cup in the vagina, it is filled with air. Therefore, the more blood flows, the more it is necessary to evacuate the air present inside.

The holes allow you to:  

  • to equalize the air pressure inside and outside the vagina,
  • prevent leakage when the holes are blocked (by clots or thicker menstrual flow). It is for this reason that the holes in our Louloucup are larger than most menstrual cups on the market,
  • to avoid this effect of absorption and "suction cup" by providing softness when inserting the cup and when removing it

The menstrual cup in 3 advantages

  • Advantage number 1: the cup is the most ecological hygienic protection due to its composition, but also its use. We are able to manage our periods with only a menstrual cup, between 5 and 10 years. 
  • Advantage number 2: its composition is transparent and healthy, with no risk of carcinogens or endocrine disruptors. 
  •  Advantage number 3: the menstrual cup is the most financially advantageous solution thanks to a cost of €28,90 for 10 years (€57,8 for two cups to be more flexible) when the use of tampons will represent a financial burden of around €90/year or €900 over 10 years.

Now that we certainly have no more doubts, let's move on.

🩸 Why choose the menstrual cup? 

Who is the menstrual cup suitable for? 

The cup fits all women, although we all have different bodies. Indeed, its flexible material will come to adapt to your vagina according to the positioning of your cervix.  

There is no need to search for the exact location at the time of insertion. The menstrual cup positions itself, as soon as we move and adapts to all our actions.

What are the advantages of the menstrual cup?

There are many advantages of choosing to have a cup: 

  • It is invisible for sportswomen, 
  • It allows you to swim without risk, 
  • It pairs perfectly with the use of our menstrual panties, 
  • It can be worn for up to 8 hours to manage your nights, 
  • It positions itself correctly in the body according to its organism, 
  • She does not move while we urinate.

On the other hand, there are a few things that should not be combined with the use of the cup: 

  • It is not used as a contraceptive, 
  • It is not used during sexual intercourse, 
  • It is contraindicated in postnatal bleeding, 
  • It is not used in case of vaginal infection,

A new life with the menstrual cup

A little lost when it comes to choosing your menstrual cup?

 Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  • Are you a virgin ?
  • Have you ever given birth vaginally? 
  • What is your menstrual flow ? 
  • Do you practice a sport that strengthens your perineum?

 There are two sizes and two levels of flexibility regarding Louloucup menstrual cups.

What size for his cup? 

The size of the menstrual cup depends on the menstrual flow and the tone of the perineum. 

At Louloucup, we have two cup sizes: 

  • a size S, ideal for light flows and young girls. It is also perfect for sports activities that strengthen the perineum. Its small size allows you to feel more comfortable in your movements!
  • a size M which happens to be the standard size. It is therefore suitable for all women and particularly in the event of an abundant flow as well as women who have given birth.
What flexibility for his cup? 

But that's not all. We also have two levels of flexibility at Louloucup:  

  • blue menstrual cup, more flexible, is ideal for women with a more sensitive anatomy, such as young girls with a small vagina. 
  • pink menstrual cup, harder, is finally the standard version. It is perfect for women with a more robust pelvic diaphragm

How to position your menstrual cup?

In the same way as with a tampon, it is necessary to acquire a little dexterity at the start. 

Step 1: Wash your hands properly before inserting or removing your cup

Step 2: Fold the menstrual cup according to the folding method that suits us best. Here are some examples :

Folding in C:

  • With both hands, fold your Louloucup menstrual cup into a C shape
  • Hold it bent in this position and insert it
  • Once inserted, release your menstrual cup


Folding in seven

  • Fold one of the sides to get a seven
  • Keep your menstrual cup folded in this position and insert it
  • Once inserted, release your menstrual cup

Tulip folding or punch-down fold

  • Hold your menstrual cup with one hand
  • With the index finger of your other hand, push one side of the cup and lift your finger
  • Keep your menstrual cup folded in this position and insert it
  • Once inserted, release your menstrual cup


    Step 3: Make yourself comfortable in order to insert the cup in complete relaxation: sitting on the toilet, squatting in the shower or standing with one leg raised. 

    Do not position your cup while lying down, because it does not position itself correctly and may cause leaks and discomfort during the day.

    • Spread the lips and introduce the cup horizontally in the direction of the coccyx, 
    • Rotate in one direction, then in the other while holding the base

    To check the correct placement of the menstrual cup, you can insert a finger to check that it adheres to the walls of the vagina. 

    ⚡️ Little tip: if insertion is slightly difficult, use lubricant or a little water to moisten it (in the shower for example).

    How to remove your menstrual cup?

    To remove your cup, take a pleasant position that will allow you to relax, then: 

    1. Push the cup with your perineum muscles, 
    2. Pull on the rod to lower it, 
    3. Grab the base and pinch it lightly, 
    4. Tilt the cup by moving it to one side, then to the other
    5. Empty the blood in the toilet, 
    6. Rinse your cup with hot water,
    7. Reuse it.

    You can keep your cup between 6 to 8 hours, without problem, depending on your flow. 

    How to clean your menstrual cup?

    The menstrual cup must be particularly hygienic. It is for this reason that it is necessary to clean it daily and to sterilize it at each cycle.

    Between two uses, it is enough to rinse it with clear water in order to position it again for 6 to 8 hours.

    To clean your menstrual cup, every day, you must use an oil-free and fragrance-free soap or its intimate hygiene gel. You can then place it again or put it in its pouch for future use.

    At each cycle, it is important to sterilize your menstrual cup to remove all bacteria. This is also the case when it is first used. 

    How to sterilize your cup?

    You can sterilize your menstrual cup in boiling water or in the microwave. For this, bring your Louloucup sterilizer.

    To sterilize your cup in the microwave: 

    • Remove the lid of your Louloucup sterilizer and insert your cup inside, stem down  
    • Cover with water and place the sterilizer in the microwave for 5 minutes at 750 watts.

    To sterilize your cup in boiling water: 

    • Remove the lid and insert its cup inside, stem down 
    • Cover with boiling water and wait 5 minutes.

    Once the 5 minutes have elapsed, wait for the cup to cool by running it under cold water before using it again. It can also be stored in its storage pouch until its next cycle.

    How to use your cup on the go or at work? 

    If using the cup is a source of stress when you're away from home, we have some tips for you: 

    The first tip is already found in the fact of finding disabled toilets, which always have a sink. In this case, no problem! 

    If not, here are some tips that may be useful to you: 

    • Remember to put a bottle of water in your bag so you can rinse your cup above the toilet bowl, 
    • Take your sterilizer with you, which makes it easy to rinse your cup on the go: put water in it and dip your cup inside before shaking everything. All you have to do is throw the used water down the toilet! 

    This is what is particularly practical with the cup, it is that it is very easy to use and that you do not take the risk of finding yourself in a delicate situation to change. 

    Ready to switch to the menstrual cup? All that remains is to choose the one(s) that best suits now : menstrual cup shop. The best is to equip yourself with the best by choosing a Pack: 2 cups + 1 Louloucup sterilizer.