Our Social & Environmental Commitments

Every month and thanks to you, we donate part of our profits to environmental and social associations.
Together, let's build an inclusive and united society.



The Ocean Cleanup is a Dutch non-profit organization that develops technologies to extract plastic pollution from oceans and rivershttps://louloucup.myshopify.com/admin/orders

Their primary goal is to clean up half of the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” a floating trash can three times the size of France, halfway between California and Hawaii.


Did you know that traditional sanitary protection ends up in our oceans and is a major source of plastic waste?

Using our menstrual cup or our panties drastically reduces your plastic consumption.

APF France handicap is a major French organization, reknown to be of public utility, defense and representation of people with disabilities and their relatives.

APF France handicap carries humanist, militant and social values ​​and a project of general interest.
The association acts
against discrimination and for equal rights, citizenship, social participation and free choice of lifestyle for people with disabilities and their families.

APF France handicap intervenes in all areas of daily life with its 550 structures spread throughout the territory.
Its unique and original socio-economic model in Europe allows
APF France disability to be in line with the projects and needs of people with disabilities and their families.