Note textile analysis report
At Loulou, health AND comfort are our priorities

Our products are always that are safe and comply with the strictest standards both in the making of our menstrual cups and the making of our washable underwear.

We work in continuity with our textile engineers to offer you the best absorbents on the market to guarantee you foolproof efficiency.

The technology of our menstrual lingerie
Absorption au top
Top absorption

At Loulou, the absorbents vary according to the models and the flow. Our panties protect you no matter what.

Aucune humidité
No humidity

Our cotton is crafted to keep you dry, even on your heavy flow days.

Aucune fuite
No leaks!

The absorption zone of our panties is extended and wide. You can sleep on your back, stomach, side or have a central flow.

The inside of our menstrual lingerie is always 100% organic cotton.

It is important to us to show you what we promise. You can therefore access our analysis report which has been carried out by a trusted third-party organization, the SMT laboratory. SMT is an accredited laboratory specialized in textile control and analysis.

This report shows that the fabrics comply with the strictest standards and that the presence of pesticides has not been detected.

Read the analysis report