Our story✨

Our story✨

This is the story of a fusional mother-daughter duo who wanted to offer beautiful, healthy and ecological alternatives to traditional period protection.
We started the adventure by offering extremely comfortable menstrual cups and we introduced our menstrual lingerie afterwards.

Our values


Eco-friendly products that keep their promise


Without forgetting a look to die for

Our certifications

All our workshops that manufacture our panties meet the strictest environmental and social requirements. Our workshops have ISO 9001, BSCI, OEKO TEX 100 certifications and the fabrics are FDA (US Federal and Drug Administration) approved.

For our menstrual cups, the silicone and dyes used comply with the strictest standards - FDA USP class VI, ISO 10993-6-10, REACH and Rohs.

Your health is our priority and that starts with providing healthy, non-toxic fabrics. The inside of our panties is always made of cotton from organic farming.

Our certifications

Our social and environmental commitments

Our social and environmental commitments

In 2020, our partner had a recurrence of her breast cancer. This deeply upset our balance but our partner fights every day to have a normal life.

For October Rose, 100% of the profits from the Gigi model were donated to the ARC foundation for cancer research.

It is important to us every month to support various associations that have an ecological and social goal.

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Our size and model commitments

Our size and model commitments

We are all different! It is therefore important to us to offer a wide variety of sizes, models (from menstrual thongs to small bloomers and high-waisted cuts) and fabrics so that there is something for all tastes and colors.

At Loulou, we also pay particular attention to your comfort: the cut on XL, XXL and XXXL panties is always readjusted so that the panties fit perfectly. The rubber bands are never too tight and do not mark.

Our panties are always shown in several sizes whether it's XS or XXXL, beauty has no size 💗

Continuous innovation ⭐

At Loulou, we work continuously with textile engineers to offer you the best absorbents and the best value for money.

Our fabrics are efficient, absorb perfectly, all this without any feeling of wet effect.

Continuous innovation ⭐

Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority

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Fanny - Abundant flow +++++

Very comfortable. I lasted 10-11 easily.

Set of 3 panties of your choice

I tested 4 brands of period panties and the louloucup are my favorite. They have excellent value for money. What I like: they are efficient, pretty, very comfortable, inexpensive and made in Europe. I consider 12-15 panties for 1 cycle for day and night use. For those who hesitate to switch to menstrual panties, go there with your eyes closed, it's so comfortable, you can't forget you have your period.

Pack of 2 Louloucup of your choice and its sterilizer

First, great customer service. An item was missing in my package, it was sent back to me the next day! Then, regarding the product, the cup is of very good quality. It is handy, unfolds perfectly once in place. The capacity is good, and easy to remove. In short, only positive! Thank you louloucup for the seriousness and the quality!

Fanny - Abundant flow +++++

Comfortable, pretty and effective!

Set of 2 panties of your choice

New order of Naomi panties that are well cut and the most comfortable to wear, for having tried several models!

Simone - abundant flow +++++

Performing product Nice pattern After washing according to the recommendations, the panties "did not move"

Fanny - Abundant flow +++++

Very comfortable, you don't feel anything at all. I didn't feel like I was wearing period panties. Very good absorption.

Seamless Emilie - Black - medium flow +

My daughter is a fan, without sewing it is very pleasant and there is very good absorption.

Pack of 5 panties and more

Très bien

Soft Turquoise Louloucup

This product is life changing, made so well O don't even feel it, and the color keeps the stains away. I highly recommend!

Contact us

All your questions, comments or opinions are welcome. It is thanks to you and your comments that we move forward and that we can improve our products.

For any questions, you can contact us by email at our address: hello@louloucup.com

We hope your purchases bring you comfort and serenity during your period and we are here for you if you have any questions :)