Quality and standards

Quality at the heart of our priorities

We want to provide women with alternative solutions. Louloucup was designed to support active, modern women who have decided to make responsible choices.

As a company, we make a daily choice to bring the best quality to our customers with minimal impact on the environment.

At Louloucup, we believe that all women should have access to a quality menstrual cup, developed under strict hygienic conditions. We do everything to keep our prices reasonable while providing the best possible quality.


FAQ about your sécurityé

 Where is Louloucup made?

 Louloucup is manufactured in France under strict hygienic conditions in a factory authorized to manufacture medical applications in accordance with ISO 13485 standards.

ISO 13485 certification assures you that each Louloucup is manufactured with the greatest care and in accordance with the standards imposed by the International Organization for Standardization.

Why favor Made in France?

Many menstrual cups on the market are made with questionable materials, in countries where the legislation is less vigilant than in France. Depending on the country of manufacture, your menstrual cup may contain toxic and questionable substances. Unfortunately, not all menstrual cups are created with quality materials and some sources of silicones can pose a hazard to your health. 

The fact that Louloucup is made in France offers you a guarantee of follow-up and quality. We don't mess with your health. For this reason, we have had our logo engraved inside our menstrual cups with the mention Made in France.

Are the dyes used healthy?

All dyes used in the production of our menstrual cups comply with regulations and are safe.

Does Louloucup contain Phthalates, Bisphenol A or heavy metals?

 No, our menstrual cups are made from the finest medical grade silicone. They do not contain phthalates, bisphenol A or heavy metals.

Should I change my menstrual cup every year?

No, it is absolutely not necessary to change your menstrual cup every year. Some women keep their menstrual cups for ten years, others prefer to change them more often. The FDA (US food and drug administration) recommends changing your menstrual cup every 3 years. Some women, when they see their menstrual cups change color over time and use, prefer to buy a new one. You can prevent discoloration of your menstrual cup by rinsing it with cold water before cleaning it with your soap.