- + Can I buy Louloucup panties in bulk?

Yes, we recommend it! At Louloucup, we understand that every period cycle needs the right protection, like different menstrual panties and cups. We offer bundles with customizable panties at lower prices. Louloucup panties cost €28,90; however, they cost €22,90 per pair if you buy 5 pairs.

- + Can I buy a bundle with a menstrual cup and period panties?  

Of course! Loulou is here to make your period simple. Create your own period bundle with your pantie size and flow needs. Add a menstrual cup to your order at no additional cost!  

- + I'm unsure about my girlfriend's/friend's/sister's exact size, flow, or preferences. What should I do?  
If you’re looking to buy a useful gift for someone in your life, we recommend a Louloucup gift card! Gift cards come in the amount of 30€, 50€, 75€ or 100€ and can be used to purchase anything on our site.
- + Can I modify my order?
Oops, did you forget a panty or select the wrong size or model? Please message us at hello@louloucup.cup as soon as possible. Our customer service team is very responsive, and we’ll do our best to modify your order. We can’t change orders that have already been dispatched. You will need to make a return once you have received your package. hello@louloucup.com as many votes as possible. Our customer service team is very responsive. She will do her best to modify your order. If, on the other hand, it has already been dispatched (delivered to Colissimo), it will be impossible for us to modify it. You will need to make a return once you have received your package. 
- + The panties I'm interested in are out of stock in the size I want. What should I do?  

We are sorry. Do not hesitate to write to us at hello@louloucup.com in order to know what it really is. We will respond to you very quickly. 

- + My order is incomplete, what should I do? 

We are sorry. We take great care with all orders, however to err is human. Contact our customer service hello@louloucup.com/a>. We will quickly take care of your problem and resolve the situation.