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Soft Turquoise Louloucup

Very satisfied. Having had severe abdominal pain with another brand, I confirm a thousand times that this one is very flexible. 2 deliveries VB, abundant flow because copper IUD. Thank you for this 1st successful cup experience! Cocorico too 🇨🇵
Made in France
Produced to the highest standards
BPA, Latex & Toxin Free

Soft Turquoise Louloucup

regular price 28.90€

Soft Turquoise Louloucup

regular price 28.90€

La Louloucup Turquoise Souple is a model of menstrual cup to manage their periods calmly and freely. Ultra soft and very comfortable, this cup is also very flexible. This model is particularly aimed at women with an anatomy but also a sensitive bladder. 

Once inserted, this French and patented menstrual cup does not feel, does not interfere, while retaining the menstrual flow optimally.  

The menstrual cup is an invisible and internal protection. It bends easily and is inserted at the entrance to the vagina. Once deployed, it retains period blood without the risk of leakage. Louloucup Turquoise Souple can be worn for several hours (4 to 6 hours). Ecological, the Loulou cup avoids the purchase of single-use polluting hygienic protections. 

La Soft Turquoise Louloucup fits all menstrual flow (light, medium or abundant) as well as all body types. Choose the right size according to your menstrual flow. This menstrual cup model is available in two sizes: size small and size medium.

A Louloucup Turquoise medium has a capacity equivalent to 3 or 4 sanitary tampons. This size is particularly suitable for women with an abundant flow but also those who have given birth vaginally. 

The Louloucup Turquoise small is ideal for young women who have never used a cup before with light, normal or medium flow. 

Doubts ? Questions? Discover without delay our User manual for the Louloucup menstrual cup but also our Complete guide to menstrual cups.

Loulou's soft turquoise menstrual cup can be used very well in addition to menstrual panties, think about it!  

Soft Turquoise Louloucup is Made in France. Made from medical silicone and dye, Louloucup Turquoise Souple complies with the strictest standards (FDA, USP class VI, ISO 10993-6-10, REACH and Rohs). The composition of this French menstrual cup is as clean as possible. Indeed, this cup is devoid of latex, phthalates, bisphenol A or perfume.

Its patented form is registered at the INPI under number 2018 0624.

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vegan and cruelty-free

audited workshops

Made in France

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Why we love

Louloucup was designed to be the most comfortable and easy to use menstrual cup on the market. Its patented shape makes it easy to deploy once inserted.

Patented menstrual cup

Louloucup is specially designed for people with sensitive bladders, cramping or discomfort with firmer tampons or menstrual cups.
Naturally odorless
Ultra soft upper
Ultra soft touch
Super comfortable design

Little change,
big impact.

1500 euros savings
Healthier and toxic-free
Ecological: More than 3000 pieces of waste avoided

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How to use a menstrual cup?

Its use is very easy. Just fold it up and insert it
When your cup is full, empty it, clean it and reinsert :)

Unparalleled freedom

Our menstrual cups are perfect for active women. You can run, swim, jump, travel or rest :)

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