How to choose your menstrual panties?

choosing period panties

Faced with the avalanche of information found on the web, it is not easy to know how choose your period panties  ! 

Which sizes take ? Which composition to prefer? THE organic cotton does it matter? What about made in France ? The period panties are classified by absorption capacity but it is necessary to know what is the nature of its flow? How to know your menstrual flow? How choosing the best period panties according to his profile and his situation? To which form to turn, panties, shorty, thong or tanga? 

Louloucup helps you choose period panties that are perfectly suited to your needs. Teenager, sportswoman, young mother, pre-menopausal or active woman, with a light, normal, abundant or very abundant flow, we are sure you will find the absorbent panties ideal for your period.


According to Santé Magazine, a woman or an teenager menstruating loses between 20 ml and 80 ml of blood per menstrual cycle.

For good choose your period panties, it is therefore necessary to evaluate and know its flow in order to direct its choice towards a suitable solution.

How to manage a light flow?

A menstrual flow is light when it is estimated to be less than 40 ml per cycle, which corresponds to the capacity of approximately 1 and a half tampons per day. 

The flow is not regular, it remains very little marked. You don't feel the need to change often.

In this case, we can afford to opt for the ruler thong or even menstrual thong that stays sexy and lightweight while providing protection for up to 12 hours. The menstrual thong has a small crotch area, this one is suitable for managing and retaining a light menstrual flow. The light flow menstrual panties is also suitable for retain the mocking (small surprise losses) or manage the white discharge during the'ovulation.


choosing period panties


How to manage a normal flow?

A so-called “normal” or “average” flow is estimated between 40 ml and 50 ml per cycle, or the equivalent of 3 to 4 tampons per day.

To visualize, this corresponds to about 4 tablespoons!

In the case of a normal flow, the ideal is to start with a fairly covering form, the ideal is a medium flow seamless menstrual panty or medium flow menstrual shorty. This type of fairly absorbent model guarantees great comfort while avoiding humidity and bad odors. At the end of your period, when the flow is very light, you can go with a washable protection for light flow.

medium flow seamless menstrual panty

How to manage an abundant flow?

We qualify as abundant rules when the losses are between 50 ml and 80 ml or 4 to 5 tampons per day. Beyond that, we will talk about hemorrhagic periods

These large losses are often the result of an identifiable cause, such as wearing a copper IUD, a hormonal fluctuation, a fibroid. One can also be concerned during a postpartum or premenopausal period. 

If you have a heavy flows, start the cycle with models dedicated to abundant flows or very abundant flows. High waist panties sheathing, period shorty, menstrual bloomers, menstrual boxers, you're spoiled for choice!

Always opt for models with strong absorption that can retain the flow for a long time without saturating. The important thing is that you are comfortable, dry and serene in your menstrual lingerie.

To manage a very abundant menstrual flow, it is necessary to anticipate and provide more hygienic protections.

high waist menstrual panties heavy flow hemorrhagic


Choosing your underwear is a matter of personal taste, superior comfort, But also morphology. It's the same for menstrual panties! So tanga, shorty or panties? Here are some tips for making your choice:

👙 Choosing period panties

Panties are THE underwear classic! The one of which we have at least one copy in our closet. 

Panties are timeless. We feel good there. High waist, bloomers, openwork, we forget the granny panties, now panties are sexy, ingenuous and feminine.

Low-rise panties are ideal for those with wide hips with round thighs, but also for those with flat buttocks. 

His version The high waist is perfect for shaping those with a little belly. cotton, lycra, lace or ., the choice is huge!

👙 Choose a menstrual shorty

The shorty is the comfort underwear par excellence. Very enveloping, it does not tighten at the waist and hugs the shape of the buttocks.

The shorty will suit all those who want to show off their buttocks while feeling safe during their menstruation period.

👙 Choose a menstrual thong

The tanga is the best ally to feel seductive. It subtly reveals the shapes and its high-cut cut highlights the curve of the buttocks. More comfortable than thongs, but sexier than panties, it's the ideal alternative if our hearts are swaying!

The tanga is perfect for sublimating plump buttocks or even those with slender hips. On the other hand, to avoid if you have flat buttocks.


Depending on age and physical condition, hormones are brought to evolve and therefore modify the rules.

Evaluating your situation allows you to better understand your menstrual cycle and therefore to be better prepared.

What period panties for a teenager?

Are you a teenager and have you recently menstruated? 

Know that generally, in adolescence, the periods are scanty and very irregular. It is estimated that the cycle is anarchic during the first 2 to 3 years of menstruation. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult a gynecologist, but this situation is very common.

Period panties for teenagers are adapted to the morphology of young girls, and today there are more and more choices in terms of shape, absorption... Generally, panties for light flow will be suitable, but since we are all different, you may need more absorbent panties. 


choosing period panties


Which menstrual panties for a menstruating woman?

In order to properly approach her cycle, a "normally menstruating" woman will ideally need a bundle pack of 5 period panties. in order to have a comfortable ride. The choice of form and absorption are to be adapted according to your flow and your personal tastes. You can even juggle between period panties and the cup for more freedom.

Which menstrual panties for postpartum?

When we have just given birth, we inevitably wonder about the return of our periods. After nine months without periods, back to reality!

In postpartum, two periods of bleeding are to be distinguished:

  • LochiaThese are discharges that serve to expel the various residues of pregnancy. They accompany the uterus in its gradual return to its normal size. Generally very heavy, his bleeding will last 10 to 12 days. It will be necessary to provide period panties for heavy flows, with a covering form. Newly mum, comfort and peace of mind will be in order!
  • The return of diapersIt's the return of the rules! This is not necessarily bad news! This is a sign that your body is functioning well and that it is slowly recovering from the hormonal storm caused by pregnancy. Our rules may have been changed and may be entering a somewhat unstable period. They can be more abundant or lighter, and very often they are irregular. To deal with any eventuality, it is better to be equipped with menstrual panties of different shapes and adapted to different flows. 

Which menstrual panties for pre-menopause?

The period preceding menopause is punctuated by hormonal imbalances which will very often cause an irregularity in the menstrual cycle. This is also the first symptom that will alert a woman to the arrival of her menopause. Periods can become much heavier. Spontaneous minor bleeding (spotting) can also occur outside the cycle. 

The ideal will therefore be to have a wide range of menstrual panties ranging from heavy flow panties for the period to light flow panties for spotting. Knowing that the average duration of pre-menopause is estimated at 5 years, the investment is largely profitable.