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Our menstrual cups

Ready for an intimate and feminine revolution? There menstrual cup ou Loulou menstrual cup, it's the guarantee of living simple rules, without headaches, without stress and above all without leaks! Our organic Loulou menstrual cup are made from medical silicone. Very soft, they are comfortable and easy to hold. They have no surface etching that can irritate. They are flexible and fit easily.

For ados, sportswomen or active women, Loulou menstrual cup is really very practical. Ideal for swimming in complete safety, the menstrual cup hold it back menstrual flow optimally. Suitable for abundant flows, cup of rules Loulou is made in France.

Ecological and organic, our periodic cuts are all good! They are ecological because they prevent us from producing waste substantial. By using the menstrual cup, we avoid buffers and disposable sanitary napkins, polluting protection. We are part of an approach that is more respectful of the environment, zero waste

Our menstrual cups are also clean, their composition is very healthy. No phthalates or bisphenol A, no latex or perfume. Our cuts are free of toxic products. completely vegan and cruelty-free, our Loulou cups will also suit all vegan women who are sensitive to animal causes and animal protection. 

Menstrual cup pink or cup blue menstrual ? Available in two models, two colors: Pink and classic or turquoise and flexible, our menstrual cups Loulou are always offered in two sizes, small and medium. So young girls again virgin, young mom or woman with a certain sensitivity (bladder or vagina) can find their happiness at Loulou. Our cups have a unique shape. This is also patented and registered. 

The menstrual cup is a internal hygienic protection which sometimes raises questions about its use. Yet many of you have already taken the plunge. Very practical, hygienic and economical, the cup has great advantages. 

At Louloucup, the prices are always fair and affordable. Packs are available (with sterilizers, pouches, etc.), think about it! Because a cup is totally complementary to a menstrual panties.

Our menstrual cups do not prevent peeing. They can also be worn at any age as long as you are comfortable enough with your body and follow the recommendations for use. 

How do you use a menstrual cup properly?

  1. Sterilizing your menstrual cup
    wash your hands well, sterilize his assp (sterilizer or in a pan byboiling water 5 minutes), relax, follow the advice to insert it correctly.
  2. A well-placed menstrual cup for maximum comfort
    A well-placed cup is a cup that you don't feel. If it pinches, hurts, or leaks, the menstrual cup is in the wrong place in your vagina. 
  3. Do not neglect good hygiene when wearing your menstrual cup
    In order to have the most positive experience, we advise you to remove, empty and clean your menstrual cup atwater clear, quite regularly.
    Every 4 to 6 hours is ideal.
  4. don't sleep with it your menstrual cup
    In order to avoid any risk of syndrome toxic shock, we advise you to avoid sleep with your menstrual cup. Good hygiene is necessary when wearing a menstrual cup.

We advise you not to pass more than 8 hours in a row with a cup without rinsing and emptying it. This is why the menstrual cup does not seem to us to be the most suitable protection for spending the night.

For reliable and comfortable protection, you can easily turn to the purchase of a menstrual panties heavy flow or medium flow (to be chosen according to your natural flow). This will protect you perfectly throughout the night, without the risk of leaks or stains.

You can also form a tailor-made package. This is one comprising a Cup Loulou of your choice and menstrual panties in order to carry out the menstrual routine that best suits your profile and your cycle.

Louloucup offers a large selection of washable period panties and reusable. 

Who is the menstrual cup suitable for? 

  • To all young girls or adult women with a heavy or very heavy flow or periods who see their hygienic protections quickly saturated classics. 
  • For all those who want “clean” protection. With the menstrual cup plus blood everywhere. The flow is retained inside the vagina. 
  • To all those wishing to use a lasting periodic protection, eco-friendly and reusable for a long time. A cup will keep for many years. 
  • To all those who love swimming and who are looking for a 100% reliable protection and who no longer wish to use harmful, irritating and allergenic tampons. 

A doubt about howuse cup period Loulou? A doubt about the size ? What is thesuction cup effect ? Can the cup be used with a intrauterine device ? Consult our user manual, this manual is clear and precise.
Also find our FAQ but also our special cup guide for periods to know everything about the menstrual cup. 

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