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Louloucup Postpartum Panties

After'delivery, it is fundamental to be able to rely on reliable, safe, efficient, comfortable and practical equipment. Because the body of the young mom is bruised and tired, let us offer him good allies: the Louloucup postpartum panties are one of those little essentials that change the game! 

Menstrual panties to wear after giving birth

Discover our small selection for happy new mothers. In order to live and take full advantage of this new maternity, to avoid the baby blues and recover in the best conditions, wear one of our special panties, you won't be able to do without them.

You avoid going back and forth to the toilet, you stress less about staining your things, in short your mental load is reduced. And then it must be said that you have something else to think about between baby bottleslayers and naps.

To cope with the floods of hormones, lochia, for small diaper changes and diaper returns, absorbent, washable and durable pants are particularly useful. Why only use them during our period when they can greatly simplify our lives after giving birth ? 

For example postpartum panties size XS to size 5XL

We postpartum panties are available in a wide range of sizes to suit all bodies and shapes. 

If all our washable period panties were available from size XS to size XL (i.e. from size 34 to size 42). Now you can also find a range of plus size menstrual panties. 5 panty models are available in sizes 44, 46, 48 and 50. 

Cheap postpartum underwear

All our Louloucup underwear has a fixed price: €28,90. Exception for two very specific models, the Clara very absorbent panties and black period panties Mathilde, which are €33,90. 

At Louloucup, the most interesting thing remains the purchase of several panties in a set. The more panties you add (but also menstrual cup or menstrual swimsuit) to your basket, plus save money. The unit price of each panty decreases. For a basket of 5 panties or more, you save €30. The panties cost €22,90 instead of €28,90. A great saving! 

Also always think about current promotions, sales and promo codes. We offer them regularly. Furthermore, our Loulou loyalty program allows you to accumulate points and get nice discounts. 

Panties menstrual soft and comfortable postpartum

For postpartum comfort, you have to choose a postpartum lingerie quality. With our Louloucup menstrual panties, zero sensation of humidity guaranteed. You stay dry for a very long time. The technical fabrics used know how to retain losses, even the most intense, without leaving the fabric damp.

Also, all our panties, even if they are super absorbent, remain thin and discreet. Zero layer effect guaranteed. When you wear our culottes post partum, you really feel like you're wearing classic panties. The absorbent membrane remains very discreet. 

Finally, thanks to the fabrics used (laboratory tested) and especially to the organic cotton (we are fans of it at Louloucup, we put it everywhere!), all our panties are really very soft. We simply feel good in our pants! 

Postpartum pantiess reliable and very absorbent

We know that during the postpartum period, the losses are very variable, but are above all very intense (residues of placenta which have not been expelled at the time of childbirth, clots, etc.). Also, we must opt ​​for a very absorbent absorbent and period lingerie. Our special postpartum panties all have an absorption capacity equivalent to 5 sanitary tampons. This way, you have peace of mind for a long time! 

In addition, all our menstrual panties very heavy flow or hemorrhagic flows have a very large absorption zone which includes the entire panty. This area rises high in the panties, both front and back. The area thus covers the pubis as well as the buttocks. You can therefore wear our panties very well at night and sleep on your stomach or back without fear of spillage. Thanks to our extensive protection, there is no risk of staining your pajamas or sheets.


Organic and healthy postpartum panties

Finally, we could end with certainly the most important argument: your body which gave life deserves the best with a healthy, clean and transparent composition. The compositions of our panties are all accessible on each product page.

Louloucup makes it a point of honor to communicate in complete transparency on the composition of its panties. We have always worked with rigorously selected fabrics. We have them analyzed by independent laboratories to ensure the absence of silver particles, pesticides and other toxic and harmful agents. 

All our fabrics therefore comply with the strictest standards. 

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Clara - Ultra Heavy Flow ++++++ Menstrual Panties

culotte menstruelle loulou avis

Fanny - Heavy Flow +++++ Menstrual Panties


Mathilde - Very Heavy Flow Menstrual Panties ++++++

culotte menstruelle sans couture flux abondant
culotte menstruelle invisible flux abondant

Liv - Seamless Period Panties Very Heavy Flow ++++++

culotte menstruelle invisible louloucup
culotte menstruelle pas cher sans couture

Gaby - Invisible medium flow menstrual panties


Simone - Abundant Flow Menstrual Panties +++++

lot culotte menstruelle louloucup

Jade - Very Heavy Flow Menstrual Panties ++++++

On sale

Louise - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++

Reduced price €23.90 Regular price €28.90 Save € 5

Lea - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++

pochette de rangement waterproof
pochette de rangement menstruation

Small Waterproof Storage Pouch


Large Waterproof Storage Pouch

FAQ Postpartum menstrual panties
- +

Why choose Louloucup panties for my postpartum? 

Because they are very soft, well cut and pleasant to wear. Because they are all doubled in Oeko-Tex organic cotton, a certified natural material that preserves and respects your body, your skin and your privacy. Because they are, finally, extremely reliable. 
With our panties post partum, no leaks, no saturation, no stains, no humidity. All the absorbent membranes of our menstrual underwear sit high in the panties, front and back, while remaining very discreet. In short, our panties have it all! They prove to be valuable allies during this key moment in the maternity

- +

Having a scar, I am looking for comfort above all. Are postpartum panties suitable? 

Yes ! Our Louloucup menstrual panties are perfect postpartum protection intimate. Thanks to its organic cotton, no unpleasant feeling of humidity at the bottom of the panties, thanks to its well-tailored cut, the lingerie always falls well on the pelvis and hips. The elastics do not mark, do not pull, do not cut. No diaper effect like with a classic sanitary and periodic napkin. No unsightly excess thickness. 

- +

Which postpartum panties to choose? 

At Louloucup, we are convinced of two things: the young mom wants comfort and reliability after giving birth. We strongly recommend that you use maternity panties that are both soft and comfortable with very high absorption capacity. 

To know more : What postpartum protection should you choose? 

- +

Can postpartum panties absorb lochia? 

If our most absorbent Louloucup panties are extremely effective, we advise you in the first days following the birth of your baby to use disposable postpartum panties. The losses can be so impressive and abundant (placenta residue, clots, etc.) that a disposable intimate protection of this type is the most indicated. On the other hand, as soon as the flow begins to drop, you can very well move on to pair of period panties ou postpartum panties. It's softer, more pleasant, more comfortable. 

To know more : Postpartum, lochia and menstrual panties

- +

Can I wear postpartum panties when I return to sport postpartum? 

Of course ! After your doctor's approval and perineal and abdominal rehabilitation, if you are motivated by a gradual and gentle return to sport, Louloucup menstrual panties will be a great ally. Reliable, soft and safe, it is also super discreet under tight sports clothing! 

To know more : Postpartum panties and sports: how to stay active safely ? 

Practicing a gentle activity during and after your pregnancy.

- +

After giving birth, my discharge is heavy and very irregular, are menstrual panties a good solution? 

Yes of course. Period panties offer safe and optimal protection as well as great comfort. The young mother has this mental load less. You will need to choose menstrual panties for very heavy flows so that they can optimally capture your postpartum losses: small diaper return and locchia. In the days directly after childbirth, the use of disposable panties or maternity sanitary napkins is also very useful. 

- +

What sizes are available for your postpartum period panties? 

Our selection of very abundant flow sanitary panties is available from size XS to 5XL. 

Find in particular our best-seller, the iconic Clara model, a very beautiful high-waisted panty in 2XL, 3XL, 4 XL and 5XL. This is also the case for Liv panties, invisible seamless panties for very heavy flow, and Mathilde panties, wide black menstrual panties with a very large absorption area. 

- +

How to take care of postpartum panties? 

Just like when you have your period, postpartum panties can be rinsed with clean water. It is necessary to expel the flow accumulated in the absorbent membrane. Once rinsed well, place your panties with the rest of your dirty laundry in the machine. Prefer a short cycle at 30° as well as a non-aggressive detergent. Finally, to dry it, prefer to dry it in the open air without a heat source (no tumble dryer, no iron, no hair dryer!) A heat source that is too high would deteriorate the absorption capacity of the the membrane of the panties. 

- +

What should I do with my absorbent panties once my postpartum period is over? 

You can very well use your postpartum panties during your period once you have returned from your diaper. These panties are primarily menstrual. They perfectly absorb menstrual flow and find their place very well in a menstrual routine sustainable and responsible.

- +

Is there a charge for the delivery of my postpartum panties? 

At Louloucup, delivery is always free ! 

- +

How much do Louloucup postpartum panties cost? 

All our Louloucup products (panty, cup and swimsuit) are at the same price: €28,90. A fair and low price. Exception for two specific models, the Clara panties and the Mathilde panties, the price of which is €33,90. As their absorption membrane is doubled, the manufacturing cost is more expensive. 

- +

Are postpartum panties eligible for the discounted panty pack? 

Of course ! At Louloucup, the more you fill your basket, the more you save! With 5 panties in your basket, you save €30 on your order total. Also think about the promo code and other discounts which are very often and regularly offered. 

- +

Why choose postpartum lingerie? 

For its comfort, its softness, its reliability, but also its undeniable advantage, this lingerie is renewable, durable, washable and more responsible. Obviously, postpartum lingerie can be combined very well with disposable postpartum panties and maternity sanitary napkins. It's up to you to find your balance and what is most comfortable and practical for you! 

- +

What absorption capacity to choose? 

At Louloucup, our menstrual panties are presented according to their absorption capacity. So the membrane sewn inside the panties is more or less absorbent. We thus have the menstrual thongs with a fairly low absorption capacity corresponding to 1 or 2 tampons. The menstrual tanga is perfect for managing naturally light menstrual flow, light irregular discharge, spotting and vaginal discharge during ovulation, for example. We also have a range of menstrual panties for normal or medium flow as well as a range of menstrual panties for heavy flow and very heavy flow (hemorrhagic). 

During the weeks following childbirth and due to the variation in hormones, you may experience fairly significant losses, of different types, more or less thick or liquid. In short, we strongly advise you to opt for the maximum absorption capacity so as not to take any risks. 

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