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Seamless period panties

Over time, Louloucup has better understood the priorities of its users. In addition to the impeccable quality of our products, the discretion and l'invisibility are points that have proven to be essential when purchasing menstrual panties.

This is a central question when we turn to this washable hygienic protection : Are period panties very thick? Can it be noticed under clothing that's a little too tight? Is there a layer effect? What to do in PE class, during a sports session with tight leggings? How do you wear fitted tailored pants, tight skinny jeans or a skirt?

At Louloucup, no compromise between absorption and discretion, in our catalog you have access to a period panties delicate and feminine, healthy and durable, very discreet (menstrual panties with flat seams) or completely invisible (menstrual panties .).

Completely invisible period panties

No demarcations, no traces, no tight seams, Louloucup takes up the challenge by offering teen period panties which capture period blood effectively while remaining completely invisible. A hell of a challenge that Louloucup, a French brand, takes on with flying colors! 

On the program: fine and delicate fabrics, second skin effect, models with flat seams or seamless designs made in one piece to avoid folds, breaks, reliefs, etc. In the end you are wearing super effective lingerie for your periods, but above all totally fine and invisible. 

Seamless menstrual panties, but not only that! 

Very soft, very comfortable, reliable, healthy, our Louloucup seamless menstrual panties no shortage of assets! They are invisible, but also very absorbent. They manage intense, abundant, medium and light flows. The absorbent membrane sewn inside the panties is very effective and can effectively retain the menstrual flow without overflowing or saturating.

They are also healthy for your health and your privacy. Without harmful or toxic agents, without silver nanoparticles, our menstrual panties are lined in Oeko-Tex organic cotton certified.

Seamless menstrual panties for normal menstrual flow and heavy menstrual flow

Overview of the main seamless models from Louloucup: pretty discreet panties, but super absorbent, thin and invisible to continue, despite your menstruation, to wear all your tightest clothes and outfits.

For very heavy and intense menstrual flow

La menstrual panties for very heavy flow Liv in solid black is absolutely invisible. Second skin effect guaranteed for these panties which easily manage very intense and very heavy menstrual flows. 

The very good news: the Liv model is so popular with our users (more than 100 reviews, rated 4,9) that we were able to offer it for the teen range and large size range. So the Liv panties are available in size XXS as well as sizes 2XL, 3XL and 4XL! 

For average and normal menstrual flow

La Gaby menstrual panties medium flow solid black is completely invisible. Seamless, it perfectly manages average menstrual flow and normal menstrual flow. 

La Lucie menstrual panties medium flow is a menstrual underwear with flat seams for maximum discretion, but also comfort. The very good news: this lovely black period panties with its golden finish is available in teen range (from XXS)

La Emilie seamless medium flow menstrual panties has a pretty crossover cut, black and comfortable, it absorbs the equivalent of two sanitary tampons. 

Invisible menstrual panties at low prices

At Louloucup, we actively fight against menstrual poverty by offering fair prices. Made in Europe, organic cotton, vegan, recyclable packaging does not prevent sweet price ! Our menstrual panties have a decreasing price if you take several and make a batch. 

This completely tailor-made pack allows you to form a batch in your image with the panties you want. At Louloucup, the panties are €28,90. The more panties you select, the lower the price of the unit panty. For a set of 5 panties, the individual panty costs €22,90. 

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culotte menstruelle sans couture flux abondant
culotte menstruelle invisible flux abondant

Liv - Seamless Period Panties Very Heavy Flow ++++++

culotte menstruelle invisible louloucup
culotte menstruelle pas cher sans couture

Gaby - Invisible medium flow menstrual panties

On sale

Seamless Emilie - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +

Reduced price €22.90 Regular price €28.90 Save € 6
culotte menstruelle margot

Margot - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +++


Large Waterproof Storage Pouch

pochette de rangement waterproof
pochette de rangement menstruation

Small Waterproof Storage Pouch


FAQ Seamless Period Panties

- + I have an average or normal menstrual flow and I don't want my panties to be visible under my jeans, which model would you recommend?
For a medium flow, Louloucup offers three pretty and feminine period panties that are invisible or ultra discreet. The black Gaby menstrual panties are completely invisible. Second skin effect guaranteed for these soft and comfortable period panties. Two other models are also available and are ultra discreet: the seamless Emilie panties and the Margot panties!
- + I'm looking for discretion above all, are seamless menstrual panties right for me?
Yes ! Our seamless menstrual panties are designed to be really very thin, very smooth on the skin. They produce no demarcation, no thickness. Impossible to distinguish it under clothing or to know that you are wearing period panties!
- + I am looking for discreet and organic menstrual panties, does the Louloucup range of seamless menstrual panties meet my expectations?
Yes ! Like the Margot panties which are ultra discreet and lined with 95% organic cotton, Louloucup has chosen certified organic cotton for its panties!
- + I have a heavy flow, can the seamless panties hold my heavy menstrual flow optimally?
Yes. Louloucup notably offers menstrual panties for very heavy flow without seam. The Liv model is a super washable, feminine and pretty panty with simple, clean lines. Comfort, absorption and invisibility, everything is good with this menstrual underwear which has an absorption capacity equivalent to 4 to 5 tampons.
- + Can seamless period panties be worn under a tight dress?
Yes ! Period panties or period briefs with flat or seamless seams are designed to be worn under tight clothing, fitted dresses, tight jumpsuits or even suits. Don't panic, don't worry, even if the absorption capacity is very high, the result remains invisible! No diaper effect, no marks, no folds on the buttocks or hips, impossible to distinguish the menstrual lingerie you are wearing.
- + What hygienic protection for a sports session?
During sport, the woman who is menstruating seeks both comfort and discretion. Two solutions: the menstrual cup or invisible seamless menstrual panties. You have the choice ! If the cup is not made for all women, for all body types, invisible menstrual panties are undoubtedly an excellent compromise!
- + Can seamless menstrual panties be seen under sports leggings?
No. Just like very thin second-skin effect Lycra sports lingerie, our seamless menstrual lingerie is not noticeable under sports leggings, shorts or cycling pants. No worries. The teenager will be able to follow her PE class without stress. Adult women will be able to attend their club class or do their weekly running session while looking perfect!
- + How much do Louloucup seamless menstrual panties cost?
Our invisible menstrual panties are €28,90 each, except the Liv panties which are priced at €32,90 (its absorption is doubled, its manufacturing cost is higher).
- + How can I take advantage of promotions?
We invite you to look at the current promotional code which applies at the time of validation of the basket. We regularly run promotional campaigns, sales, etc. Also, don’t hesitate to sign up for the Loulou Addict loyalty program. This program allows you to accumulate points and benefit from numerous advantages.
- + How does the set of Louloucup panties at decreasing prices work?
It's very simple: you select the panties (but also cup and swimsuit) that you want. You fill your basket and you can see that the reduction takes place automatically. The more products you buy, the lower the price! With 5 panties added to your basket, the unit price of the panties goes from €28,90 to €22,90, a great saving!
- + Are there any payment terms?
All orders over €50 can be paid in 3 installments free of charge.
- + What is the difference between very discreet panties and invisible panties?
The very discreet panties have flat seams. It is very barely visible. The invisible panties have no seams, they are seamless panties, they are completely invisible under clothing. In both cases, it is very fine lingerie that is impossible to distinguish.
- + How to maintain seamless menstrual panties?
To make your period panties last over time, nothing better than gentle and delicate maintenance with the right actions: rinsing in clean water, machine washing on a short cycle at 30° with a mild detergent and not aggressive, finally drying in the open air without a direct heat source (no radiator, no hair dryer, etc.) We forget the iron as well as the dryer which would only deteriorate the absorbent membrane of the panties. With these few steps, you will keep your menstrual panties for many years.
- + How long do my invisible menstrual panties last?
With gentle and respectful care, without chemicals or aggressive products, menstruation panties have approximately the same lifespan as classic panties, i.e. approximately 5 years.
- + How much does delivery cost with Louloucup?
€0! Delivery is always free with Louloucup. In France, Europe and worldwide, delivery is free.
- + I made the wrong size or model, what should I do?
In your package, you will find with your products, a good return in the event of an error during your order (model error or size error). Follow the directions on the return ticket. You can return unwanted products to us (except menstrual cups) within 15 days after receipt of your package. Return costs are your responsibility. For the return, we advise you to send a shipment with a tracking number to be certain of receipt of the package from us.
- + I didn't find an answer to my question in this FAQ, where can I go?

You can always contact us at this email address:hello@louloucup.com !

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