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Louloucup large size menstrual panties

Period panties for all body types? We say a big yes at Louloucup! Here is our range of plus size period panties: a selection of our best period panty models with a variety of sizes, colors, flows and materials. Reliable, pretty, organic, inexpensive and absorbent large size period panties available in sizes XXL, XXXL and XXXXL (in size 44, size 46 and size 48/50).

Large size menstrual panties in T44, T46, T48 and T50

Our new range of menstrual panties offers a selection of the best models of Louloucup underwear from size 2XL to size 4XL.

Find 5 models of panties in large sizes to capture your flow and finally experience serene periods, more responsible, more peaceful periods without stains and without leaks! Our large size period panties are available in size XXL (size 44), size XXXL (size 46) and size XXXXL (size 48/50).

We pay particular attention to your comfort, so the cut of these menstrual panties is readjusted and redesigned so that they perfectly fit the body. The elastics do not tighten or mark.

For all sizes, for all bodies, for all women, Louloucup continues to offer healthy protection that is accessible to as many people as possible. Because all women deserve the best protection during their menstruation, Louloucup does not want to forget anyone. 

Different plus size models for all tastes

Plain black, lace, invisible, seamless or high waisted, we offer different plus size menstrual panties to suit everyone. Our cuts, colors and materials vary depending on the model. It's up to you to select the model(s) that will suit you best and meet your needs and expectations.

Large, high-waisted, full-coverage menstrual panties with double protection? Large size seamless menstrual panties that are completely invisible and non-marking? Large size plain black menstrual panties? Louloucup has everything you need for hassle-free menstruation! 

Large size menstrual panties medium flow and heavy flow

We have selected five models for this plus size range. These five models ideally manage hemorrhagic flows, very heavy, heavy and normal. So with this selection of five models of menstrual panties, we are addressing all women.

Clara, Liv and Mathilde menstrual panties can capture without saturating, and for 12 hours on average, a large flow, an intense flow, a hemorrhagic flow due to the copper IUD or a very abundant flow naturally day or night.

Gaby and Margot menstrual panties have protection suitable for medium or normal flows. They can also be worn by women with a light flow. 

These special lingeries allow you to capture the menstrual flow optimally. You are guaranteed to have a good day or night without leaks, stains or bad odors. 

Large size menstrual panties at a low price

Looking for inexpensive plus size period panties? Buy in bulk and get a discounted price on your plus size period panties! Louloucup already has affordable prices.
We strive to present the best possible value for money so that as many women and young women as possible can access washable sanitary protection. With our pack offer of menstrual panties, the more panties there are in your pack, the lower the price of a single panty! 

Comfortable and healthy large size panties

At Louloucup, the composition of menstrual panties is always clean. No harmful substances, no silver nanoparticles, no polluting chemicals that could endanger your health. All our European fabrics are tested in an independent and certified laboratory. In addition, all our panties, without exception, have a labeled organic cotton interior. 

Organic cotton in contact with your intimate area also provides a certain softness. The panties are very pleasant and comfortable even after several washes. 

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meilleure culotte menstruelle grande taille
culotte menstruelle clara grande taille louloucup

Large size menstrual panties very heavy flow Clara

culotte menstruelle Liv sans couture

Liv - Seamless menstrual panties very heavy flow large size


Mathilde - Large size menstrual panties very heavy flow

culotte menstruelle grande taille louloucup fanny
culotte menstruelle flux abondant Louloucup

Fanny - Large size menstrual panties heavy flow

culotte menstruelle grande taille coton bio
culotte menstruelle flux abondant coton louloucup

Jade - Large size menstrual panties very heavy flow ++++++


Margot - Large size menstrual panties medium flow

culotte menstruelle invisible Gaby
culotte menstruelle sans couture flux abondant grande taille

Gaby - Large size menstrual panties medium flow

culotte menstruelle Ella noire loulou
culotte menstruelle flux moyen Ella louloucup

Ella - Large size menstrual panties medium flow +++

culotte de regles dentelle lily

Lily - Large size menstrual panties medium flow +++


FAQ plus size menstrual panties

- + What are the best plus size period panties?
The best large size menstrual panties must have certain essential qualities: excellent absorption, a pretty look, a good fit and optimal comfort. Period panties should be reliable underwear in which you feel pretty, good and confident. It's essential ! All our Louloucup large size period panties meet these criteria!
- + What sizes are available in Louloucup's large size menstrual panties range?
Our range of large size menstrual panties currently offers 9 different panty models available in four sizes: XXL, XXXL, XXXXL and XXXXXL, i.e. in sizes 42, 44, 46 and 48/50.
- + What are the opinions of Louloucup large size menstrual panties?
The reviews for Louloucup's large size panties are extremely positive: 4,8/5 for the iconic Clara high-waisted panties, 4,9/5 for the super discreet Liv panties or even 4,8/5 for the very fine and pretty ones. Margot panties. All comments, ratings and opinions from our customers can be found on each product page.
- + How to take care of large size menstrual panties?
It's very simple: rinse it well with clean water as soon as you remove it in order to expel the flow accumulated in the absorbent membrane, put it in the machine at 30° on a short cycle with a mild detergent and the remaining dirty clothes, then air dry. We avoid softeners and overly chemical detergents as well as irons and tumble dryers which would attack and deteriorate the effectiveness of the absorbent membrane.
- + What are the models for very heavy flow?
To retain a very abundant menstrual flow, we recommend the large size high-waisted menstrual panties Clara, the large size seamless invisible panties Liv, the large size black lace panties Mathilde or the large size liberty and girly menstrual panties, Jade. At Louloucup, there is something for everyone!
- + I have a hemorrhagic flow. Which Louloucup large size period panties should I order?
To best manage hemorrhagic flow and significant losses (due to the copper IUD or during postpartum, for example), we recommend ordering the Jade, Mathilde, Liv or Clara models. These period panties are extremely reliable and have a very high absorption capacity (equal to 5 tampons). In addition, the absorption zone is wide and rises high in front and behind.
- + What are the Louloucup heavy flow large size menstrual panties?
With a capacity equivalent to 4 to 5 sanitary tampons, don't miss the pretty one with its black plumetis!
- + What is heavy menstrual flow?

As a reminder, a heavy menstrual flow is an intense flow of periods. The young girl or woman experiencing heavy periods will feel the need to change regularly, approximately every two hours. To know more : What causes heavy flow? 

- + What are the Louloucup medium flow large size washable panties?

Discover our four large size medium flow period panties, they are really pretty, feminine and fun. Above all, they are very reliable, all lined in organic cotton and are healthy for your body, your health and the environment. Which panties will you fall for? 

- the very pretty black and lace Magot panties, fine and ultra feminine;  

- black Gaby seamless panties, completely invisible and very soft;  

- the black Ella panties with their pretty, very elegant transparent belt;  

- or finally the cool blue Lily panties with their shorty shape. 

- + What is average or normal menstrual flow?
As a reminder, a menstrual flow considered normal or average is a flow of periods that is neither light nor heavy. If you need to change only once over half a day, we can deduce that you have an average period.
- + Are plus size period panties suitable for nighttime?
Yes of course! Like all our period panties, the large size period panties are perfect for spending a dry, leak-free and stain-free night. If you are a fan of the cup during the day, for the night, we recommend wearing washable panties! You will quickly be convinced, we are sure of it!
- + I want to get into renewable and sustainable hygienic protection, but I'm afraid of leaks and stains. Are Louloucup large size menstrual panties 100% reliable?
Safe, reliable and effective, our panties and briefs collect, capture and store menstrual flow in the absorbent membrane without moving, saturating or leaking. Even for the most intense periods caused by a copper IUD, our intimate and hygienic underwear does not move. You live your day in the most serene way, you sleep without being afraid of staining your sheets, in short, you go through this period of the cycle much more peacefully!
- + Do plus size period underwear fit well? Because comfort is a priority!
Spending a period day in underwear that pulls, marks or itches: out of the question! All of our Louloucup plus size period panties are based on our standard models. They have all, however, been reviewed, redesigned in order to add fabric or modify lines for that the lingerie falls in the best possible way on the pelvis and hips. For Louloucup, comfort is as important as absorption capacity. Softness of the fabric, organic cotton interior, flat or absent seams, soft elastics, zero odor, zero humidity, our panties are really very pleasant to wear!
- + How much do Louloucup large size period panties cost?
We offer large size menstrual panties at the same price as other Louloucup menstrual panties: the prices are the same for the classic range and the teen range. It's a fair price. We want to stand out from other brands on the market by offering the best quality/price ratio. Because menstrual poverty is a real battle, we want to offer inexpensive, but still high-quality, large-size menstrual panties. So all our washable hygienic protections have a low price of €28,90. Exception for two models with doubled absorption: Clara panties and Mathilde panties whose manufacturing cost is higher than the other models.
- + I would like to buy menstrual panties for myself and my daughter, is it possible to benefit from the Louloucup pack?
Of course ! The discounted panties pack is completely tailor-made, you can slip in the panties you want: whatever the model, flow or size! You can very well put in your basket: menstrual swimsuit bottoms size S, large size menstrual panties medium flow size XXL, menstrual tanga size M, very heavy flow menstrual panties size L and large size heavy flow panties in size XXXXL. In short, you are completely free to order for yourself, your daughter or even friends!
- + I have an average flow at the beginning and end of my period with one or two rather intense days in the middle, what should I do? Which models to order?

It's pretty normal. The menstrual flow is not the same during the period of shedding. It will be more or less intense with always a fairly significant peak. This intense peak can be located, depending on the woman, at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the period. In ce specific case, opt for very abundant flow panties in order to be calm and serene. For the rest of your period, you can wear heavy flow period panties or average flow.

- + Which large size panties to wear for a sports or fitness session?
Our range of plus size period panties are perfect for sports. For a training session in a club or at home, we particularly recommend the Liv panties and the Gaby panties which are particularly comfortable. The real plus? They are completely invisible under sports leggings.
- + How can I qualify for the decreasing rate offered by Louloucup?
Nothing could be simpler: do your shopping, select the models and sizes you want. You will then be able to see in your basket that the reduction has been calculated by itself. We remind you that from 5 panties placed in the basket, the menstrual panties cost €22,90 each and not €28,90. A nice saving! With 5 menstrual panties, the total of your basket is €114,16 instead of €144,50. You save more than €30! And always remember to activate the current promo code, this will still save you a few precious euros!
- + Why are the Clara and Mathilde models more expensive than the others?
All our products (panties, swimsuits and cups) are at the same price. They are €28,90. Exception: Clara and Liv very heavy flow menstrual panties. These have a doubled absorbent membrane in order to contain a very strong or hemorrhagic flow. They cost more to manufacture, hence their slightly higher price.
- + I am looking for large size menstrual panties that are completely invisible. Which model would you recommend?
The Liv model and the Gaby model without hesitation! All our panties are particularly discreet even if they have a high absorption capacity. However, the Liv and Gaby models are really special: they are seamless panties that are completely invisible under clothing. Second skin effect, the Gaby panties are medium flow black menstrual panties and the Liv panties are large size menstrual panties for extra very abundant without seam.
- + I would like to combine the use of the cup and the panties, is this possible?

Of course. Depending on your desires, you can for example wear the menstrual cup during the day and then put on menstrual panties at night. You can also alternate these durable hygienic protections. In short, you are completely free! It's up to you to decide what you want, especially your comfort. In particular, we offer a very advantageous pack including two cups as well as a sterilizer. Complete your order with the panty models you prefer so you are ready for your next period.

- + Where are Louloucup large size menstrual panties made?
Our large size menstrual panties are 80% designed in Portugal. Only a few models, because they require specific know-how, are made in China. These are the Liv and Clara models.
- + What should I do if I made the wrong size when ordering?
You have 15 days from receipt of your order to return panties that are too big or too small. The panties in question must not be worn and must be returned in their original packaging. Return costs are your responsibility. We advise you to make a return with a tracking number.
- + How much does the delivery of my set of Louloucup large size panties cost?
At Louloucup, delivery is free worldwide! You only pay for your order and only your order.
- + Are there any payment terms to be aware of?
For an order over €50, you can choose to pay in 3 installments free of charge.
- + I have a more specific question, who should I contact?
Our customer service is here to answer your questions. We are super responsive, you can contact us at this email address: hello@louloucup.com
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