How to manage heavy flows with period panties?

Have a heavy menstrual flows can be painful, annoying, tiring, stressful. However, it is not a fatality ! Hygienic protection can help you get through your periods better. Of the heavy periods ou very abundant do not prevent you from using teen period panties, quite the contrary!

However, it is important to take this detail into account in order to choose the panties best suited to your needs. To best manage this intense flow, you will need panties with high absorption capacity.

Let's talk together about heavy flows and pair of period panties, an association that goes without saying!

Before going further...

You will quickly understand that after testing menstrual panties, you will not be able to go back! There period panty, it is simply a mental charge in less. And yes, because a good special heavy flow menstrual panties can absorb the fluid for a whole day without changing.

No more need to go to the toilet, no more wasting time, stressing or being afraid of leaks. No need to think about replacement protections anymore. You are at peace, finally! Menstrual panties with heavy periods are nothing but happiness.

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heavy menstrual flows

Recognize heavy flow 

Determine its menstrual flow is not an easy thing. For help, you can consult our article dedicated to this question: How to know your menstrual flow? Let’s discuss heavy menstrual flow more specifically. How do we recognize it?

Abundant flow, quèsaco? 

The first thing to do is to determine whether your flow is abundant. It is estimated that a loss of 50 to 80 ml of blood per cycle is considered abundant.

We are well aware that it is not always easy to quantify the blood lost during your period. However, you can rely on the number of times you change your tampon or pad. So, if you change all two o'clock and if you have your period during 7 days with the presence of blood clots, it is highly likely that you have a heavy flow.

Some signs are unmistakable:
- a maxi towel is completely saturated when you get up after a night's sleep,
- you quite often stain your sheets or your pajamas,
- towels that are too thin or medium are not enough and are very quickly saturated,
- the tampons are leaking.

In daily life, a heavy or very heavy flow can be annoying, boring or even disabling. Having to change your sanitary protection several times a day becomes a chore. You have to organize yourself, think about it and never forget spare parts in your bag.

That's whyOpting for menstrual panties is a big life change. With menstrual panties suitable for a heavy flow, there is no need to think about it or stress about it. You can go about your day forgetting your period.

Causes of heavy flow

The causes of heavy flow can be numerous: endometriosis, postpartum, hormonal imbalance, etc. However, some women naturally have heavy periods. To be sure, you should make an appointment with a specialist and talk to them about your periods. Your gynecologist or your general practitioner will be able to offer you solutions and suggest additional examinations to rule out certain diseases. 

We speak of menorrhagia when the periods last more than 7 days and are abundant. But then what can be the causes of an abundant flow? 

  • Le copper intrauterine device (IUD). Your copper IUD may cause heavy periods. This is precisely why it is prohibited for women who already have a heavy or hemorrhagic flow. 
  • For example benign tumors can make your period heavy. Sometimes painful, they can however go unnoticed. This is why a gynecological examination is necessary to rule out this possibility. 
  • THEadenomyosis (presence of endometrium in the uterus) can also cause heavy periods. Again, only an examination can determine whether you have it or not. 
  • endometriosis results in pelvic pain, heavy periods, fatigue and anemia. More and more women today suffer from this disease. If you experience these symptoms, talk to your doctor so that he can refer you to the appropriate specialists. 
  • Un hormonal imbalance can also cause heavy bleeding during menstruation. An incorrectly dosed pill, a thyroid problem? This may be the cause of your disorder. 

However, as we explained previously, some women have a heavy flow forever. It is not uncommon, nor serious, to have heavy bleeding during your period.
You should consult if you observe a sudden change in flow intensity or if you have so-called bleeding periods.

Fanny menstrual panties

Abundant flow and comfort? That’s a big yes! 

Menstrual panties for heavy or very heavy flow

If there is one thing that women dream is toforget their rules. With menstrual panties, you are protected All day long and above all, you are comfortable. Nohumidity, no bad smell, a lot of superior comfort but also discretion. Period panties have it all. They are not visible under clothing (they are invisible), they are very soft and very pleasant to wear (they are in organic cotton very soft). They are also respectful of your privacy and your health (thanks to a transparent and healthy composition).
You will almost forget that you are in this dreaded monthly period.

For women with a heavy flow, period panties prove to be the most suitable renewable hygienic protection. No more changing protection every hour. From now on, thanks to your menstrual lingerie, the protection is long-lasting (12 hours straight).

With an ambitious vision about to quality period panties, you can spend a whole day at work or school without having to worry about changing. Stressed at the idea of ​​wearing panties for 12 hours without changing them? Always test at home quietly first. We are sure that you will be convinced by both its practical and aesthetic side.

The Louloucup range of heavy flow menstrual panties

Are you looking for reliable and pretty panties, inexpensive and of good quality, well tailored and well cut? Panties with a natural and healthy composition? Sexy and feminine panties, discreet or invisible under clothes?

Louloucup is a very complete range of menstrual panties for heavy flow, very abundant or hemorrhagic. Very practical and comfortable, our intense or abundant flow underwear does not forget to be feminine and very elegant. Doubled in organic cotton, our lingerie is as soft as it is respectful of your health and the environment thanks to its transparent and simplified composition as much as possible.

Our special heavy period range has a very high absorption capacity. Our models can absorb a large quantity of flow without saturating while preserving a certain comfort (no feeling of humidity, no bad smells). Depending on the model, the absorption corresponds to the equivalent of 4 to 5 tampons.

abundant liv panties
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At the beginning and end of the cycle, when the flow is not strong, you can also afford to put on a panties for medium flow. It is important to mix models and have several in order to anticipate.
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