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Our heavy flow period panties

Our Louloucup menstrual panties the most absorbent are adapted to the flows heavy, very heavy and hemorrhagic menstrual periods. Discover without further delay our nice collection of period panties Louloucup with capacity absorption equivalent to 5 tampons ! 

Our menstrual underwear for heavy periods are ultra absorbent thanks to their double absorption as well as their extended area for retain blood. So you can wear your period panties for long hours without any problem. You spend a day without feeling of humidityor bad smell and no leaks. 

Our teen period panties retain the period blood of optimally while remaining invisible under clothing. They are part of best absorbent period panties of the market. 

The heavy flow period panties Louloucup are organic protections, certified standard 100 Oeko-tex. All are lined with OCS certified organic cotton. All the fabrics and materials used (lycra, bamboo, cotton, satin, polyamide) are tested without silver nanoparticles and are non-toxic. 

La ultra absorbent menstrual panties Louloucup for heavy flow rules or very abundant is a durable panty and washable. It can be machine washed and reused each time. cycle, many years. It's a hygienic protection eco-friendly and organic for abundant flow. 

La heavy flow menstrual panties Louloucup These protected practical and pretty comfortable intimate and feminine hygiene products.

At Louloucup, we are convinced that the pair of period panties East the healthy, economical and ecological alternative to live your heavy periods otherwise without disposable towels or desiccant pads.

No more need to change clothes X times during the day, no need to stress for fear of having a leak, menstrual panties offer appreciated and welcome freedom during periods particularly intense! 

Our pretty and comfortable special heavy flow menstrual panties are also very effective night. ! 

The Louloucup period panties for heavy flow or very abundant are aimed at all personalities, all body types, all the women. Louloucup is also aimed at teens (Matilda model available in XXS) only to young mothers and active women.

Louloucup worked on trendy and lively models with a variety of colors and prints.
The Liberty print (Lou model), the sailor (Simone panty), plain black or black plumetis (Fanny model), you will find THE pair of period panties made for you!

Louloucup also wanted to vary the cuts: The high waist (Clara panty. ), bloomer-style (Lou model). Finally, our teen period panties are available in many sizes, from size XS to XXXL (depending on models and stocks). 

Le price of period panties per unit is fixed at €28,90 (except for the Clara and Mathilde models). This A unit price drop if the lot consists of several panties rules.
The more panties you choose, the more you save. For a pack of five panties of your choice, the price of panties drops to €22,90. A great saving! 

Delivery is free at Louloucup! You just pay for your pants and that's it. On the other hand, Please note that returns are at your expense. 

Shop our heavy flow period panties, without further ado!
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Clara - Ultra Heavy Flow ++++++ Menstrual Panties

Mathilde - Culotte menstruelle flux très abondant ++++++
Mathilde - Culotte menstruelle flux très abondant ++++++

Mathilde - Very Heavy Flow Menstrual Panties ++++++

culotte menstruelle sans couture flux abondant
culotte menstruelle invisible flux abondant

Liv - Seamless Period Panties Very Heavy Flow ++++++

Jade - Culotte menstruelle très abondant ++++++
Jade - Culotte menstruelle très abondant ++++++

Jade - Very Heavy Flow Menstrual Panties ++++++

culotte menstruelle

Fanny - Heavy Flow +++++ Menstrual Panties

culotte menstruelle flux abondant

Simone - Abundant Flow Menstrual Panties +++++

Jade - Culotte menstruelle grande taille flux très abondant ++++++
Jade - Culotte menstruelle grande taille flux très abondant ++++++

Jade - Large size menstrual panties very heavy flow ++++++


Heavy Flow Menstrual Panty FAQs

- + What are the best heavy flow period panties? 

We have the best heavy flow period panties on the market. Heavy flow panties should offer superior hygienic protection while keeping you feeling fresh, clean, and dry. Louloucup offers various models for heavy flows in bright colors, classic black, fun prints, or plain.
One of Louloucup's priorities is to cater to as many women and teenagers as possible. That's why our models are, for the most part, available from size XS to XXXL.  

- + What is a heavy flow? 

A menstrual flowis considered heavy when it is between 50 and 70 ml.

- + What is very heavy or hemorrhagic flow? 

A menstrual flow is considered very heavy when it exceeds 70 ml. It is often due to wearing a intrauterine device like a copper IUD. This non-hormonal contraception often causes intense bleeding that tends to subside over time.  

- + When are heavy flow panties useful? 
  • for absorbing all of your period blood
  • to manage heavy bleeding caused by a Copper IUD
  • to manage lochia and post partum
  • to manage heavy flows during night.
  • to manage a flow during an intense day (travel, work, etc.)
- + How long can you wear heavy flow period panties? 

A whole day.
The Louloucup period panties are designed to be worn for many hours. The goal is to free you from your restrictions and to forget them.
However, it still depends on your flow. If you are afraid of saturation, always remember to have an emergency menstrual panty or a menstrual cup with you. Louloucup also offers them!

- + Are heavy flow menstrual panties suitable for the night? 

Of course! These are also styles we recommend for a quiet, leak-free night.
Our heavy flow menstrual panties have a superior absorption capacity. Period blood is retained in several layers without leaking.
Stay dry while you sleep. Don't worry about leaksor stains. You'll feel protected and pretty while you sleep.  

- + I have a hemorrhagic flow. Which panties should I order for a leak-free night? 

Louloucup has thought of all women.
To manage an intense and strong hemorrhagic flow, try the period pantiesClara and Mathilde.
Both of these comfortable high-waisted styles have a wide and extended absorption zone from the front to the back of the period panties. ALL period blood is captured and retained.
Clara and Mathilde panties have an absorbency equivalent to 5 tampons. You can have a peaceful night without the risk of staining your sheets.

- + Why do the Clara and Mathilde models cost more? 

The Clara and Mathilde styles are ultra-absorbent menstrual panties made for very heavy flows. These period panties have a very high absorption capacity, equivalent to 5 tampons!
These two models are among the most absorbent on the market in France. Their production requires specific tools and additional technical fabrics. This explains a unit price a little higher than other styles. 

The Clara and Mathilde panties have a unit price set at €33,90, while the other abundant flow models (Fanny, Simone and Lou) are at €28,90.  
To get a discount on your order, look out for a promo code or sign up for the Loulou Addict loyalty program.

- + I'm a teenager and have a heavy flow. Which period panty is best for me? 

The heavy flow period panties Mathilde are available in size XXS for young girls or the smallest body types. Size XXS corresponds to a size 32. Our other heavy flow period panties are available from size XS (34).  

- + I would like to compose a bundle with heavy flow panties for the night and medium flow panties for the day, is this possible? 

Everything is possible at Louloucup :)

Our packs or sets of menstrual panties allow you to customise your period essentials. You can add absolutely whatever you want to your box.
It's a XNUMX% tailor-made pack featuring period panties of different flows, sizes, colors, swimsuits and menstrual cups. are also included in the offer.
The good news ? The more panties you add, the more the price will drop. 

- + Where are Louloucup heavy flow period panties made? 

The heavy flow period panties are made in China and Portugal. Some models require specific procedures. This is why we use a workshop in China.
This is regularly audited for its limited use of plastic. Find on each product sheet the place of origin of manufacture of each model. At Louloucup, we love transparency! 

- + How come Louloucup period panties are so soft? 

Thanks to the organic cottonall our panties, briefs, thongs, and all of our other menstrual lingerie is super soft. At Louloucup, we use internal lining made from organic cotton.
This OCS-certified cotton is a natural material without harmful residues or toxic products. It is Oeko-Tex Certified. This cotton respects your health and the planet. Above all; it is very soft and extremely comfortable.  

- + How do you keep your Louloucup heavy flow menstrual panties for a long time? 

Our period pantiesare made using special fabrics that need to be taken care of. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your reusable menstrual panties.
The menstrual panties are reusable, washable, and sustainable. Maintenance is easy. At Louloucup, we recommend rinsing with cold water until the water runs clear. Then you can machine wash them with the rest of your laundry. A short 30° cycle is ideal. A gentle, non-aggressive detergent without fabric softener is recommended. Finally, air drying is strongly recommended.

- + How much does it cost to deliver my set of Louloucup panties? 

Delivery is free at Louloucup! 

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