Menstrual cups the complete guide

At Loulou, we offer healthy alternatives et ecological stamps and more periodic protections disposable. In this guide, we answer all your questions about the use and composition of our cup ou menstrual cup. Tips, sizes, maintenance, tests, review, purchase, price, here is our complete guide to the cup for serene rules, leak-free and worry-free! 

The menstrual cup or menstrual cup

What is a menstrual cup, menstrual cup or cup?

La menstrual cup, also called menstrual cup, menstrual cup or " cup is a type of feminine hygiene protection used during menstruation. 

It often has the shape of a funnel with rounded edges. It often ends with a rod or a ring in order to remove it easily.

The menstrual cup is placed inside the vagina, under the cervix, to collect blood. It is an internal device, once placed, the menstrual cup is completely invisible.

It can be kept for up to 8 hours before being emptied, rinsed and reinserted. 

The menstrual cup is reusable for several years (between 5 and 10 years). It's a great alternative ecological industrial printing process to disposable sanitary protection such as tampons and pads.

The menstrual cup or menstrual cup

What is the composition of the menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup can be made of rubber, latex or silicone. For several years, latex has been excluded from the manufacture of menstrual cups, because it can cause allergies unlike medical silicone.

At Louloucup, we have chosen medical silicone in order to limit the risk of allergies.

Our cup is manufactured in France under strict hygienic conditions in a factory authorized to manufacture medical applications in accordance with ISO 13485 standards. ISO 13485 certification assures you that each Louloucup is manufactured with the greatest care and in accordance with the standards. imposed by the international organization for standardization.

The composition of our menstrual cup is strict and controlled.

The silicone used and the colorants comply with the strictest standards - FDA, USP class VI, ISO 10993-6-10, REACH and Rohs. Louloucup does not contain phthalates or bisphenol A. It is latex-free and fragrance-free.

When you buy a Louloucup, you are certain that:


You are buying a quality and very comfortable menstrual cup


The composition of our menstrual cup is irreproachable: it is healthy and without toxic products


The silicone used and the dyes comply with the strictest standards

Made in France, 100% medical silicone, a clean composition are strong arguments against critics who link the menstrual cup to Toxic Shock Syndrome. Find our article on the question to learn more about the SCT.

La Louloucup, a great friend during your period

Louloucup adapts perfectly to the movements of your body thanks to its flexibility. Once in place, the menstrual cup is forgotten. You don't feel it, you don't feel any discomfort. Painless, invisible and therefore really discreet, it has it all! You are completely free to move and very comfortable in all your clothes (including the tightest ones). Menstrual cups accompany you both at night and during your bathing sessions. Very reliable during every day of the female cycle, it is essential! But above all, our cup is a great ally to help you get to know yourself as a woman. She gives sometimes inaccessible information concerning the menstrual flow, but also the functioning of her body.

Why opt for a menstrual cup during your period?

• For more comfort! First of all, the menstrual cup is very comfortable. It is much more comfortable than a tampon since it does not dry out the vaginal flora. It can be used even on the last day of the cycle when the flow is very light. 

• The cup is perfect for heavy flows and even hemorrhagic since it can contain up to 4 tampons

 • The composition of our menstrual cup is completely transparent and healthy. Unlike sanitary napkins or tampons, Louloucup is without risk of carcinogens or endocrine disruptors.

• It is a very ecological protection. The cup is the most ecological hygienic protection on the market. Our menstrual cup can be used between 5 and 10 years.

• It is an ultra economical hygienic solution. The menstrual cup is the most economical solution. Our cup costs 28.90 euros for 5 years whereas the purchase of tampons can represent a cost of approximately 90 euros per year.

The menstrual cup: a real intimate revolution

Who can use a menstrual cup?

Absolutely all menstruating women. Our cup adapts to all women, even the Adolescents. You can adopt the menstrual cup whether you are 13 or 50 years old. Indeed, its flexible material will adapt to all anatomy and position itself differently. Different sizes exist to respond to all morphologies.

There are no rules, you just have to be comfortable with your body.

On the other hand, for all those wearing an intrauterine device (IUD), better known as IUD, hormones or copper, it is recommended to seek the advice of your gynecologist or his midwife. Even if the suction cup effect is minimal during removal, all women are different. Get your doctor's approval beforebuying a menstrual cup. He may be able to cut the wires a little shorter for prevention. For more information on the question, find our article, are my IUD and my cup good friends? 

The menstrual cup: a real intimate revolution

Which menstrual cup to choose?

Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

• Do you have heavy or normal flow?
• Do you have sensitive anatomy?
• Are you a virgin? Are you comfortable with your body?
• Do you practice a sport that strengthens your perineum?

Which menstrual cup size to choose?

It exists two sizes and two levels of flexibility regarding Louloucup menstrual cups in order to adapt to all morphologies.

Most women can wear size S or M. It is generally recommended for women with a abundant flow to take size M and for women with a normal or light flow, size S but do not retain this criterion alone! 

La size S allows easy insertion into a vagina with a particularly toned and youthful perineum.

On the contrary, a cup size M (standard size) will suit vaginas that are less narrow, more relaxed, with a less toned perineum, having experienced a vaginal delivery for example. 

It is therefore important to take into account his situation and to choose a cup adapted to his anatomy and not only to his flow. It's better to get a properly sized cup that will be easy to wear and insert, than an incorrectly sized cup that will be painful. A properly sized cup does not cause discomfort or leaks. 

DIMENSIONS Louloucup Small Louloucup Medium
Diameter 42 mm 46 mm
Length 45 mm 50 mm
Stem 25 mm 20 mm
Volume 25 ml 30 ml

What kind of flexibility to choose?

At Louloucup, your comfort is our priority, our cups are available in two levels of flexibility:

The softer blue menstrual cup is ideal for women with a more sensitive anatomy

The pink menstrual cup is slightly firmer. It is perfect for women practicing a regular sporting activity.

How to insert your menstrual cup?


First of all, you must have clean hands before inserting or removing your cup

Then, Inserting your menstrual cup is very easy, several options are available to you:

    • On the toilet,
    • In the bathtub or in the shower
    • Lying on the bed
    • Squatting
    • One leg raised on the edge of the toilet or the edge of the bathtub

It's up to you to find the position that suits you best. The position you choose is important because it should help you relax your muscles for easier insertion.

Over time, inserting your cup becomes very easy and very quick. A casual gesture. 

If you are afraid and apprehensive about inserting your cup, we recommend that you insert it in the shower with one leg raised on the edge of the bathtub. Take the time to breathe and have gentle gestures.

In any case, you must be comfortably installed and above all relaxed!

Step number 2: Fold your cut

Folding your menstrual cup is very simple:

Fold the menstrual cup according to the folding method that works best. Here are some folding examples:

Test several folds and choose the one that suits you best, the one that will unfold in you the most easily and that will correspond the most to your anatomy. Insert the folding gently by spreading the lips. Introduce gently and with small movements the folded menstrual cup at the entrance of the vagina. Then release. The cup then unfolds in your vagina like a reservoir that prevents blood from flowing. 

Once inserted, you can slightly turn your cup in one direction, then in the other. Do this gesture while holding the base. You make sure that the cup is well deployed. If the cup is placed incorrectly, there may be leakage risks.

The first insertions can be hazardous, it is normal. You must take the time to discover the cup and how it works. To check the correct placement of your menstrual cup, insert a finger to check that the base is fully deployed and that the cup is not folded. If you feel that the base of the cup is round, the cup is well positioned.

At first, if inserting the menstrual cup causes stress or apprehension, then no pressure! Take all the time you need. Try, test and if you don't succeed, it will be for next time! Once inserted, you will realize how truly revolutionary this protection is. Promise! :)

Lubricant and menstrual cup: Can I use lubricant to facilitate the insertion of my menstrual cup?

Le period blood is an excellent lubricant. There is therefore no need for lubricant normally. Also, we don't recommend using the menstrual cup outside of your period, even if it's just to try it out. You will not be properly lubricated and the insertion will then be difficult and painful. 

At first, if you are apprehensive about inserting or have difficulty placing your cup, you can use a little lubricant. You then coat the edges of the cup with a water-based lubricant et bio preferably.

It is also possible to use water. On the other hand, avoid oil-based lubricants. These damage the silicone menstrual cup by making it porous.

Position of the menstrual cup

Composed of a very flexible and malleable material, the menstrual cup is worn much lower than a buffer and sits directly under the collar'uterus. Once properly positioned, there is no risk of leaks.

Menstrual cup can be positioned in different ways depending on each anatomy. It may be completely inside or the rod may stick out slightly. It does not matter. The cup, once inserted, should, however, absolutely not bother you. You don't have to smell it.

If the menstrual cup is completely inside, the rod allows it to be lowered more easily at the time of the retired. By pulling slightly on it, we manage to reach the base of the cup in order to pinch it and then remove it. 

If the menstrual cup is positioned very high. Don't panic, it can happen! Just push it with your vaginal muscles to bring it down.

Position of the menstrual cup

High position of the cup

Composed of a very flexible and malleable material, the menstrual cup is worn much lower than a tampon and is placed directly under the cervix. Once properly positioned, there is no risk of leaks.

The menstrual cup can be positioned in different ways depending on each anatomy. It may be completely inside or the rod may stick out slightly. It doesn't matter. The cup, once inserted, should absolutely not bother you.

If the menstrual cup is completely inside, the stem makes it easier to lower it when removing. By pulling slightly on it, we manage to reach the base of the cup in order to pinch it and then remove it. 

If the menstrual cup sits very high - don't panic - that's completely normal, just push it down with your vaginal muscles.

High position of the cup

Low cut position

You should never pull on the rod to remove your menstrual cup. If the stem sticks out and gets in your way, you can also cut it off.

Of course, always remove your menstrual cup before cutting the stem.

How to remove your menstrual cup?

How to remove your menstrual cup?

WASHyou hands


Get into a comfortable position: squatting or one leg on the edge of the toilet. Relax. If you are tense, the removal will be more difficult.


LOCATE YOUR UPC. To do this, insert your thumb and index finger into your vagina to locate the base of the menstrual cup. If you can't, pull gently on the stem until you feel the base of the cup. Don't pull too hard. The goal is really to reach the cup. Then pinch the bottom of the cup to fold it up. It's important to pinch the cup to avoid thesuction cup effect and let in some air.


Never remove your menstrual cup by pulling only on the stem


Accompany your withdrawal with your pelvic muscles. These will help you kick the cup out. Everything must be done gradually, gently and painlessly. Thanks to your perineum and your abs, your cup goes down.


Empty the blood into the toilet or a sink.


RINSE the CUP, for this simply use hot water. During the menstrual cycle, no need to sterilize the cup each time you remove it. Once emptied and rinsed, you can insert it again. Here we go again for 6 to 8 hours. On the other hand, if the cycle is coming to an end, consider sterilizing the cup.

It is advisable to keep your menstrual cup between 6 to 8 hours.

How to clean your menstrual cup?

It's important to clean your menstrual cup carefully. We advise you to wash your cup'clear water and with a neutral soap such as Marseille soap or even with a specific soap forintimate hygiene.

Avoid perfumed soaps and creams which can be irritating to the skin and vagina. These products may contain alcohol or other ingredients that are not ideal for the menstrual cup. Also avoid white vinegar or other household detergents (dishwashing liquid or others). 

Use cold water to rinse it, this prevents stains from settling.

How to sterilize your menstrual cup?

On each first day of the cycle, take the reflex of sterilize the cup. There are several ways to sterilize your cut. You can use sterilizing tablets or immerse your menstrual cup for 7 minutes in boiling water. The pan should be high enough for the cup to be completely submerged without touching the bottom. To prevent your menstrual cup from getting burned on the edges of the pan, you can put it in a kitchen whisk so that it does not touch the edges of the pan.

To facilitate this sterilization step, Louloucup offers a sterilizer. Two sterilization options are possible:

To sterilize your cup in the microwave with the Louloucup sterilizer

Remove the lid of your Louloucup sterilizer and insert your cup inside, stem down 

Cover with water and place the sterilizer in the microwave for 5 minutes at 750 watts.

To sterilize your cup in boiling water with the Louloucup sterilizer

Remove the lid and insert its cup inside, stem down 

Cover with boiling water and wait 5 minutes.

Once the 5 minutes have elapsed, wait for the cup to cool by running it under cold water before using it again. You can store it in its storage pouch once your cycle is finished. We also sell very nice waterproof pouches that are perfect for storing your cup!

If you don't want to buy a sterilizer, the easiest way is to put your menstrual cup in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. To prevent your menstrual cup from getting burned on the edges of the pan, you can put it in a kitchen whisk so that it does not touch the edges of the pan.

My menstrual cup is stained with blood, what solutions to clean it?

Over time, your cup may show blood stains. Know that this is completely normal. This does not affect the use of your menstrual cup in any way.

If you want to remove blood stains from your menstrual cup, nothing could be simpler. Put it to soak in a mixture made up of half of'oxygenated water et half of'clear water. You can let it soak overnight. The next day, your menstrual cup will be like new!

You can perform this hydrogen peroxide bath once a year.

How to use your menstrual cup when traveling or at work?

As a general rule, thanks to its large absorption capacity, there is no need to empty your cup outside your home. If, however, you need to empty your cup on the go, we have a few tips for you: 

You can use toilets for people with reduced mobility. These toilets are equipped with a sink. This will allow you to rinse your menstrual cup like at home!

Otherwise, you can:

Choose a pack of two menstrual cups so you always have a clean menstrual cup in advance.

Consider slipping a bottle of'water or a small water bottle in your bag so you can rinse your cup over the toilet bowl.

Take your sterilizer with you, which makes it easy to rinse the cup on the go: put water in it and immerse the cup inside before shaking the whole thing. Just flush the used water down the toilet.

Menstrual Panties, instead of or in addition to the Menstrual Cup?

The menstrual panties are the perfect complement to menstrual cup. At Loulou, we have a large choice of panties to adapt to all flows and even heavy flows (heavy or hemorrhagic).

If you really have an extremely strong flow, the menstrual cup + menstrual panty combo can really provide you with real comfort during your period.

At Louloucup, we advise you to try our tranquility box which includes a menstrual cup of your choice, a sterilizer et 3 period panties to choose according to your desires and needs. An essential and well-designed box to manage your menstruation with pleasure and serenity.

In conclusion, the cup or menstrual cup is practical, economical, ecological, hygienic, healthy, discreet, reliable, odorless and comfortable. Convinced?

If you want to switch to the menstrual cup, we recommend thepurchase of our Pack: 2 cups + 1 Louloucup steriliser. ????

If you have any questions, the Louloucup team is always there to answer you. With us, there are no taboos :)