Comparison of the best menstrual panties: characteristics and reviews

Undecided, you don't know which pair of period panties set your sights? It's not always easy to make your first purchase in period panties. Flow, size, composition, origins, several points must be taken into account to find the best period panties.

After our menstrual swimsuit comparison for teenagers, our comparison of the best period panties Louloucup et our comparison of the best menstrual swimsuits, discover our comparison of the best menstrual panties.

Louloucup menstrual panties

Choose your ideal menstrual panties according to your profile

Depending on your profile, your habits, but also the nature and intensity of your flow, you can move towards a certain type of model of menstrual panties. It is important to be familiar with the characteristics, but also the user reviews before making your choice.

If you have a very heavy or bleeding flow

La period panties heavy flow or very abundant is essential in its menstrual routine. This model of panties specially designed to manage heavy or very heavy flow is particularly practical for many women.

With its high absorption capacity, the very abundant flow period panties provide very reliable and solid protection for long hours. Nohumidity, no leaks, no saturation or bad smells, the very heavy flow menstrual panties manage periods under a copper IUD for example without any problem. These models may also be suitable for postpartum cases to manage lochia. Its absorbent membrane is extended from the front to the back of the panties and goes up to the buttocks for broad and flawless protection.

Main Feature: a formidable absorption capacity, equivalent to 5 tampons.

If you are looking for menstrual underwear with a clean composition

No toxic shock syndrome, no irritation, no drying, no risk for your health, your privacy or your feminine balance, menstrual panties are a external hygienic protection, renewable and washable, healthy with a transparent composition.
We say a big yes to organic menstrual panties and local, French or European. Many brands make a real effort to offer very advanced quality panties with healthy materials such as Oeko-Tex organic cotton or the organic bamboo. Pay attention to the different labels and certifications (OEKO-TEX) in order to be sure to have panties with the best composition!

Main Feature: the composition must be clearly highlighted by the brand, as well as the labels, certifications, patents and other results which would attest that the fabrics used are healthy.

If you are sporty

Menstrual panties that are absorbent, reliable and super discreet? Invisible, seamless menstrual panties are a favorite among sports. With these kinds of super discreet models, sportswomen don't give up on their favorite sports leggings. The fabrics used are often very fine and soft, the seams are either flat or invisible.

We particularly appreciate thesecond skin effect as well as the softness of the fabric.

Main Feature: seamless and invisible is good, but never forget the absorption capacity which must be important in the event of a sustained sports session.

If you have irregular periods

Menstrual panties can be very useful and very practical in the event of irregular periodsand surprise rules ou irregular occur earlier or later than expected. These periods take you by surprise and it's always unpleasant to notice them far from home.

The menstrual panties can slip into the handbag easily. In this it is a emergency hygienic protection and practical and comfortable emergency that you can always count on.

Main Feature: for irregular periods, why not turn to a model of panties with a fastening system that is easy to take off or put on?

If you know any spots

Light flow, spotting, vaginal discharge, menstrual panties are very practical for also managing this type of loss. Finally, avoid the use of classic panty liners and disposable, light flow menstrual panties are ideal. menstrual thong or even menstrual thong can absorb light menstrual flow, spotting (light, intermittent discharge) as well as vaginal discharge throughout the menstrual cycle.

Main Feature: as you keep these panties on all day, opt for above all comfortable protection, lined in organic cotton.

The top Louloucup menstrual panties preferred by our users

Louloucup offers period panties very varied for all women, for all life. Available in a wide range of sizes, our panties are offered from size XXS or XS to size XXL or XXXL (depending on models and availability).

teens, active women young and old, sportspeople or travelers, they all have an opinion on our pretty period panties, washable and reusable protections, practical and high quality.

 Menstrual panties very heavy flow

Users can find the models, Mathilde, Liv or even Jade which absorb the equivalent of 5 tampons. The essential and true best-seller from Louloucup remains the model ClaraIs the one of our best-sellers best rated by our users. High waisted, lace, Clara is our ally day and night.

Heavy flow menstrual panties

Our menstrual panties absorb the equivalent of 3 to 4 tampons. The models Fanny et Simone have convinced many customers with very positive reviews. Fanny has a score of 4,7 out of 5 while Simone has a score of 4,8 out of 5.

Black and sexy medium flow menstrual panties

Very feminine, soft and comfortable, this range wins all the votes. Lucia, Margot, Ella or Rebecca have an absorption capacity equivalent to approximately 2,5 tampons. The favorite is, without a doubt, the Naomi panties. With a rating of 4,9, it delights many customers thanks to its look and reliability.

Also find other very fun and sexy medium flow panties: Lily, Romy, Louise, Lea or Marine.

Special medium flow panties

The model Gigi These openable menstrual panties on the side, it is therefore practical to remove. The model Emilie These seamless menstrual panties very comfortable to wear and completely invisible under clothing.

Light flow period panties

Perfect for last days of period, vaginal discharge or in anticipation of periods, patterns Chloé et Mia are light, thin and discreet. Very beautiful pieces of lingerie, which our customers have great pleasure in wearing.

The Louloucup washable protections revolutionize your menstrual routine. Healthy, inexpensive and comfortable, our range of panties but also cups and swimsuits allows you to experience your periods more peacefully.

The unit price of period panties is €28,90. Our panties have a price that drops if you make a batch. The more panties you add to your pack, the lower the price of the unit panties. With a pack of 5 panties, the individual menstrual panties cost €22,90.

French brand, Louloucup provides free deliveries in France, in Europe and around the world. All your orders are shipped within 48 hours, for always very fast delivery.