Comparison of the best menstrual swimsuits

What is the best menstrual swimsuit ? Which period swimsuit to choose to replace tampons?

Check out our comparison of the best menstrual swimsuits. Shape, look, color, absorption, size, compare and choose the model in which you can bathe and tan with complete peace of mind during your period!


The menstrual swimsuit, an effective solution that has it all

Le our period swimsuit has everything to please. An ecological and zero-waste alternative, this period bikini absorbs flow, retains it and prevents leaks. It saves money by avoiding the purchase of tampons. It is much better for the environment, as it leaves no waste behind, but also much healthier for our health.

Unlike the tampon, which dries out and irritates, the menstrual swimsuit is made from fabrics without harmful substances. It saves your holidays at the sea, your afternoon in the pool or your chill session on the deckchair!

The period swimsuit captures the blood thanks to a very absorbent membrane, the pad. She manages to capture trap menstrual flow and especially not to let it escape thanks to a waterproof part. Inside, the swimsuit is very absorbent, outside it is waterproof, this is the secret of the success of the menstrual swimsuit!

menstrual shirt

To choose your period swimsuit, what criteria should you take into account?

Price, shape of the jersey, absorption capacity, country of manufacture, look, let's take a look at the different criteria to take into account for an in-depth comparison.

Compare the prices

What is the best value for money? Promo code, sales, reductions or economic packs, take the time to compare the different offers. It may be interesting to make a bulk order to save shipping costs, for example.

Make a choice on the shape of the swimsuit

Would you like a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit? THE 1 piece menstrual swimsuit may have some advantages. It can hide the swollen belly by the rules, it sheaths and has a certain style. It can also act as an emergency bodysuit.

For the 2 piece menstrual swimsuit, we are talking more specifically about bikini bottoms or swimming panties that can be worn mismatched for a summery, casual and uninhibited look. Up to you !

The menstrual swimsuit and heavy periods, possible?

Today, the capacity of tissues makes it possible to manage a light menstrual flow or average menstrual flow. About the heavy flows, very heavy flow or hemorrhagic flow, we recommend the use of a You can wear a menstrual cup for guaranteed leak-free bathing.

The opinions of users of our menstrual swimsuits

To help you decide, see the menstrual swimwear reviews. At Louloucup, each review is validated and collected by HelpfulCrowd.

Brand services

To make your choice, make sure that the brand of your menstrual swimsuit offers suitable delivery times. At Louloucup, the Shipping is fast and above all always free. Shipping costs are offered in France and in Europe.

Do not choose between efficiency and aesthetics

Always go for a menstrual shirt with good absorbency and a fit you like. Don't give up on your look because of your period.


Louloucup menstrual swimsuits

Nothing better than a comparison of menstrual swimwear to meet there. One-piece or two-piece? Very feminine, sexy or rather classic? High waist or classic waist? You choose. Know that all Louloucup Menstrual Swimwear are effective in managing light flows or average flows. They have an absorption capacity equivalent to 2 or 3 tampons.

The Laura menstrual shirt

Like high waist menstrual swimsuit, like the model Laura de Louloucup will delight all those wishing to emphasize and mark their waist. Very trendy cut, the high waist harmonizes the silhouette and also makes it possible to camouflage complex shapes. The discreet lacing in the back brings character to the whole.


menstrual shirt

The real plus of this jersey? There period panties Laura is available up to size XXL. It is therefore a plus size menstrual swimsuit.

The Juliette menstrual shirt

The Juliette menstrual swimsuit by Louloucup is a swimsuit to manage menstrual flows, inspired by the Naomi menstrual panties. Real best-sellers from the Louloucup brand, the Naomi period panties are very popular for their lacing on the hips, their black color and their comfort. Here, the Juliette jersey has the same qualities. Pretty, reliable, comfortable and sexy, the Juliette bikini bottoms will appeal to all those who want a slightly different, slightly original cut of their swimsuit.

The real plus of this jersey? Sexy and daring cut, the Juliette menstrual shirt is one of a kind! With the Juliette swimsuit you will be both protected and pretty, what more could you ask for?

The Manon menstrual shirt

The Manon model is the Louloucup menstrual bikini bottoms super classic and unmissable. This menstrual swim panties black Neither too high nor too low goes with any colorful or printed bra or swim bra. Simple, effective and practical, the Manon bikini bottom is essential!

The real plus of this jersey? The Manon model is available from size XXS. It is therefore a menstrual shirt particularly suited to the morphologies of the smallest teenagers. Looking for a period swimsuit for teenagers? The Manon swimsuit is made for you!

The Noa menstrual shirt

Want to one piece menstrual shirt ? The Noah model will delight all those wishing for a timeless and classic look. Here, the straps are thin and adjustable. The neckline is quite indented. Everything is really comfortable. Its black and plain color is unanimous. It is very easy to wear. In short, a real pleasure during its with medium flows.

menstrual shirt

The real plus of this jersey? The pinnacle of elegance for this period bikini. Dry, it can be worn under a pareo or with a skirt and acts as a bodysuit. Ideal after the beach or by the pool.