How to take care of your period panties?

A pair of period panties, it's very nice but question maintenance, is not it a tedious? Caring for your period panties is nothing fancy! However, you should know a few Tricks and follow different steps to ensure a long and beautiful life for your sanitary protection Washable and reusable so practical! 

Rinse, wash, dry: take the right steps to take care of your period panties.


The right steps for healthy period panties for a long time

Some gestures and habits are to be known to maintain its period panties. Nothing very complicated, let's see together the procedure for very clean and well maintained period panties, shorty, thongs and thongs!

Rinse with water before wearing the first time

Have you received your order and are you happy to finally be able to test your period panties? Think about them rinse with cold water before first use. Just like classic underwear and new clothes, it is important to rinse before first use to eliminate and remove residue and dust. This prewash is also important to activate all the absorbent capacities.

Pre-wash: rinse with cold water

Once worn and removed, rinse your panties in cold water and wring them gently to remove as much menstrual flow stored in the absorbent membrane. This is an important reflex to have so that the blood does not dry in your panties. For those whose sight of blood is a problem, it can be a little confusing at first. Yet we quickly get the hang of it, we promise. Rinse until the water runs clear then lay down your panties.

The good Louloucup trick? Have the reflex to bring your panties with you to the shower. It will rinse itself and all you have to do is wring it out. You can then put it directly in the machine or wait for the end of your period to run a machine with all your panties on. 




Washing your period panties

By hand, in a machine, with homemade or industrial detergent, several options are available to you!

Machine wash, what cycle to wash your period panties?

Place your period panty(ies) in the machine with the rest of your dirty clothes. Don't worry, the blood won't get on your clothes! You can place your panties or panties in a safety net. This will protect your menstrual lingerie from possible chafing.  

Once in the drum of your washing machine, select a short cycle at max. 30°C. Your period panties can thus be washed ideally with lightly stained and lightly soiled clothes. THE delicate cycle or even wool cycle are also great for washing your period panties. 

A fan of hand washing?

You can also very well wash your period panties by hand. What is the instruction ? Just like for the washing machine classic, you can wait until your period is over to clean your period panties all at once. They have been rinsed and are sometimes, for several of them, still damp. Immerse them in your basin with cold or lukewarm water, with a little hand detergent. Gently rub each of your panties to loosen residue and menstrual flow. Leave to soak for thirty minutes. Then rinse and wring.

What products are used to wash your menstrual panties?

Detergents too greasy, too chemical, detergents acids, softeners, fabric softeners or anti-stains are to be avoided when washing your menstrual panties! 

Opt for a detergent that is really soft, minimally processed, non-aggressive and low-greasy. Solutions that are too aggressive could deteriorate the tissues and make the absorption capacity less effective. 

Industrial detergents or DIY detergents based on Marseille soap or Aleppo soap are not recommended. Fat-based detergents can clog the pores of the panty fabrics. So it's counterproductive. 

If you are a fan of homemade detergents, opt for a recipe based on ivy, ashes or a soap with little glycerin.

If we tended to use fabric softener to cover bad odors and sometimes have a heavy hand, here we leave it neatly stored on its shelf. Promised, once washed, the menstrual panties have no bad smells, so no need to use fabric softener or even essential oils. In addition, this very concentrated and chemical product is rather harmful for the fabrics of the panties. Finally, last argument, fabric softener like fabric softener are really bad for the environment. Very resistant to filtration, we find polluting residues of fabric softener in the rivers! So we abstain. 

Air drying

Once washed, it is important that your air dry menstrual panties, on a drying rack, preferably flat. The use of Say no to the dryer really not recommended. Just like direct exposure to the sun or on a radiator, fireplace or stove. In short, you will have understood that too intense a heat source deteriorates the fabrics of the panties and will make its absorption less strong. 

Le drying period panties in the open air takes some time. It's normal. The absorbent membrane is quite thick and takes time to dry. You have to be patient and above all anticipate by providing menstrual panties in advance or another type of hygienic protection such as a cup, for example. 

For this, think about Louloucup panties + cup pack. Economical, zero waste and super practical, compose your tailor-made pack.


The importance of good maintenance

Well-maintained period panties last longer, live longer. A menstrual panty lives 5 to 7 years without problem if it is pampered correctly. You save money over the long term. 

A well-maintained period panty stays absorbent for a long time, it remains reliable, comfortable and provides ideal absorption cycle after cycle, year after year. You will be serene by putting it on. You won't be afraid of leaks to spots. You will be confident, even during the night! 

So take a few minutes to rinse, wring, clean and dry your panties. 


  • no tinting or bleaching,
  • no ironing,
  • no harsh chemicals or detergents,
  • no hot water,
  • no drying with a direct heat source.

Once the few rules of use are well known and mastered, the maintenance of your menstrual panties is not laborious, it is on the contrary quite practical and simple. All the Louloucup menstrual panties are all in Oeko-Tex organic cotton with label Oeko-Tex 100. It must therefore be taken care of. Find all our offer on our online store, organic, chic and pretty menstrual panties for teens and women, size XXS or XXXL. There Shipping is offered in France and in Europe, the order is always dispatched within 48 hours.