Menstrual cups: advantages and disadvantages

Not yet fully convinced by the menstrual cup ? This alternative zero waste, environmentally friendly and economical has many good points. However, many people have doubts about its use, reliability or practicality. 

Louloucup weighs the pros and cons, the pros and cons, the real pluses and the potentials dangers of menstrual cups or cup of rules!

The benefits of menstrual cups

  • This is a internal hygienic protection clean, reliable and leak-proof. Well placed, the cup lets nothing pass. This overturned bell retrieves the menstrual flow optimally during all your periods. Your privacy is clean and stays dry. With the cup, no humidity. It is a very appreciable feeling of freshness and cleanliness, impossible with a classic sanitary napkin, for example.
  • With the cup there is no risk of vaginal drying or imbalance of the the vagina, no risk of infections or mycoses thanks to its clean composition. The menstrual cup is Hypoallergenic and healthy for intimacy, in particular thanks to the medical silicone. It is a very interesting composition compared to classic and disposable tampons.
  • Its tank can store a large amount of flux. The menstrual cup is thus suitable for heavy flows or very abundant. 
  • It offers great comfort of use. A well-placed cup is a cup that cannot be felt. Super soft, it is an intimate solution that is really very comfortable to use.
  • With the cup no bad smells ! And yes, the blood collected in the reservoir of the cup is never in contact with the air and thus there is no oxidation.
  • The cup is ideal for swimming, at the pool, at the sea or on vacation! It really is practical protection for bathing in complete safety and peace of mind. With the cup, zero leaks, zero stains on the towel or swimsuit even for the most abundant flows!
  • Very economical, the cup is a washable hygienic protection, durable and reusable. So you can use it for a long time (several years) if you take care of it. If the purchase is more expensive than a box of tampons or disposable pads, the cost is quickly amortized after just a few uses.
  • The menstrual cup offers unparalleled freedom for all those wishing to be more free in their movements in sport, at the office or in everyday life. You are free and quiet for many hours.
  • The cup is also ecological and good for the environment. By no longer producing waste because of your menstruation, you no longer pollute. Just like menstrual panties, the menstrual cup is a zero waste hygienic protection.
  • Once used, the cup is very easy to use and practical. After a few hours, go to the toilet, empty your cup, rinse it and reinsert it. That's all !
  • The menstrual cup is an internal protection which is invisible and therefore super discreet. No mark under the pants, no diaper effect!

The disadvantages of menstrual cups

  • The cup of rules requires a certain ease with its intimitate in the early days. The first insertions can be dreaded. It's normal when you don't know and don't yet master the gestures. However, users quickly get the hang of it. Do not hesitate to consult our User Manual Very full.
  • The sight of blood may put off some. You should also wash the menstrual cup by hand.
  • When emptying your cup, you must be near a toilet with a tap and access to water. A toilet without a tap? Remember to take a bottle of water with you so you can rinse it and wash your hands. You can also have an emergency cup in your bag. Several options are possible.
  • Between each loss period, at the start of your period , you have to take the time to sterilize your cup in order to remove all bacteria. Simple method: boil it in water. Even simpler method: use a sterilizer adapted to your cup.
  • Like the tampon, the menstrual cup should not be worn for more than 6 straight hours (risk of development of TSS, toxic shock syndrome). 
  • We do not recommend wearing the menstrual cup at night. A night usually lasts more than 6 hours. Instead, opt for heavy or very heavy period panties so you can feel dry and secure while you sleep. Very comfortable, the pair of period panties is really perfect for sleeping.
  • The menstrual cup should not be used in postpartum.
  • It should also not be worn during a sex.
  • Finally, we always recommend asking your gynecologist or midwife for approval before using a cup if you wear a intrauterine device (Intrauterine device) or copper or hormonal IUD.

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