Menstrual swimsuit comparison for teens

In the summer, on vacation or at the pool, your teenager needs a reusable hygienic protection reliable and comfortable, efficient and safe. For a swimming on your period without the fuss, without being afraid of spots to leaks, without worrying about bad smells or humidity, find the best menstrual swimsuit for your teenager!

Your teen isn't thrilled with the idea of ​​wearing a menstrual cup or tampon ? Offer her a menstrual bikini or period swimsuit bottoms. Aesthetic, pretty and practical, the period swimsuit for teen proves to be particularly appreciable at the heart of the holidays.

Today, Louloucup helps you find the best menstrual swimsuit ou menstrual swim panties for teens with an in-depth comparison. So you will know where to buy the perfect period shirt for your teen !


The menstrual swimsuit for teenagers, effective protection

After period panty, the menstrual jersey has, summer after summer, convinced more and more people women but also more and more Girls of its effectiveness. It may be surprising, but just like period panties, period swimwear has a strong absorption.

Immersed in water, the period blood does not escape, does not dilute, does not leak from the menstrual shirt! The menstrual flow is well retained by the jersey absorbent membrane which is both absorbent on the inside and waterproof on the outside. 

So nothing to fear. Menstrual swimsuits are effective to correctly retain the light menstrual flows or normal menstrual flow or means. On the other hand, it is more delicate for abundant or very abundant flows. We strongly recommend using additional protection in this case: a cup or You can wear a menstrual cup is the best option.

How to choose the best menstrual swimsuit for teenagers?

Previously, we help you to choosing the best period swimsuit for your teen, let's come back together to the different criteria that must be compared beforebuying a teenage period swimsuit.

The price of menstrual swimsuits for teenagers

It's obvious: the price of a menstrual swimsuit or a menstrual swimsuit bottom is higher than a box of disposable tampons! However, you have to think about the investment over time. A menstrual shirt, like menstrual panties, are washable protections et reusable many years (five years on average).
Also, pay attention to promo codes, sales, vouchers and others promotions in progress. Tailor-made packs or lots are also an interesting operation. The composition of Lots personalized allows you to build an effective and appropriate rules routine. 

If it represents a certain amount to pay, it is a real investment for the months and years to come.

Good to know: at Louloucup, all our menstrual swimwear and have a single price, €28,90. A jersey can slip into a tailor-made pack with briefs. The larger the pack, the cheaper the jersey! For 5 items in the pack, the item goes to 22,90€ instead of 28,90€.

Origin of the jersey and composition

Attach some importance to the composition of the jersey, the fabrics used but also its country of manufacture. Pay attention to brand commitments and values. Developed for JDE, made in Europe? Patented fabrics? Fabrics harmful to health, to the environment?

Reviews from previous clients

To carry out a complete comparison, it is important that you take note of the feedback users. Compare them Comments and feedback, they are valuable and can really influence your choice. How does the jersey fit? Is it comfortable to wear? There Shipping is it fast? Are users satisfied with the quality?

Menstrual flow

Another important criterion for the final choice of your menstrual swimsuit: your Keep in mind they're best for light to medium flow days. Light, medium, heavy or hemorrhagic, find out about the different absorption capacities of your bikini. This is very important in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
Find our blog post, How do I choose the right period swimsuit for my flow?

The model, the aesthetics of the jersey

Finally, and obviously, the choice of the menstrual jersey will also be made according to the tastes of your teenager. plain, black, simple, fancy, motley, colorful, simple bikini bottom ou one piece menstrual shirt ? The choice is vast. The brands are adapting by offering fun and pretty models that are easy to wear.


One-piece swimsuit or bikini bottom?

In terms of menstrual bath protection, your teenager has a choice. So, one piece or two pieces?
Le one piece menstrual swimsuit is enveloping and classic. It can have the advantage of hiding the slightly swollen belly during menstruation. It can also be worn as a bodysuit with a sarong on the beach, for example. It is very easy to wear and goes unnoticed.

Le period swimsuit bottoms is another possible solution. You can pair it with any swimsuit top in your wardrobe for a cool mismatched look. Menstrual swim briefs are similar to any classic bikini bottom.

Nobody suspects that you have your period. This jersey format remains very discreet, very thin. It does not swell.

Where to buy the best menstrual swimsuit for teens?

In 2023, in France, many period panties brands offer one-piece or two-piece menstrual suits, you are spoiled for choice. The ranges of period jerseys for teenage girls target a young audience with trendy colours, sizes and patterns.


Don't forget, however, the quality of the fabrics and the absorption capacity!

Louloucup positions itself as one of french brands offering the best value for money on the market. Our customers can compose their own pack of panties, cups or swimsuits, freely. They save money and can thus enjoy fully and serenely during their menstruation.

Louloucup don't forget the ados with a range of products entirely dedicated to young girls and young adults accessible from size XXS.
Discover without delay our must-have swimwear bottoms and menstrual swimwear whose Manon model, a black and simple, classic and reliable swimsuit available from size XXS.

Also find our Juliet bikini bottoms, the swimsuit version of our Naomi menstrual panties.

Or our Noa one-piece swimsuit, a timeless and timeless menstrual shirt, very easy to wear.

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