Menstrual swimsuit for teenagers

If the pair of period panties proves to be a great alternative for our teenagers in full puberty, what about the beach? It's out of the question to miss the afternoon swimming pool with friends or not to enjoy the beach because of its with medium flows !
It front of first periods not always regular, to the pleasant surprises of puberty, and to the flood of hormones, the menstrual swim panties ou our period swimsuit for teenagers stands out as respectful, clean, easy and reliable protection. Find out everything you need to know about the menstrual shirt for teenage girl.

When you are a teenager, to swim, the swimsuit, the cup or the tampon?

Question that comes up often, several options are possible for bathing during your period when you are a teenager. At 12, 14 or 16 years old, several hygienic solutions are available to our teenagers: You can wear a menstrual cup or cup, the disposable sanitary tampon or the our period swimsuit. How is the swimsuit more suitable, more comfortable, more practical and economical for our ados ? A comparative is essential!

Menstrual cups

La cup or menstrual cup made of medical silicone must be soft and supple for a teenager. As with the stamp, people virgin can wear the cup.
Very practical, economical and reliable protection, the cup requires, however, a certain ease with its body and its intimitate. This is not always the case when you are a teenager.
Le your swimwear is then a better solution. It has the same advantages as the menstrual cup: it is zero waste, reusable, washable, easy to use and comfortable.

The sanitary pad

Very well-known and worn protection when swimming in particular, the disposable tampon and classic is no longer as well seen as it once was. Its decried composition (presence of chlorine, plastic, detergents, weedkillers), but also the drying it causes vaginal wall without forgetting, of course, the risk of toxic shock syndrome, make him a bad student.

The simple hygienic tampon or with applicator, is moreover, a disposable and polluting protection. This inexpensive internal intimate protection is nevertheless bad for the environment and for the body. Again, the our period swimsuit or menstrual swim pants are economical and very easy to use.

Menstrual swimsuit

If you want your teenager to wear hygienic protection that is environmentally friendly, durable, reusable without risk to their health as well as economical and practical, the menstrual swimsuit is certainly ideal.
It is the perfect alternative for Girls who wish to be protected in the heart of summer without fear of leaks and bad smells. The jersey is put on like any jersey. After the bathing session, it is rinsed and washed just like the menstrual panties.
Le swimsuit for teen period, it's the easy to put on hygienic protection that can save the day! When you are a teenager, the rules are often irregular and can play spoilsports without warning signs! keep one menstrual swim panties at the bottom of the bag is simple and allows you to enjoy without worrying.

Everything you need to know about teenage menstrual swimsuits

Does the menstrual swimsuit appeal to you? Normal, this new kid on the block zero-waste hygienic protection interrogates. How to hold blood without leaking? What flows are managed by menstrual swimsuits? How long can they be worn?
Which model to choose? Here's everything you need to know about the teen period swimsuit.

How Does Period Swimwear Work?

How can the menstrual shirt both be submerged in water and retain menstrual flow without leaking? Just like menstrual panties, menstrual swimsuits have a large absorption zone that manages to retain the menstrual flow. Menstrual blood is captured, retained and stored in this protection zone without swelling (just like menstrual panties). On the other hand, the period swimsuit has, in addition to the panties, a waterproof fabric which allows the flux not to escape once in the water. Thus the menstrual swimsuit manages to retain the flow, to imprison it. The Louloucup jersey features a leak barrier to prevent blood from scattering during swimming.

Are menstrual swimsuits effective?

Yes they are very efficient and reliable. You can put it on without fear of leaks or stains. To date, menstrual swimwear is rather effective on so-called light menstrual flow or so-called medium menstrual flow.
If your teenager has periods with heavy flow, we recommend wearing a menstrual cup in addition to the menstrual shirt, in order to retain the flow for sure.

How to use a teenager rules shirt?

Le menstruation shirt can be worn for long hours. It all depends on the intensity of the flow. We advise not to carry a wet jersey with you. It is a beneficial environment for the proliferation of certain bacteria. This advice also applies to classic jerseys.

What are the opinions on the menstrual swimsuit?

Specially designed for teenage swimming with a light or medium flow, the teen menstrual swimsuit review are very positive. Louloucup bikinis offer absorbent protection at the crotch, unparalleled comfort and great freedom of movement.


Where to find the best period swimsuits for teenage girls?

Or buy a menstrual swimsuit of quality, with neat finishes and a certain absorption capacity so that our teenager has a peaceful holiday?
At Louloucup, we also offer menstrual panties, thongs and period cups, teen period bikinis.

They are suitable for young girls, young women and teenage girls. Simple, feminine and easy to wear, the opinions are very positive! Discover Louloucup's special teenage menstrual swimsuit, the Manon model.

Le Manon menstrual bikini bottoms is a very simple, black swimsuit that is extremely easy to wear. Classic, the cut is neither high nor low. Available from size XXS, these bikini bottoms match any bikini top for a successful mismatched look!


This durable hygienic protection ideal for swimming and sunbathing will delight all teenagers who do not wish to wear a cup or tampons.

Also discover our other models from size XS: the Noa 1 piece menstrual swimsuit, Laura waterproof menstrual swim briefs, like the Juliette menstrual bikini bottom.

All the advantages of choosing Louloucup

So why choose Louloucup menstruation shirts for your teenager?

Impeccable jersey quality

The fabrics selected to make up the jerseys are of excellent quality. Exposed to salt water, chlorinated water or direct sunlight, Louloucup bikinis hold over time. They have been thought out and designed to be durable and to accompany your teenager for a long time!
The color remains vivid and the elasticity is long-lasting.
We recommend following the maintenance recommendations in order to keep your menstrual jersey alive as long as possible:

  • rinse it with clean water as soon as you remove it, this helps to remove excess chlorine or salt, 

  • then put it in the washing machine on a short cycle at 30°C ideally (just like menstrual panties),

  • air dry it and avoid Say no to the dryer. 

A discounted menstrual shirt

At Louloucup, discover our offer of cheap swimwear. With Louloucup, the composition of a completely tailor-made pack allows you to make significant savings on the final bill of your basket. Compose your batch of panties and swimsuits in complete freedom. Add panties (all in organic cotton), cup and jersey. Vary the models and sizes. The more panties or singlets you add, the lower the unit price will be. From 5 panties (swimsuit included), the unit price of a product is €22,90 instead of €28,90.


With Louloucup, you are guaranteed to buy one of the cheapest menstrual shirts on the market. Create a tailor-made pack for your teenager and her first period: a menstrual swimsuit for the holidays, light or medium flow panties for the day and heavy flow panties for the night, for example. Find a selection of teen period panties, available from size XXS.

Free and fast delivery

Your teenager is leaving for an impromptu weekend? The delivery of your Louloucup teenage period swimsuit is super fast! With Louloucup, it's simple, the Shipping is offered in France and in Europe! The order is always shipped within 48 hours so that you can enjoy our products as soon as possible.