Menstrual swimwear: does it really work?

The menstrual swimwear, how it works ? Are they really effective and reliable in capturing menstrual flow and retaining it? How the period blood manage to be retained without dispersing in the water?

Un your swimwear who would hold the menstrual flow in water without leakage? It's normal to be skeptical! Yet the period swimsuits ou our period swimsuit becomes more democratic, summer after summer, to our delight!
And yes, there is an alternative to menstrual cups and disposable tampons, so far the only two hygienic solutions for bathe during menstruation.

Louloucup explains how a menstrual swimsuit works and all the benefits of having one at the bottom of your suitcase for your next vacation by the sea!


Absorbent fabric and waterproof fabric, the key to an effective menstrual swimsuit

The principle of a menstrual swimsuit is quite simple to understand. It can be simplified like this:

  • Inside the menstrual swim panties, in contact with intimacy, is an absorbent fabric that will know how to capture the menstrual flow. This technical fabric also ensures that the user stays dry, thus zero humidity and tall superior comfort guaranteed postage!
  • Under this first fabric, there is a membrane with a high absorbent capacity (the pad). This very absorbent fabric knows how to retain and imprison the menstrual flow without swelling. Thus the menstrual shirt knows how to store without changing. It does not grow, no layer effect!
  • Finally, to contain this menstrual flow in the jersey, a waterproof and waterproof fabric is sewn on the outside. Thus the bathing water does not come into contact with the pad retaining the blood. The blood remains wisely stored in the membrane without being diluted with water.

So with this combination of different technical fabrics, there is no risk of leaks, no risk spots. The blood will not dissolve in the water of your swimming pool, no risk of staining the deckchair or the bath towel.

The accumulation of different fabrics remains very fine, very discreet. No chance of knowing you're wearing a period bottoms from an outside perspective! No stress or apprehension to have on this side!


The menstrual swimsuit, effective on which flows?

In salt water or chlorinated water, on the beach or by the swimming pool, today the menstrual swimsuits available and offered on the market are effective on the light or average flow.

The menstrual swimsuit can be worn very well:

  • By all women at the beginning or end of the period of with medium flows when the flow is still light or any other time in the cycle when the flow is less abundant.
  • During a pregnancy by future mothers who experience some non-worrying losses and some bleeding.
  • By all women and adolescent girls who experience irregular periods, surprise periods or surprise irregular spotting (mocking).

The swimsuit can thus really help out and allow you to enjoy, despite your rules, the afternoon in the pool with the girlfriends, swimming in the sea with the family without any problem.

The teens et women knowing a heavy flows are invited to wear a menstrual cup or a tampon in addition to the swimsuit. Medium flow, heavy flow, hemorrhagic flow, but also lochia are not supported by current menstrual swimwear.

The menstrual shirt, protection that is attractive, absorbent and waterproof at the same time

The menstrual swimsuit, just like the pair of period panties besides, don't forget to be pretty. Feminine, trendy, The high waist or a room, you now have a great choice in order to fully savor the moment.

This full-fledged piece of your summer wardrobe is as pretty as it is comfortable. You feel good when you put on your period swimsuit. You can finally bathe even during your period freely.


The menstrual swimsuit for all women

For ados who do not wish to wear internal protections such as tampons or cups, for young mothers who cannot (yet) postpone menstrual cups or tampons or, for all women who want easy-to-wear, safe protection (no risk of toxic shock syndrome, no drying out, no irritation), the menstrual swimsuit is the solution!

Focus on the Louloucup offer: menstrual bikinis for everyone!

So interested in the menstrual shirt? Louloucup offers, in addition to teen period panties and menstrual cups, a nice offer of one piece and two piece menstrual swimsuits. Find without further delay our 4 beautiful models adapted for light flows or medium flows:

  • Le Laura menstrual bikini bottom. Its plus? Its beautiful lacing in the back and its high waist to hide the belly swollen by the rules. Good to know: the Laura model is available until the size XXL. This bikini bottom is very popular. Users feel safe while looking pretty.
  • Le Noa Menstrual One Piece Swimsuit, elegant and timeless, is a must. This 1 piece menstrual swimsuit is both reliable and classic. The neckline is plunging and the bra integrated.
  • Le Manon menstrual bikini bottoms These black swimming panties super simple and very classic that goes with everything! Super practical! The real plus with this period swimsuit bottoms ? Its version for teenagers in size XXS. And yes, our teenagers also need their menstrual shirt. At 12, 14 or older, find the perfect period swimsuit for her.
  • Le Juliette menstrual bikini bottom is the bikini version of one of the cmenstrual panties in organic cotton the most appreciated by our users, the Naomi model, a sexy black panties for medium flow. Its lacing on the sides leaves no one indifferent. The classic black bikini bottom can be worn with any bikini top or bra.

Our range of menstrual swimwear is specially designed to offer optimal comfort while remaining elegant and feminine.
The cuts are carefully thought out to enhance the figure and make you feel beautiful and confident during your days at the beach or by the pool.

Our menstrual swimwear are offered at competitive prices, with attractive offers to suit all budgets.

By choosing one of our Louloucup Menstrual Shirts, you are guaranteed a Shipping response that's free in France and in Europe. Your order is, moreover, always shipped within 48 hours maximum.