Postpartum menstrual panties: a practical alternative after childbirth

Baby has finally arrived? Congratulations ! You are back home. Your new life can begin. Between diapers and short nights, we have the solution to calmly manage your lochia.

En plein postpartum, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. To find your rhythm and simply to rest, to breathe. To help you and relieve yourself of a particular point, think about the postpartum panties ou postpartum menstrual panties.

Opt for special period panties very heavy flow to manage your losses and leaks related to childbirth. These very absorbent and comfortable underwear are very useful!

In order to combine well-being et femininity during your maternity, to no longer stress because of potential leaks or saturation, trust washable maternity protection. There period panty proves to be a great alternative to disposable protection during the postpartum and following childbirth.

Louloucup accompanies the pregnant women, future mothers and young mothers. Discover all our tips for better living your maternity, postpartum and pregnancy: 

Liv invisible menstrual panties

The benefits of menstrual panties during postpartum

  • A extremely reliable double protection to absorb intense and sustained losses, lochia.

  • A pair of panties made with clean materials which respects your privacy and your health.

  • Extra soft organic cotton panties for comfortable pair and the most pleasant wearing experience possible.

  • Safe protection that allows mental charge and less stress, you are calm for long hours without having to worry about your losses and your lochia. A chance when you know that the first days and weeks after the baby's arrival are a real tsunami of emotions! 

Zero leaks = zero stress thanks to postpartum menstrual panties

We menstrual panties suitable for postpartum are the most absorbent panties we can offer you. They are part of the range of period panties dedicated to heavy or very heavy flow. Their absorption capacity is really very important, equivalent to 5 buffers.

Lochia represents significant losses which can often impress young mothers. This is, however, a completely normal and natural phenomenon.

By putting on very heavy flow menstrual panties, you have a free mind. One less thing to think about. That feels good ! 

Clara high-waisted menstrual panties

Zero humidity no matter your menstrual flow

With super absorbent menstrual panties, no unpleasant feeling of humidity. The fabrics used manage to capture and retain the flow without leaving moisture. It's very nice.

100% comfort after childbirth

We know to what extent, in the days following childbirth, the superior comfort is an essential point in the daily life of a young mother. The body, tired and bruised by so much effort and by an often grueling childbirth, needs more smoothly..

We therefore offer well-tailored, well-cut models so that women feel really good when they put them on. Our panties do not cut, do not squeeze, do not itch, do not mark. Also, all Louloucup underwear is lined inside with certified and labeled organic cotton (Oeko-Tex 100 and OCS). This natural material is really soft and ensures a certain comfort. 

Mathilde black menstrual panties

100% safe postpartum panties

It is important to use healthy hygienic protections for his health. And in the postpartum period, the composition of hygienic solutions is even more important. To avoid any irritations, allergic reactions, attacks, you must favor quality products designed from healthy materials, if possible natural and organic.

Louloucup is a trademark application which manufactures 80% of its period panties in Portugal with Italian fabrics. We are completely transparent about the composition of our panties: everything is indicated on each product sheet in the Details and Composition insert. 

Please note that all our panties are vegan et cruelty-free and do not contain any silver nanoparticles.

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Jade liberty menstrual panties

Special postpartum menstrual panties, washable and eco-friendly

We must not forget one of the main advantages of menstrual panties: they are durable.

  • We avoid the use of disposable pads harmful to the environment which take years to degrade.
  • We use washable, durable and renewable solutions, thus we are part of a zero waste approach quite easy to set up. This washable maternity solution Rinse before putting in the washing machine with your other clothes. It's quite simple and quick. 
  • It is economic, we avoid trips to the supermarket and the expense of unique periodic protection

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Our Louloucup very heavy flow menstrual panties to wear postpartum

Minimum price, clean composition, feminine and comfortable cut, make your choice among the best period panties on the market : very absorbent menstrual underwear that you can buy in batches to save money.

In our heavy flow range, four models are super absorbent and have a double absorption layer. These four models are available from size XXS or XS to size XXXL. It is

  • Clara panties, a black high waisted panties very elegant with protection that goes very high;  
  • Mathilde panties, a Ella panty and wide; 
  • Liv panties, a seamless menstrual panties completely invisible under tight clothing; 
  • et Jade panties, panties with a pretty liberty print.

Create your batch or pack of panties freely. Number, size, model, everything is customizable. The more panties you add to your pack, the lower the unit price. The price of a pair of panties is set at €28,90. Please note, one exception, the Clara model is €33,90.

For pack of 5 panties composed of a Clara model and four other heavy or very heavy flow panties, you save €30, the price of one panty. The lot is €124,50 instead of €154,50.

Finally, with Louloucup the Shipping is always offered. Your order is shipped within 48 hours. Our customers are delighted, feedback are unanimous. Night after night, while breastfeeding, our postpartum lingerie offers you an eco-responsible experience, with style and comfort even while breastfeeding.

Feel free to explore our Kit which includes 3 menstrual panties of your choice, a menstrual cup and a sterilizer. Our postpartum period panties are available up to size XXL, giving you complete peace of mind.