The menstrual cup: a good solution for bathing in peace

It's finally summer! Lazy afternoons by the pool and weekends by the sea are ours! Except that... you counted and recounted, no doubt, your period spoke: your period fall during your vacation. Do not panic, solutions exist. Comfortable and practical protections, healthy and respectful. At Loulou, we love the menstrual cup !

Because no, it is out of the question to give up pool sessions with friends, aquatic activities with the family or not chilling on the beach. We finally take back the reins and take full advantage of these holidays in the sun that we have been waiting for all year, even with its with medium flows !

louloucup menstrual cups

Getting your period in the summer

If you too have not yet free instinctive flow, you are wondering which periodic protection is best suited for your holidays. The pair of period panties is damn practical but what about swimming? Louloucup also offers menstrual swimwear as cups or menstrual cups. Today, zoom on the use of the cup in the water, at the pool, at the sea and at the beach.

Take your Loulou cup back to the pool!

Little reminder. Except our period panties super elegant, pretty and reliable, we also offer a menstrual cup made in France, in two sizes (small or medium). This cup acts as a reservoir to hold menstrual blood. Placed in the vagina, it is an internal and invisible protection which is neither embarrassing nor painful. For wise use, we advise you to empty your cup and rinse it every 4 to 6 hours.

The menstrual cup has positioned itself in recent years as a healthy alternative to tampons or with a very dubious composition and pads. polluting and disposable.

menstrual cup 2 sizes Louloucup

With the cup, we use a reusable, washable and very practical protection that can last more than five years. Once full, just empty it, wash it and reintroduce it to be protected again. So what about the cup on vacation, at the swimming pool or at the sea? Can it be used without problems in water? Can we swim with your cup ? Link swimming lines without contraindication? Can we swim when we have our period? We tell you everything!

Swimming with your cup, everything you need to know

To avoid any unfortunate leaks, effective protection is necessary during your bathing sessions. And no, once in the water, your period does not stop as if by a miracle. It is a received idea. The losses will surely slow down because of the water pressure but in no case stop dead. You therefore need effective protection if you want to avoid water leaks and stains on the deckchair!

The cup, an ally during your travels

Are you flying and only have cabin baggage? Are you traveling light? Would you rather stuff your makeup bag and beauty products than tampons and sanitary pads? Good news, the cup is very small. In her little pocket, she goes incognito. Another detail for globetrotters, tampons simply do not exist in some countries while in others it is quite difficult to obtain ones. should offer superior hygienic protection. Then the cup can really save you the day!

During swimming, the cup healthier than a tampon

While sanitary napkin soaks up water like a sponge and is not at all suitable for swimming; the for, he also gorges himself with water through his little cord. After a bathing session, your intimate flora has had time to be in contact with salt water (if you are at the sea) or well chlorinated water (if you are at the swimming pool). The composition of the tampon also causes intimate dryness and irritation.

Louloucup menstrual cup sterilizer

On the contrary, the menstrual cup completely blocks the water. Our Loulou menstrual cups have a clean and ethical composition. the medical silicone and the dyes used are devoid of harmful chemical components. So by wearing our cup, there is no risk to your health. When you come back from the beach or the swimming pool, simply take the time to wash your hands, remove your cup, empty it, clean it, but also to perform a personal hygiene with your usual hygiene products. It is always possible to empty your cup during the day. Just remember to take a bottle of water to rinse it out. The sterilization of your cup is not essential, it can wait until the end of your period.

The cup, essential for heavy flows

If it is quite possible to swim without protection when you experience small losses or to wear a our period swimsuit when we know a light or medium flow, it is immediately more complicated for the heavy flows !

The menstrual cup is therefore the best choice. She can hold back big blood loss without leakage. A real bargain for some women experiencing particularly heavy periods.

menstrual cup

The opinions on the cup are unanimous. Many are seduced by the internal and invisible side. Once well unfolded against the walls of the vagina, the cup follows the shape of your body and adapts. You don't feel it. Entirely free of your movements, you move, swim, practice your sport in complete freedom and without fear.

As you will have understood, thanks to the Loulou cup, we strongly wanted to encourage all women to dare. To dare bathe during their period, dare to enjoy, dare to move, dare to swim freely and without stress! Because there are enough of stressing because of your period and fearing a leak or a stain! Take full advantage without asking yourself any questions!