What are the best alternatives to disposable menstrual products?

The tampon irritates. The periodic napkin saturates. The panty liner pollutes.

The disposable menstrual protection accumulate bad points. Their poor composition, their price, their impact on the environment, their variable effectiveness are all arguments that push us to test new solutions.

What are the alternatives to disposable and traditional menstrual products from supermarkets?

The best alternatives to disposable protections are protections that must be reliable, comfortable, practical, economical, ecological and durable. There You can wear a menstrual cup and pair of period panties have established themselves, for several years, as intimate and feminine protections of choice and quality.

Looking for effective alternatives to period pads and tampons? Are you tired of using unhealthy, unreliable period protection? Louloucup presents the best alternatives to single-use hygienic solutions.

disposable and polluting protections

The weak points of disposable menstrual protection

Disposable tampons, pads or panty liners have several faults:

  • they are polluting, they cannot be recycled and produce a lot of waste behind them, thus contributing to global plastic pollution; 

  • they are not always reliable and can leak causing staining and stress; 

  • they have a composition that is not always great (harmful and toxic agents), brands have hidden the composition of napkins and tampons for years; 

  • they are not practical, you have to remember to have emergency protection in your bag and you have to change regularly during the day; 

  • the tampon can dry and irritate the vagina; 

  • the towel may move, scratch; 

  • the towel may give off bad odors. 

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The best alternative: long-lasting menstrual products

Faced with disposable and polluting feminine protection, cups and panties are very interesting: if they are well maintained, they can be worn and kept for years! Both the cup and the panties are therefore durable and responsible. They prevent us from consuming, paying again and again for tampon boxes and napkin packs. Not sure? Here is a presentation and comparison of the two main alternatives to disposable menstrual protection.

Menstrual cups

Menstrual cup or cup, this internal hygienic protection durable fits at the entrance to the vagina and collects menstrual flow effectively.
The cup is perfect for managing heavy or very heavy flows.

Athletes and swimmers are delighted by this protection which does not protrude, which does not dirty, which does not mark. And yes, those who like the tampon for its internal side will, without a doubt, be convinced by the You can wear a menstrual cup.

The cup is sterilized in boiling water and then inserted easily. It comes off after a few hours (6 hours max). It is emptied, washed and then can be reinserted without problem. Virgo girls and women can use it.

Well washed, well rinsed, a cup will last for years! It is therefore a very profitable investment compared to tampons.


Good to know  : At Louloucup, the menstrual cup is made in France, in medical silicone without BPA or latex. Extremely soft, it exists in two models: the classic pink model and Soft Turquoise model. Both models exist in two sizes (small ou medium) to manage all menstrual flows.

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The menstrual panties

Another sustainable and responsible period protection: menstrual panties. What a revolution! A intimate and feminine underwear who doesn't forget to be pretty and who retains period blood, what an invention!

An absorbent membrane is sewn inside the panties. This has a certain absorption capacity without swelling. The panties therefore always remain discreet. Unable to discern protection. No layer effect, no demarcation, no saturation. Some models are also . second skin effect and are therefore completely invisible!

Unlike disposable sanitary napkins, menstrual panties do not release any bad smells. The fabrics breathe. Once the day is over, the panties should be rinsed in cold water then put in the machine on a short cycle at 30°C with the rest of the dirty laundry. It's that simple.

Note that to cover the loss period (which varies from one woman to another) approximately between 4 and 6 days, you will need a certain number of panties to provide day and night protection. You should know that menstrual panties, because of their protection zone, takes a while to dry. And the dryer is prohibited. Air drying is recommended.

pair of period panties

Good to know : Louloucup offers in addition to its two cup models, sublime period panties, to die for! Super absorbent and super effective, these underwear are aimed at all women: ados (teen range from XXS) as well as adult women (range from XS to XXXXL). Our period panties optimally retain light menstrual flow, medium menstrual flow and heavy menstrual flow. Certain models are recognized for their double absorption, they are ideal for hemorrhagic flows due to the copper IUD.

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We must also not forget the washable sanitary napkin, another washable, effective and durable protection that can replace your disposable protections.

In short, you will have understood, alternatives exist. Increasingly widespread, they finally allow you to have a choice! If the sustainable solution always turns out to be more expensive to purchase, it must always be considered as an investment that will quickly pay off.

At Louloucup, you have the assurance of purchasing healthy products with a clean composition. The good news ? Our packs made to measure, fully customizable at decreasing prices and our delivery is always free!