Which menstrual swimsuit should I choose for my teenager?

It's out of the question to deprive yourself of the swimming pools or a session beach because of his with medium flows ! When we are teenager, it is not always easy to manage your periods and know which protections to turn to. The first steps may be hesitant and that's normal.

To spend a serene summer, but also all the rest of the year during swimming, think of the menstrual swimsuit for teens. This aquatic version of the pair of period panties has only good points! Test it without wasting a minute.

Manage your period when you are a teenager with a menstrual swimsuit

In summer, outings to the pool, holidays by the sea and sunbathing sessions are a must! So when you have your period, what solutions not to spoil these beautiful moments?

Our teenagers have several options to feel protected and serene during their period. Among the possibilities, the our period swimsuit turns out to be a particularly interesting alternative. When we know that the girl's first menstrual cycles can be painful and irregular, it is important to turn to hygienic protections that are both reliable and comfortable. THE our period swimsuit ou period bikini. is part of.

Menstruation and bathing, the menstrual swimsuit is a must!

For swimming, the choice of periodic protections is quite limited. The teenager can use:

  • La menstrual cup, washable and reusable internal protection, ecological and economical, but not always easy to handle for the youngest.
  • Le tampon classic. It turns out to be inexpensive to buy, but produces waste, is polluting for the environment, but also irritating for intimacy (drying of the vagina, irritation, etc.).
  • Le our period swimsuit is a washable, reusable and practical protection in addition to being aesthetic and discreet. In short the your swimwear has many positive points that will surely convince the most skeptical teenage girls.

Le period swimsuit one piece ou two pieces also has the serious advantage of not being an internal protection. Unlike the cup or tampon, the menstrual shirt does not require manipulation. It slips on like a normal jersey, that's all!

What criteria should be followed to choose the right menstrual swimsuit for your teenager?

How to choose among the many brands that now offer menstrual swimsuits for teens efficient and reliable? We advise you to observe various important points before making your final choice. Also find our comparison of the best menstrual swimsuits.

First, pay close attention to the brand, its values ​​and its commitments. Is she French? Where does she make her swimsuits? Prefer if you can made in France or made in Europe. Go for a brand that is close to your mentality. Does it highlight all morphologies? Does it provide swimsuits for all sizes ? Are there jerseys large sizes, For example ?  

Also, it is important before placing an order, to read the brand's shipping policy. What about the Shipping ? Is she free ? Does the chosen brand deliver outside of France? In Europe or in the world? What is the delivery price? Are there shipping costs? Also, are offers, promotions, promo codes available? Can you buy in addition to the jersey, teen period panties, For example ?

Also pay attention to the composition of the swimsuit and fabrics used. Reassure yourself by easily finding the details of the composition of the products. Is the brand vegan For example ? Some brands are very transparent, others less so. If you are looking for a menstrual swimsuit because you don't want your teenager to wear irritating tampons, then the composition is undoubtedly an important point for you.

Take a look at the feedback previous users. Opinions are always important to consider. When they are constructive, they can really help you make your final choice. Customers can often, for example, comment on the size: “It fits correctly. " etc.

Turn to a brand that has a “special teen collection”. THE teen swimwear will thus be designed and designed for morphologies and bodies that are more frail, more slender than the swimsuits in the adult women's collection. There are period jerseys in size 12 years, 14 years or from XXS.

Finally, of course, don't forget that the aesthetic choice is very important. Today, your teenager will be able to choose from a large number of menstrual one piece swimsuits, two piece menstrual bathing suits or period swimsuit bottoms. Plain or colorful, classic or more original, who said you couldn't have fun during your period with beautiful fashion pieces? Feeling pretty and comfortable in your body during your period is really important when you're a teenager.

Focus on the Manon de Louloucup menstrual bikini bottom

swimsuit bottoms
Available size XXS, like the Manon model menstrual bikini bottoms of Louloucup is ideal for teens who are experiencing their first period. This black menstrual swim panties is super classic. It can be paired with any swim bra, bra top or bikini top for a cool, mismatched look.

The Manon model from Louloucup has an absorption capacity equivalent to two tampons. He can thus manage a light flows or average flows no problem. These very classic black stockings have an absorption fabric in the middle that allows you to capture the menstrual flow, but also to retain it without it dispersing in the water!
For heavy flows, we recommend wearing a menstrual cup, in addition to the jersey, to guarantee zero leaks.

The Manon model from Louloucup is designed to offer not only reliable protection, but also optimal comfort.
The absorbent fabric in the core of the swimsuit ensures a feeling of freshness and well-being, allowing your teenager to fully enjoy her water activities without discomfort or irritation due to blood loss.

Don't panic or worry, the menstrual swimsuit for teens guarantees a stain-free, odor-free, leak-free experience. Your teenager will be able to take full advantage of the beach or the swimming pool with his friends without being afraid of staining his bath towel or his sarong!

Most ? Louloucup ensures its deliveries in France and in Europe for free. All orders are shipped within 48 hours.