Why are period panties the best choice for teens?

The first periods for a teenager are often a sign of upheaval. hormones, acne, puberty, the body changes very quickly! The new periods, often irregular, sometimes painful, can surprise and confuse. It is then necessary a reliable and practical hygienic protection, easy to use which reassures the teenager.

La pair of period panties seems to have only good points: ecological, organic, washable, reusable, durable, reliable without forgetting to be pretty, Louloucup shows you all the advantages of choosing menstrual panties for your teenager!

Which hygienic protection to choose for your teenager?

Before going any further, a little comparison is in order. Let's count the good and bad points of the main protections and hygienic solutions for our teenagers.menstrual panties

Disposable hygienic tampon

The tampon dominated for a very long time. Essential for swimming, it was practical and quite easy to use for our teenagers, especially with an applicator. Today, the disputed composition of tampons or made its use less obvious and popular.

The positive point without hesitation is its price. However, keep in mind that the price of a box must be multiplied by the number of cycles in the year (about 13) and the score is immediately higher!

The negative points are numerous. There buffer composition has long been killed. We discovered chlorine, pesticides and many products that are dangerous to health. Repeated use of the tampon also has harmful effects on intimacy since the tampon is responsible for drying out and irritating the vagina. Finally, a tampon left in place for too long can be dangerous: risk of TSS (toxic shock syndrome).

disposable sanitary napkins

The main positive point of pads. disposables is their price at the time. An argument to be nuanced just like for buffers.

On the negative side, sanitary napkins pollute. They are made up of plastics in particular and petroleum derivatives which cannot be recycled. They also generate bad smells and can quickly become saturated. Finally, towels can move and cause leaks. In short, they are neither reliable nor practical.

The menstrual cup or cup

This internal protection has revolutionized hygienic solutions. The most negative point is certainly its use which may, at first, not be obvious for all teenagers who are not comfortable with their intimacy.

The positives, however, are numerous. The menstrual cup is durable, economical, hygienic and super practical. It is particularly suitable for young girls and women with heavy flows. The cup is great for swimming sessions. Be careful, the cup remains an internal protection which should not be worn for more than 6 hours in a row.

The menstrual panties

The only negative point of the menstrual panties is its price to the purchase which can discourage. You should know that the price of menstrual panties is quickly amortized. Well-maintained menstrual panties last for several years (5 years on average).

The menstrual panties have the good points for our teenagers. Super practical, menstrual panties adapt to all flows, there are some for light flow, for medium flow, for heavy flow, very heavy and even hemorrhagic. Durable, it produces no waste behind it, it is ecological and washable, in short, it has everything to please! In addition, the different brands go to great lengths to offer fun, cute, pretty and feminine models, so why deprive yourself of them?


Menstrual panties: the best protection for your teenager

Three arguments that make the difference and will delight your teenage girls!

Invisible menstrual panties

Menstrual panties appeal to teenagers because they are invisible. Impossible to guess that under his jeans, your teenager wears a absorbent panties that captures her flow all day long! On the night side, the heavy flow period panties are really perfect for spending a dry and spotless night. A real joy !

Healthy and clean menstrual panties

Favor them period panties doubled in organic cotton OCS (Organic Cotton standard) for more softness, but above all to ensure a healthy material in contact with their intimacy. Faced with the harmful compositions of tampons, the priority is to equip yourself with healthy protections without risk to health, certified, standard 100 Oeko-tex.

Menstrual panties are comfortable

Ease of use and comfort make period panties appeal to all young girls of all ages. For young girls who have just come out of childhood and are discovering their periods, middle school girls, high school girls or students. 12 years old, 14 years old or 16 years old, period briefs are comfortable and so practical that all profiles and all young girls can wear them without any problem!

Menstrual panties for teenagers by Louloucup

Louloucup wanted to address all women, including the youngest. Those who are no longer children, but who are not completely women either. Several models are available from size XXS to suit the morphologies of the smallest teenagers. Find without delay:

  • La Mathilde menstrual panties for very heavy flow, a black high waist menstrual panties.
  • La Simone menstrual panties for abundant flow with a red sailor print, very discreet, entirely in organic cotton.
  • La Lucie menstrual panties for medium flow black and super fun with its small golden finish, it has super flat seams.
  • La period panties Louise for medium flow is perfect for tweens, teens and young girls who are discovering their first menstrual cycles. With its white and blue striped print and blue lace, the Louise model is easy to wear.

How can you help choose the best period panties for your teen?

A few tips for doing best choice of period panties for teens :

  • Check out feedback users to reassure you.
  • Remember to buy several models, compose a pack and look for the right promotions, to save money!
  • Find out about the shipping costs (in France or from abroad) as well as the delivery time.
  • Take models adapted to the profile of your teenager. Does she play sports? Think invisible panties with flat seams under the sports leggings, for example!

At Louloucup, we offer a wide variety of panty models: high waist, large sizes, black, printed, cotton, washable and durable. For heavy flow or light flow, the Shipping is always free, shipping are offered in France. In addition, the order is always shipped within 48 hours.