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Our Heavy Flow Period Panties

Our heavy flow collection absorbs the equivalent of 5 tampons for all-day peace of mind and comfort. The inside is made with organic cotton :)

Shop our heavy flow period panties

Clara - Ultra Heavy Flow ++++++ Menstrual Panties


Mathilde - Very Heavy Flow Menstrual Panties ++++++

culotte menstruelle sans couture flux abondant
culotte menstruelle invisible flux abondant

Liv - Seamless Period Panties Very Heavy Flow ++++++

lot culotte menstruelle louloucup

Jade - Very Heavy Flow Menstrual Panties ++++++

culotte menstruelle loulou avis

Fanny - Heavy Flow +++++ Menstrual Panties


Simone - Abundant Flow Menstrual Panties +++++


Large Waterproof Storage Pouch

pochette de rangement waterproof
pochette de rangement menstruation

Small Waterproof Storage Pouch


Our medium flow briefs

Our medium flow panties are thin and absorb the equivalent of 2.5 tampons. The inside is still organic cotton :)

Shop Our medium flow period panties
culotte menstruelle margot

Margot - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +++

culotte menstruelle invisible louloucup
culotte menstruelle pas cher sans couture

Gaby - Invisible medium flow menstrual panties

culotte menstruelle dentelle louloucup

Ella - Medium Flow Menstrual panties +++


Lucie - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +++


Naomi - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +++

On sale
culotte menstruelle
culotte de regle noire

Rebecca - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++

Reduced price €23.90 Regular price €28.90 Save € 5
culotte menstruelle bleu nuit dentelle
culotte menstruelle bar lily

Lily - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++

On sale

Romy - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++

Reduced price €24.90 Regular price €28.90 Save € 4
On sale

Seamless Emilie - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +

Reduced price €22.90 Regular price €28.90 Save € 6
On sale

Louise - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++

Reduced price €23.90 Regular price €28.90 Save € 5

Lea - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++

On sale
culotte menstruelle
culotte détachable

Gigi - Final Collection - SALE - Adjustable Menstrual Panties

Reduced price €17.90 Regular price €28.90 Save € 11

Noa Menstrual Swimsuit

maillot de bain menstruel ado
maillot de bain regles ado

Manon Menstrual Bikini Bottom

Bas maillot de bain menstruel louloucup
maillot de bain regles

Laura Menstrual Bikini Bottom

meilleur maillot de bain menstruel

Juliette Menstrual Bikini Bottom


Large Waterproof Storage Pouch

pochette de rangement waterproof
pochette de rangement menstruation

Small Waterproof Storage Pouch


Our light flow briefs

Our light flow collection is perfect for the last days of your period, catching white discharge, or you can use them when you know your period is coming soon. The interior is still organic cotton :)

Shop Our menstrual tangas
On sale
Tanga menstruel
tanga menstruel pas cher

Chloé - Light Flow Menstrual Tanga

Reduced price €24.90 Regular price €28.90 Save € 4

Mia - Light Flow Menstrual Panties


Medium Flow Menstrual Panties FAQs

- + What is an average flow? 

To help women and teenagers find hygienic protection most suitable, teen period panties are presented by absorption capacity: light flow, medium flow, heavy flows, very profuse or hemorrhagic flow. 
At Louloucup, we prefer to use the term menstrual flow mean that normal menstrual flow. The word normal does not make too much sense when you know that the rules are so variable from one cycle and from one woman to another! 
To give an idea, a flow considered average is between 30 ml and 50 ml. In terms of intensity, this is equivalent to the use of approximately 3 tampons per day. A woman with a average flows change it sanitary napkin every 3 to 4 hours. 

- + What are the advantages of Louloucup medium flow period panties?
  • Their interior lined in OCS certified cotton, from organic farming.
  • Models of teen period panties original, flattering, sexy, elegant and really pretty.
  • A wide variety of styles (panties, , bloomers), prints (liberty, marinière), cuts, materials. 
  • Fabrics selected for their quality and composition, free of toxic and harmful substances, certified Oeko-Tex 100 standard. 
  • An excellent absorption from the flow of long hours.
  • We have a big superior comfort and extreme softness. 
  • A big discretion despite their high absorption capacity. 
- + How long can medium flow panties be worn? 

A medium flow seamless menstrual panty can very well be worn all day without problem. It really depends on the intensity of your flow. 

- + Can medium flow menstrual panties be worn at night? 

Yes of course. It depends on the intensity of your flow. In order to sleep more peacefully and to avoid all leaks, we often recommend a period panties heavy flow very absorbent for the night. This will be able to capture the blood and imprison it all night without saturating. But only you know your body, your cycle and your flow, a medium flow panties may totally suit you. When composing your pack ou panty, you can choose heavy flow panties in addition to period panties medium flow

- + I have a medium flow. I want reliable hygienic protection while remaining feminine, which model should I choose?

Louloucup offers models for all body types and for all styles. find it Naomi model (one of the models of pair of period panties the most appreciated by our customers), period bikini bottoms and feminine. These small lacings on the sides bring a certain audacity to this sexy, comfortable and super absorbent model. THE Romy model, fun, flattering and red also capsizes hearts! The Romy model has the serious advantage of being composed of organic cotton inside and fiber bamboo outside. Sexy and eco-friendly! 

- + Why are Louloucup medium flow period panties more reliable than sanitary napkins?

La pair of period panties Louloucup offers long protection and absolute comfort. The internal lining in OCS certified organic cotton brings a certain softness while respecting your privacy and the planet.
The absorbent fabrics placed in the crotch have a high absorption capacity without swelling or leaking. You no longer have to change Period panties regularly, you forget your period and you are no longer afraid of leaks or saturation. The +? You wear beautiful lingerie in which you feel beautiful! 

- + I often wear close-fitting suits, skirts or dresses, which panty style would suit me best? 

Le margot model is made for you! High waisted, black, very absorbent and invisible, these panties have many advantages. Its flat seams and very soft black material make this period panty feminine, elegant and very discreet lingerie. 

- + Often on the move, I am looking for a practical medium flow panty? 

Louloucup has the model you need! THE gigi model These openable menstrual panties. It allows you to change very quickly without undressing. Very practical in addition to being very pretty and feminine, the Gigi briefs simply come off on the side thanks to their hook system. 

The Gigi panties slip easily into the handbag. It's really the backup panty that saves us in case of irregular periods, delayed periods or prolonged periods. 

- + Sporty, I'm looking for a medium flow panty that will be invisible under my sports leggings?

The Emilie model is ideal for anyone looking for reliable protection, absorbency and completely invisible. THE Emily model, is indeed, a seamless menstrual panties

Very comfortable, soft and super discreet, these period panties are perfect for a serene sports session. 

- + I have a doubt about my size, what should I do?

A few tips to avoid mistakes: 

  • We bring great care and extreme meticulousness to the sizes of our teen period panties. They very often correspond to the size you take for classic panties. 
  • Before placing an order, you can go to our size guide
  • Exceptionally, we always indicate on our product sheet if a model would tend to cut larger or smaller than expected.
  • On each product sheet we indicate the sizes that our models wear. This gives an idea of ​​how the period panty. You can compare your morphology with those of our models.
  • Read product reviews. Clients may report interesting observations. 
  • If you are still hesitating, think that a woman who has his period always has the belly a little more swollen and tense. We therefore advise to opt for the size above to feel more comfortable and less tight if you find yourself between two sizes. 
  • Finally, returns are always possible of course. A good return is slipped into your package and tells you what to do. If delivery is offered, the return is at your expense. 
- + Where are Louloucup medium flow period panties made? 

Louloucup is a French brand. We design and imagine all our models in France. Our menstrual cups are also entirely made in France.

As for our collection of period panties, 80% of our menstrual lingerie is made in Portugal. Some more technical models are made in China. Their composition and the origin of their manufacture are clearly indicated on each product sheet. In China as in Portugal, the fabrics used are always Oeko-Tex 100 standard certified. 

- + What is the price of Louloucup medium flow menstrual panties? 

A period panty Louloucup has a A unit price from €28,90. The good news is that the unit price is decreasing if you take two, three, four, five or more! The bigger your pack, the more single menstrual panties will be cheaper. For a pack of five panties or more, the panties cost €22,90. 

- + How do you put together a pack of panties?

Freely ! Size, flow, models, you can choose to measure and put exactly what you want in your batch. Bloomers, menstrual shorty, menstrual thongs, menstrual swimwear and which has cups are included in the offer, so don't hesitate! 

- + How many period panties should I order to be safe during my period?

We recommend starting with a set of five period panties. Each cycle, duration, intensity varies from woman to woman. It is therefore difficult to accurately estimate your needs. On the other hand, realize that a menstrual pantiesIt takes a while to dry after washing. For a smooth ride, you need several panties in advance. 

- + How is the delivery at Louloucup?

We ship orders within 48 hours. Delivery is completely free. No shipping costs to be expected, you only pay for your panties and only your panties. In France, delivery is made in partnership with Collissimo. Allow a few days to receive your precious period panties Louloucup.

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