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Shaping lingerie

La support lingerie or shapewear have become essentials in our wardrobe in recent years! There slimming lingerie et flat stomach lingerie, offers us, thanks to its firmness of new curves, a new line, a new profile! What a pleasure to feel so feminine and so good in your dress or in your jeans. 

Le shapewear, understand shaping lingerie or sheathing, has great qualities: firmness, femininity, comfort and discretion! With the flat stomach lingerie, no more complexes! You feel really good about yourself. 

Okay, supportive lingerie, but which remains pleasant and pretty, it is also and above all comfortable lingerie and sexy lingerie and feminine lingerie. 

After menstrual lingerie, Louloucup offers a bold, fiery, classy and feminine range of flat stomach sculpting lingerie, discover our new models, including shaping panties and shaping shorties. 

Louloucup's flat stomach range

Our new range of flat stomach lingerie has several models of shaping and slimming underwear to enhance your morphology and your natural beauty.

Flat stomach panties

This is the flagship piece of our collection: the ultra shaping panties flat stomach Louloucup is feminine and pretty, black and sexy for a slender profile and a silhouette refined. And yes, the shaping panties are your ally for a sculpted body.

A true slimming ally, Louloucup shaping panties are high waisted underwear which have real slimming power. This is very effective firm support lingerie.

This piece of sculpting lingerie is shaping, but remains very comfortable for daily use. There sheath panties refines the lower abdomen and slims the line. There flat stomach sculpting panties Louloucup is invisible, super discreet and super soft. In short, she has everything going for her!

Thanks to its super soft internal lining, it's extremely easy to put it on and take it off. Our comfortable lingerie is pleasant to wear.

The flat stomach bodysuit

The shaping body is a piece of super sexy shaping lingerie which has established itself as a great essential. THE body shapewear manages to refine, gain and slim the stomach, bust, trunk, chest, neckline and arms. It is therefore a key piece of slimming lingerie and flat stomach lingerie.

Long sleeves or with straps, in panty version or in thong version, multiple models and body shapes exist for all body types and for all desires. Anyway, the invisible flat stomach shaping body is an absolute must! 

The sculpting bodysuit doesn't forget to be a comfortable piece of lingerie. The interior is soft. It's really very pleasant to wear. You don't feel cramped there. It is also and above all a sexy and feminine lingerie model that we particularly like to wear. Once worn, you radiate, you feel fully feminine. Our curves are highlighted. 

Flat stomach shorty

Finally, the last element of our range of flat stomach lingerie, the invisible shaping shorty Louloucup. This piece of slimming lingerie offers a formidable flat stomach effect. 

Le Louloucup sculpting shorty is ultra comfortable. This model can be worn daily. It is easy to wear: it does not roll on itself and is put on in the blink of an eye. It is very easy to put on and take off.

Very shaping, it provides very firm support to the silhouette by shaping the thighs, buttocks, pelvis and stomach. The Louloucup shaping shorty model is The high waist, it thus provides the desired support on the abdominal belt while sculpting the buttocks and slimming the thighs. It is therefore an essential piece of slimming lingerie! 

Finally, the shaping shorty nonetheless remains a very pretty model of feminine lingerie. 

Shapewear by Louloucup

Le shapewear movement revolutionized traditional lingerie! This new trendy flat stomach lingerie brings firmness and maintain while discretion and comfort. You win some precious centimeters of waist circumference, hip circumference or thigh circumference. With shapewear panties and underwear for women, you feel better about your skin and your body. 

Your profile is slimmed, the waist is refined. However, shaping lingerie and slimming lingerie do not compress the body, nor do they have any sweating effect. Blood circulation, digestion, breathing, nothing is hindered!

Supportive lingerie does not forget who it is aimed at: women wanting to feel better about themselves. It is therefore, also and above all, feminine and sexy lingerie.

Finally, one of the main assets of this flat stomach lingerie is undoubtedly its discretion. Invisible under clothing, all our models are second skin. The seams are all super flat, very discreet or barely or not visible. We then talk about invisible shaping panties ou seamless shaping panties

Sculpting lingerie for several areas of the body

La slimming lingerie or sculpting flat stomach lingerie models the body. Your entire general profile, your silhouette is reworked, reshaped, sheathed: the arms, bust, stomach, pelvis, buttocks and even thighs. 

A flat stomach

This is the number one asset when buying sculpting lingerie or slimming lingerie! There flat stomach panties, high shaping panties ou flat stomach shaping panties knows how to camouflage small unsightly bulges. Do you want to lose belly fat? THE women's high waist shaping briefs is what you need! 

The abdomen, the stomach, the abdominal belt as well as the lower abdomen, the entire stomach in its entirety is retained and maintained. 

Shaping panties are the best representatives of support lingerie and flat stomach lingerie.

Curvy buttocks

Flat and unsightly buttocks? Are you looking for shapes that are a little more feminine and toned? Do you want to show off a lifted, well-shaped, well-sculpted butt under your pretty dress? The shapewear bodysuit or shapewear or sculpting panties can give you a sexy butt and pretty feminine curves

Tapered thighs

Thinner, more elongated, more tapered thighs are possible thanks to the shaping shorty. This model of shapewear is perfect for all women who are self-conscious about their thighs and saddlebags. Sculpting lingerie knows remodel this part of the body that is so difficult to tone and refine in the gym. 

The sheath shorty is a great piece of comfortable lingerie in which you feel really good. 

Refined hips

A wide pelvis or love handles can give complex. The slimming and shaping panties know how, thanks to their firmness, to provide smoothing on this targeted part of the body. 

The love handles are erased, the excess fat stored in this area is maintained by the technical fabrics of the panties or high waisted boy shorts. It is the size and the entire profile which is thus modified and firmed. 

Your female curves are sculpted and sublimated. Your body is highlighted in the most beautiful way.

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Culotte gainante ventre plat
shapewear ventre plat

Shapewear: Louloucup flat stomach shaping panties

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Shorty gainant
Shorty gainant

Shaping shorty


The Louloucup shapewear range

- +

What are the qualities of the Louloucup shapewear range? 

In addition to menstrual lingerie, Louloucup wanted to offer in 2024, a shaping lingerie, slimming, modeling and sculpting, underwear shapewear trendy and comfortable in which you feel good, feminine, sexy and pretty. The two main qualities of this new range from Louloucup: sheathing and comfort. Yes, our women's lingerie is both ultra-shaping and very comfortable, it's possible! 

- +

I'm hesitating between the shaping panties and the Louloucup shaping shorty, which models should I choose? 

It all depends on what you are looking for and what you expect from shapewear and shapewear. Do you want a flat stomach? The ultra-shaping panties are perfect if you are looking for a flat stomach effect. You want to camouflage your saddlebags and refine your thighs? The shaping shorty will then be perfect. In both cases, your waist and your silhouette will be refined and slimmed down.

Flat belly

- +

Which panties to have a flat stomach? 

To have a flat stomach, shapewear panties are perfect. Thanks to its high or very high waist, its very firm fabrics and its elastics, they provide welcome sheathing without compressing. Shaping panties are the number 1 model for flat stomach lingerie.

- +

How to get a flat stomach? 

To obtain the famous flat stomach effect, you will have to turn to the shapewear movement. This is a very trendy shaping and shaping lingerie. These very firm, but also very thin underwear provide incredible sheathing while being invisible under clothing. With the women shapewear underwear (panties, shorties, bodysuits, shorts, etc.), the silhouette is lifted, the profile slimmed, the buttocks sculpted, the waist reshaped, in short, your natural beauty is enhanced! Shapewear is slimming lingerie that flattens the stomach area.


- +

What differentiates Louloucup sculpting lingerie from uncomfortable grandmother's girdles? 

The old panty girdle uncomfortable in which we felt cramped no longer! The corset with hoops and the rigid corset have been replaced by super comfortable flat stomach panties, sculpting high-waisted panties in which we are free to move. We move, we breathe! 

Don't forget: today's support lingerie is above all comfortable lingerie! 

- +

I'm hesitant to buy slimming underwear because I'm afraid of discomfort. 

It's quite normal to have a certain apprehension, however all Louloucup shapewear models are very comfortable. They have been designed and designed for everyday use. The very elastic fabric holds without compressing. The skin is respected, perspiration evacuated. The inner lining is very soft and thus offers a particularly pleasant wearing experience.

- +

Shapewear lingerie is known for not staying in place and rolling on itself, what about Louloucup shapewear and flat stomach underwear? 

Thanks to the internal lining, but also and above all, thanks to the super discreet silicone bands, the flat stomach panties or the flat stomach bodysuit adhere to your body without moving or rolling on themselves! They stay in place all day without problem! 

Sheathed silhouette: waist, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs

- +

I want to erase my love handles, how do I do it? 

Sculpting lingerie and shaping underwear are perfect for lifting, smoothing, slimming the hips and erasing the love handles that bother you! Sculpting high-waisted panties, shaping high-waisted shorties or slimming bodysuits, you are spoiled for choice to refine your pelvis and gain a few precious centimeters.

- +

I want to hide my belly, should I prefer a bodysuit, high-waisted panties or shaping shorts? 

Following childbirth or simply due to your body shape, do you have a small stomach that is playing overtime? No problem, today thanks to shapewear, you can easily find a large range of shaping, comfortable and elegant underwear to refine your waist and reduce your lower stomach. There high waist panties flat stomach, but also the flat stomach shorty or the invisible flat stomach shaping body are perfect for retaining the abdominal belt and slimming the silhouette. 

- +

I would like to add a new shape to my buttocks, what should I do? 

Lifting your buttocks, making it firmer, more toned, it's easy thanks to modeling and sculpting lingerie. The shaping shorty is undoubtedly the perfect piece of shaping lingerie to target the buttocks and this part of the body in general. 

- +

My thighs are bothering me, can shapewear help me to accept myself better? 

Of course. For many reasons, your thighs can cause you self-consciousness. Thanks to the right shaping underwear, you can obtain tapered, thinner, firmer, more shapely thighs. The shaping shorty is undoubtedly your best ally in support lingerie to target this specific area of ​​the body. 

Flat stomach and femininity lingerie

- +

I would really like to buy shapewear but I want to remain feminine and sexy, is that possible? 

Grandma's old shapewear panties can be scary. It's normal ! They don't really have a pretty image. Fortunately with the advent of shapewear, shaping panties have been reinvented. This is truly sexy and feminine lingerie, very soft and delicate, where the woman's shapes and curves are enhanced. 

Shaping lingerie and invisibility

- +

I am looking for invisible and shaping lingerie to wear under an evening dress. Is Louloucup's new shapewear collection made for me? 

Yes completely! Many of us are looking for flat stomach panties to wear under our evening dress or cocktail dress to display a more slender, slimmer silhouette. Thanks to the high-waisted shaping briefs, you will feel more comfortable in your evening outfit. Your unsightly little bulges are erased in the blink of an eye. Impossible to discern the shaping panties under the dress, because it is completely invisible, ultra discreet support lingerie! No demarcation, no fold, impossible to guess.

Size and shapewear

- +

I just received my Louloucup flat stomach panties, they are very small, I will never be able to fit them! 

Don't panic, shapewear is extremely elastic! All the women's shapewear underwear are very firm and firm. The first time, it's pretty normal to be skeptical. However, you will see, it is very easy to put on. Once in place, comfort is there. Testing this lingerie means adopting it! Your curves will be enhanced, we sometimes forget, but this sculpting lingerie is also sexy lingerie! 

- +

What size should I take for flat stomach panties? 

We can only advise you to follow your usual size. Pay attention to the various advice when ordering on the product sheet. Also read user reviews, they are always very useful. Do you have any doubts? Do not hesitate to contact us on hello@louloucup.com 

- +

I want to buy shapewear. What are some good tips for choosing the right size? 

You can measure your size with a sewing tape and follow the size guide to select the right size and avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

Price, delivery and returns policy 

How to take advantage of all the Louloucup advantages and not miss any promotional offers? In order to obtain even more advantages and privileged offers, do not hesitate to subscribe to our Loulou Addict loyalty program

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I'm looking for inexpensive shapewear, is the new Louloucup shapewear range accessible? 

As always with Louloucup, we want to offer products with the best quality/price ratio! We want to make feminine, pretty and comfortable lingerie available to as many people as possible with high-quality technical fabrics. 

- +

How to take advantage of promotional codes? 

When you place an order, when validating your basket, think about the promo code! Visible on the pink banner at the top of the site, we offer various very interesting promo codes throughout the year to help you save even more on your favorite shaping panties! 

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How much does Louloucup delivery cost? 

€0! Delivery is always free with Louloucup. 

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What is the order lead time? 

Your packages leave our office every day. Allow a maximum of 48 hours for shipping. So you will receive your feminine and sculpting lingerie at home very quickly! 

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I made the wrong size or model, what should I do? What is your return policy ? 

Our returns policy is very simple. Within 15 days of receipt of your order, you can return unworn products that are not suitable in their original packaging. A return slip is slipped into the package and explains the procedure to follow. In the case of a return, the return costs are your responsibility. 

- +

Any problem? 

Do you still have questions about shapewear? Didn't find the answer to your question? You can contact our customer service via hello@louloucup.com 

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