How to use your menstrual cup?

Do you want to change sanitary protection? Tired of tampons or pads? The You can wear a menstrual cup is an ideal alternative. Indeed, she does not contain chemicals. You are probably wondering how to use it. This may be your first time using a menstrual cup. Don't worry, we'll explain everything to you. First of all, the cup is an intravaginal protection. It is inserted into the vagina to collect a large quantity of blood following your flow.

Menstrual cup use: how does it work? 

The menstrual cup corresponds to a medical silicone receptacle with a stem and it looks like a small bell. Its composition is healthy and transparent: without phthalates, latex or bisphenol. She goes contain the blood, unlike the tampon which absorbs it. For a first use, you have to ask yourself the right questions beforehand on: your menstrual flow, your perineum, your sexual relations and your future childbirth. The answers will determine in particular the choice of the model. 

Menstrual cup operation 

The cup is therefore an internal hygienic protection that acts as a container. Its capacity is 3 times greater than the absorption of tampons. A healthy alternative, it is ideal for physical activity or swimming. The principle is simple, it is washable and reusable. Just insert it inside the vagina, then you can be quiet and free to moveAt night youthey wear it until 6 to 8 o'clock. Be careful not to exceed the time. 

Fitting menstrual cup 

Ruler n° 1 cup application for menstruation: wash hands thoroughly before inserting or removing. Settle in relaxed and laid back. The ideal positions for placing the cup are: standing with one leg raised, squatting or sitting on the toilet. On the other hand, it is not recommended to insert it elongated, this can cause a bad placement of the menstrual cup. Don't worry, you'll quickly get the hang of it. On the Louloucup website, you can refer to the cup guide to observe the different folds to place it: in C, in seven or in tulip.

What are the precautions for using your cup? 

The menstrual cup remains a device use with caution following the recommendations: 

  • rinse it well between each use and clean it every day;
  • use a neutral soap or an intimate hygiene gel; 
  • wash hands before insertion or removal;
  • le toxic shock syndrome (SCT) can occur with prolonged use of internal sanitary protection. The victims correspond to women carriers of the bacterium S. aureus secreting TSST-1 toxins. He so don't need not wear it more than 6 to 8 hours in a row ;
  • first use of the menstrual cup and at the start of each cycle : sterilize her ; 
  • do not put in case of yeast infection or vaginal infection ;
  • not keeping it on during sex ;
  • do not wear one during postpartum bleeding. It is important to then seek the advice of a gynecologist or midwife. 

What are the different Louloucup cup models? 

For optimal use, the brand offers 2 types of models and colors. Depending on the menstrual flow, there is a choice between size M and S. The medium menstrual cup corresponds to the universal one. The small adapts to lighter flows. The color code indicates the level of flexibility: pink or turquoise. The blue is much softer, the pink harder. This allows women to select the cup that best suits their intimacy.

Why choose a menstrual cup? 

The menstrual cup has many advantages. She allows to save money. Moreover, she is the solution ecological and healthy. Indeed, it does not contain harmful substances and does not cause allergies or vaginal dryness. Durable and washable, the cup plays a role in favor of the environment. In addition, the period cup allows you to know more about your body and your menstrual flow. Indeed, you realize better the quantity of blood that you lose. 

Menstrual cup: comfort during menstruation! 

The menstrual cup is practical and comfortable. It thus respects your vaginal flora. The toxic components that tampons contain are scary. La cup is thus the healthy, sustainable alternative that adapts to women. Do not forget to consult the precautions for use!