Everything you need to know about the first period in teens

First rules are synonymous with great upheavals and upheavals in the life of a teenager or an young lady. The body changes (chest, skin) but also the mind (increased emotions), in short, crazy hormones impact our teenage girls!

The first menstrual cycles which take place during the puberty can be disturbing and disturbing! Louloucup is now looking at this central question in the life of a young woman!


Acne, mood, hormones and irregular periods

At puberty, the young lady experiences a great upheaval in his body. The first rules are in place. These may turn out irregular in the early days. It's normal. It can also happen that they are a little painful.

The chest is tight, the mood is gloomy, theacne points the tip of its nose, in short the body reacts through different symptoms!

THEage of first period depends a lot from one girl to another. Puberty can be early. Some young girls experience their first periods while they are still in primary school, as early as 9 years old, for example. Others are quiet during their college years and don't experience their first periods until they are 15 or 16 years old.

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Live your first period without stress or apprehension with the right protections

To best support the adolescent in this new stage of her life, it is important to give her the right tools:  
- reliable protections in which they will have full partner,
- protections that are easy to use, practical and discreet,
- protections that are as healthy for their intimitate and their bodies which do not make them run safe materials,
- finally protections effective and but above all pretty because the rules should not prevent us from feeling pretty! Never !

The teenager has several possibilities to manage his first cycles. Now is the time to test and compare. Without pressure, it is important to take the time to carry out tests at home quietly in order to be able to compare the different means and solutions so that she is autonomous in her management of the rules.  

What are the protections to which the teenager can turn?

- The tampon is convenient but can be irritating and drying. Its composition is decried. It is an internal protection that can be worn by virgin girls. On the other hand, it is single-use and causes waste and pollution. It is also necessary to know how to use it well and not to keep it for more than 6 consecutive hours (risk of toxic shock syndrome).

- The sanitary napkin is practical but not always very comfortable or discreet. It is polluting and its composition is decried. It is an external protection which can generate bad smells.

- The You can wear a menstrual cup is an internal protection similar to a small inverted bell in silicone. It has the advantage of being reusable for many years. It is therefore ecological and does not produce waste. It can also be worn by teenagers and young virgin women. The cup may require for the most novices a little time to adapt to the insertion.

- The pair of period panties or menstrual panties is an undergarment similar to normal panties except that it has a membrane super absorbent in its lining. This period panties thus retains the menstrual flow for many hours without saturating. A little expensive to buy, period panties prove to be economical in the long term because they quickly pay for themselves! Flows, models, shapes, many panties exist for ados.


The teen range at Louloucup

Louloucup is:
- healthy, responsible, reusable, ecological and vegan,
- 80% European production, particularly French and Portuguese,
- impeccable quality (Oeko-Tex organic cotton, European and international certifications),
- an always present customer service,
- different hygienic solutions (menstrual cup, period swimsuits., menstrual panties) for all women and for all teens (large choice of sizes and models).

Period panties in organic cotton for our teenagers

Reusable, ecological, healthy and economical protections for our ados !

Louloucup relies on transparency with panties whose composition is completely accessible on each product sheet. So all the teen period panties by Louloucup are lined in certified organic cotton. It is also absorbent period panties dedicated to all flows, light flows, medium flows, heavy flows and very heavy flows.

The teenage range has the advantage of presenting some Louloucup best-selling models in size XXS for the smallest teenagers or very young girls who find themselves settled. So you can equip your period Or your pre-teen with organic period panties, vegan, soft, comfortable, pretty and easy to care for.

Discover without delay our beautiful selection of period briefs for teenagers signed Louloucup:
- Mathilde heavy flow menstrual panties, black and pretty with its little lace,
- the Liv Seamless Heavy Flow Menstrual Panties, completely invisible under clothing,
- the Lucie Medium Flow Menstrual Panties, very discreet with its flat seams and very pretty with its golden finish,
- the Simone heavy flow menstrual panties with her white and red marinière is super fun!
- the Louise panties with white and blue sailor top

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And for swimming?

On sunny days, the teenager swims and tans! Normal, on vacation with the girlfriends, by the pool or at the sea, we take advantage! And menstruation shouldn't be a spoilsport!

Louloucup also offers the menstrual cup, Menstrual bikini bottoms size XXS special for teenagers, like the Manon model. This period swimsuit bottoms black and very simple stands out as a basic to put on and wear with a bra or swim top of your choice. Your teenager can then swim without fear leaks et blood stain. She avoids sanitary tampons that are not very eco-friendly and irritating.

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Cup, jersey or panties, compose your batch or pack tailor-made and save money! For you and your teenager, take advantage of Free Shipping (in France and Europe) to do your shopping. With Louloucup, you are guaranteed a fast delivery. Your order is always dispatched within 48 hours.