Menstrual cup size: how to choose?

It is legitimate to ask questions relating to the rules: towards which hygienic protections to orient? What size menstrual cup should I choose? Practical and ecological, many women are moving towards period cup. She looks like a small silicone funnel and collects blood. It is important to choose the model in line with your menstrual flow: light, medium, abundant, hemorrhagic. Louloucup offers the menstrual cup size S or M. For flexibility, you can also choose between the color blue or pink. 

Menstrual cup size: what are the different Louloucup models?

La  cup is ideal for sports and swimming. In addition, it adapts perfectly to all women and stays in place. This hygienic protection is inserted into the vagina in order to collect and retain the blood. Which cup model to choose? Find on the site the menstrual cup size S or M. Additionally, there is also 2 levels of flexibility. They are differentiated by the colors: blue or pink. Regarding manufacturing, the silicone and dyes used meet strict standards. 

Cup for the rules: what are the right questions to ask? 

Menstrual cup size: how to choose? To find the one that suits you best, you can ask yourself in particular about your menstrual flow: would you qualify it as light, medium, abundant or hemorrhagic? About the perineume: is he toned, muscular? If you have ever given birth, was it vaginally? Indeed, these questions will make it possible to select the cup adapted to each woman and young girl. This hygienic protection offers the opportunity to learn more about their intimacy and the density of their periods. 

Size and flexibility of the menstrual cup

The flow of menstruation and the tone of the perineum therefore correspond to 2 important elements to guide you. The Louloucup cup is distinguished by 2 sizes and 2 colors. Depending on the flow, you have the choice between the menstrual cup size S or M. Added to this is the color code to differentiate the level of flexibility. Blue is softer than pink. Do you already see more clearly? Louloucup thus wishes to facilitate the selection criteria so that each woman finds herself there. 

Menstrual cup size S or M

The menstrual cup small is for young girls or women with light flow. Indeed, it retains a lesser quantity of blood. It offers freedom of movement to practice physical activity in complete serenity. As for the medium menstrual cup, it corresponds to the universal size. It therefore adapts to all women and also to abundant, normal flows and to those who have given birth vaginally. However, the latter must respect a period of several weeks after childbirth and discuss this with their gynecologist or midwife. To go further in choosing the cup model, discover the color code: turquoise or pink.

Period cup: what do the colors correspond to? 

The colors differentiate the models according to their flexibility. Indeed, the blue cup is very flexible and applies to women whose vagina is more sensitive. As for the rose, it is firmer and universal. It adapts to most anatomy. For young girls, the menstrual cup size S in blue color is perfect. On the other hand, for women with a more abundant flow, it is therefore necessary to favor the menstrual cup size M in pink.

What are the precautions for using a menstrual cup? 

Before using your cup, there are several precautions to follow. You have to be careful wash your hands before putting it on or taking it off. Furthermore, cleaning and sterilization are also essential to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. Louloucup offers packs with the sterilizer. Another very important recommendation : you should not wear a menstrual cup for more than 6 to 8 hours. Indeed, the prolonged use of intravaginal hygienic protections can in some cases cause toxic shock syndrome (TSS). It is a rare infectious disease that can occur in women carrying the bacterium S. aureus secreting TSST-1 toxins. 

Cup and benefits! 

Did you know that the commercialization of the menstrual cup dates back to the 30s in America? With an awareness, its democratization is rather recent. It is ecological, economical and without chemical substances. Indeed, they are not perfumed and do not contain phthalates or bisphenol. Be careful all the same to respect the precautions for use to avoid a possible SCT