Menstrual cup size: how to choose?

For many reasons, you are interested in menstrual cup ? You made the right choice! This washable internal hygienic protection et development has some great assets! Inexpensive, eco-friendly, easy to use and maintain, suitable for the most intense menstrual flows, the cup, cup or menstrual cup is attracting more and more women. This little funnel medical silicone, this inverted bell recovers the period blood in a very efficient and ultimately very simple way.

But you are still unsure about the model, the size or the flexibility? Louloucup, Mark French brand of cup rules offers two very distinct sizes: one size S (small) and size M (medium). But also two types of flexibility, one soft turquoise cup and firmer pink cup. How to make a choice ? We will explain everything to you !

However before going any further, discover our very comprehensive guide to menstrual cups. Testing, feedback, purchase, price, maintenance, use, cleaning, sterilization, panties+cup pack, habits, this long article has been written to answer all your doubts, all your questions. Don't hesitate to consult it, it's a mine of information!

Cup Loulou

To know your cup size, you have to ask yourself the right questions

In order to choose the right size menstrual cup, we need to ask ourselves certain questions.
Ask yourself about your menstrual flow. Would you describe it as light, medium, heavy or hemorrhagic?

About your perineum, do you think he is toned, muscular? If you gave birth, was it vaginal? Do you practice intense physical and sporting activity?

These questions will allow you to select the right cup for each woman and girl. Furthermore, this hygienic protection offers the opportunity to learn more about her intimacy and the intensity of her periods.

Size and flexibility, differentiate well, choose well and find your way!

Size S pink? Size M blue? Size S blue? Size M pink? How to choose the right Loulou? Don't panic, I promise, it's quite simple to find your way around.

Louloucup offers its two models of cups, the Rose et turquoise, in two different sizes: one size S and MEDIUM.

Small or medium menstrual cup

La size S is particularly aimed at young girls and women with light to medium menstrual flow. There small menstrual cup from Loulou is a little smaller and therefore retains less blood than the medium.

La MEDIUM is aimed more at young girls and women with an average to heavy flow. There Loulou medium menstrual cup corresponds to a standard size, a universal size.

However, be careful, the nature of menstrual flow is not the only element to take into account when choosing your cup. We must not forget our anatomy.

Size S is ideal for young girls with a toned perineum. While size M will be perfect for women with a less toned, looser perineum.

Pink or blue menstrual cup

We would like to draw your attention to the importance of flexibility in choosing your cup, it is as important as the size. At Loulou, the cups have two levels of flexibility represented by two colors: turquoise or pink.

La turquoise cup is very flexible. It is perfect for women and girls with a particularly sensitive vagina.

La pink cup is slightly firmer. It is ideal for sporty women, For example. THE bathers will not tell you otherwise !  

We help you make the right choice

We therefore advise:

  • a cup size S turquoise for young girls, adolescents and young women who have not given birth vaginally.
  • a cup size M pink for athletic women or women who have given birth vaginally as well as for women and young girls with a heavy menstrual flows or very abundant.
  • a turquoise size S cup for young girls or young women with a light to medium flow who have a certain tenderness in the vagina or the bladder.
  • a turquoise M size cup for young girls or young women with a fairly heavy flow but who are nulliparous.
  • a pink size S cup for women who have already given birth vaginally but who have light periods.

Don't forget, it's handy to have two cups so you can alternate between them being stuck. Also combine in your menstrual routine the use of a cup with period panties. These are perfect for night time in particular.

What are the precautions for using a menstrual cup? 

Before using a cup, several important precautions must be followed. Nothing too rocket science. Hygiene, gestures, habits, follow the procedure:
  • You should not wear a menstrual cup for more than 6 hours. Indeed, prolonged use of intravaginal hygienic protections can, in certain cases, cause toxic shock syndrome (TBS). This is a rare infectious disease that can occur in women carrying the disease. S. aureus bacteria secreting TSST-1 toxins. We therefore do not recommend using a cup at night. We invite you to turn to the teen period panties for a peaceful, leak-free night! Is sleeping with menstrual panties possible?